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Cado iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 17, 2019

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and enjoy
a simple game that just feels good to play. Cado by Clearcut games have taken the sketchbook
motif that was insanely popular amongst iPhone games a couple years ago and have used it
to make a well handled physics action game. Cado, a black ball needs to get to the portal
in each stage. The way he travels there is through rotating the level left or right,
causing him to roll around the various obstacles into safety. There is also a star to collect
if you’re feeling amorous. What makes this simple concept shine is the attention to detail
the developers have dedicated to the way Cado travels along surfaces. Rotating too fast
will fling you off the platforms into space and to travel around some of the objects requires
a precision of balancing your rotation controls that feels near perfect. In later levels spikes
are introduced (cause hey, you have to have spikes), and some shapes are quite difficult
to navigate. As mentioned, the game uses the old sketchbook
aesthetic we’ve seen a thousand times on the iPhone. The blue lined paper background and
the sketchy objects still work however, evoking fun and nostalgia from school days past. The
music is a single catchy little track and is quite suitable for play, but does wear
out its welcome after a while. The forty levels on offer seem to blitz by all too quickly,
but more content is promised in the near future. What we have here with Cado is bare bones
gaming. No fancy visuals, no intricate level design, no complex game mechanics. What you
do have are fantastic controls and a lot of fun. Especially at its low price, Cado is
worth a look.

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  1. @appspy what apps would you recommend for a long bus ride that dont drain much battery? Oh and I have continuity 2 btw you were right about that game :)))

  2. I want to get it but my credit card rejected the last few buys so I have to pay off those before I can get this

  3. Hey Andrew, and I know that AppSpy pays for all these apps, but is your personal iPhone tampered with, if you know what I mean?

  4. @AppSpy Ahh, you see I was just wondering as I recently purchased a iPhone from a large Canadian cellphone company. And was considering jailbreaking it, much like my iPod touch, but I was reluctant to as I'm afraid I may brick it.

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