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Calico | Playthrough (Static Camera) | slickerdrips

October 11, 2019

hi everyone I’m Tom and today I’m gonna be playing calico which is a tar Lane game about trying to make the fanciest quilts to attract the cuddliest cats who ever attract the most cats and makes the best quilt wins so this is on Kickstarter right now you can check out the campaign page in the link in the description and you can see all the final stuff there this is a prototype bear in mind that I might have made mistakes too and Klingon subtitles to be informed of those and there is a handheld and a static camera links for both of those in the description as well so I’m playing a two-player game today and a little glass Marty he’s hiding under a quilt somewhere there is this is the standard setup of the game by the way you can change the cats that are available for scoring and you can change the goals you start with and here the particular arrangement of them this is all standard though we’ve shuffled up all of the tiles and started with two each at around of this three in the market there so let’s look at our player boards we each have the same goals in the same arrangement and our quilts want particular things this section of the quilt would like all different things surrounding it each tile has a color and a pattern on it so this tile would ideally like six different colors around it if we can do that six different codes all patterns we can get ten points if we can get six completely unique patterns and colors you’ll score the yellow value and score 15 points for that goal instead so it’s up to you how you want to go about it do you just want to do six different colors six different patterns can you try and do both that’s quite hard it’s incredibly hard to try and do both for all of those goals you have to be extremely lucky for that but you’re also looking for sets of colors once you have got three or more of a type of color not a type of color a color touching each other then you can take a tile over that color that’s going to be worth three points each at the end of the game and are scoring cats here they have particular values on them according to the number of tiles of a certain pattern they would like touching so thimble over here will award three points every time you get a group of three or more of these patterns the dots and the flowers these have been randomized the the black and white tiles defining the patterns randomized amongst the cats mittens over here wants four or more of the same pattern and Queenie wants five or more but Queenie will give you seven points every time that you do that we keep going until everyone has filled their quilts and whoever has the most points wins so the structure of your turn is very simple indeed you have two tiles to choose from place one on your quilt somewhere draw a new one from the market back and forth and that’s it so what would I like to do well I can see what’s available out here so the other two goals that I’ve got are AAA BBB so that means I want two different colors and only two all patterns or both on this one and this is double a BB CC so I want three pairs of things around that goal so if I’m thinking about maybe pairs or triples now I have this light blue dots over here and in the market we have the dark blue dots now I’m trying to do maybe three of a kind or just pairs that would sort me out for a pair of patterns wouldn’t it I think I am gonna place this one down first then and where would I like it in my quilt I think I think I’m gonna go for three of a kind each first now would I like to go up here and start doing my six different things I don’t think I want to do that just yet I’m actually going to go around here because all of these patchwork parts of the quilt that are printed around the border of our player boards they count for the pattern scoring for the color scoring you know they can all be used for your advantage so I’ve got two light blue tiles touching each other straight away in this game so I’m happy with that I am going to grab the dark blue dots for my replacement and then we need to replace that Ian at the market and we get some more dark blue dots there are 36 tiles of each color and there are six patterns so you know you’ve got six chances in the piles to get a particular tile that you want in a two-player game though there is a variant where you can remove one of the colors from the game of course it’s gonna be less likely with fewer players that more tiles will come out that’s just a little thing that we’re not playing with that variance Marty is in a very very similar position he has got his two tiles and he can be thinking about the same thing you know dark blue dots have just come out he could go the same way but he has gots you know the the flowers here the ferns he’s got a green and a light blue so he could be thinking about that and maybe start doing his pairs he could even place this over here and start his six different tile goal as well he could put it over to the side to start working on a color but no he’s gonna he’s gonna grab this as his replacement and he’s gonna start working on both of these goals at once refill the market and we’ve got some red ferns there and it’s back over it to me so I was working on my pears wasn’t I Oh Mike Mike Mike three of our coins so I could do that actually and keep on going and place down here because then I’m working on another three of a kind color you put them together though I would be working on dots and you only need three dot tiles to start getting points from thimble they’re three points of time I’m gonna do it like that though I’m going to go for those colors I think because there is another bonus if you have gotten a bonus for each color you get a rainbow tile that is even more points at the end of the game so that can be something to shoot for if I want to really go for colors back to Marty he’s doing his pairs isn’t he so what if he placed this up here and he could think about doing light blues because he or he could put it down here and then he started to work on the fern group because he doesn’t want to put it there because then that would go on there six different things and it would negate him having six different patterns straight away it’s it’s unlikely he’s gonna achieve the sticks different for both but you want to leave the option open for ferns though you need five fern tiles to get a group but you do get seven points for doing it that’s what Marty’s gonna do what would he like to replace it with well if he wants to go for ferns there’s one right there he’s just gone for it’s unfortunately that one’s pears but yeah he could just keep going with his ferns in these two spaces if he gets some he needs five though one would have to end up there yeah that’s what he’s taking his a replacement though so he’s definitely putting a red tile down next turn we need a new tile coming out and it is the red spades they’re not quite spades it’s coming with names for these things so I didn’t take a replacement tile I would have been happy actually with some dark blue dot because that fits in with my keep getting dots and to keep getting dark blue together so yeah he would’ve had a bit of a different choice let’s wipe the slate clean with that though and go back to me so with dots you only need three of a kind so this works out quite beautifully for me I think I’m going to place it down here and so now I’ve fulfilled my three difference well three of the same pattern so I could get three of the same different pattern and then that goal will score at the end of game eight points if I can also make sure that that different pattern is too light blue and one dark blue see how it’s getting unlikely when you add these conditions then I could score the thirteen points instead but eight is good to be thinking about so now let’s look at cat tokens I have successfully made a group of these three dotty patterns and that attracts symbol over to my quilt so we can grab a thimble over here and place it on this section to show that thimble is enjoying herself over there and that that group is scored so if I add to it I don’t get more thimbles coming around symbol will only be interested in a new group of dots and that’s true for colors as well because if they’re matically this is sewing a button onto your quilt so I’ve made a group of three dark blue tiles so I can sew this button on and so thimble is worth three points the button is worth three points and I’m working towards this goal so I’m quite happy with what’s going on on my quilt over to Marty and he was thinking about ferns I don’t think he wants the ferns next to this tile because he’s already used a lot of them and he would want more so I think he is going to just grab this and work on his group he’s gonna place this down here because actually it’s down here one will go there though hopefully because this one on the border here counts and he’s now got four ferns towards the five that he needs what would he like to go on here now then he wants pairs of colors and patterns oh this could be good what if he grabs the green stripes not very successful band and you he would place this down in the future and it would be a new pattern to get a pair of he would want another stripe in future that’s his pair of greens sorted though and he could get a stripy group going over here if he gets a stripe there and two more stripes there because unfortunately striped is another five he’s five of them to achieve that but that could be something to think about it doesn’t want to place that just yet though does he he’s just getting the tile and I haven’t had a replacement again I’m gonna forget all game now aren’t I my particular thing I would just grab some flowers I think because I can start to maybe work on my pairs now that I’ve got two flowers now I need four tiles to make a group of flowers so I might want to work up in the future but what I’m thinking about is I would like to place around here and start working on four and use the border piece to do that I’m gonna place here though so I’m working on this goal and that one more makes a nice group of purple so that’s another color that I could have the button for what would I like to replace that well I need I actually need another pattern here don’t I Oh what if we change our mind completely oh but I want them to keep being dark blue don’t I and yeah so really if I was going for flowers I would want one dark blue which I’ve got and two light blues which haven’t come out yet so think about that in the future I don’t want I do kind of want more flowers I don’t I because I want four flowers and so that would be one two three four on the border then I would get another cat coming over that would get mittens attracted to my quilt so yeah that’s what I’m going to back to Marty though and what does he want well he’s thinking about his striped isn’t he we need a new tile in the market to show what’s gonna be available so Marty wants he just wants another fern actually and once come out so that could be something to grab he’s gonna put his striped down here like he had planned so ideally he’d was another green stripes here so he could make a group of three greens because I doesn’t want another green around this goal because he’s got the two for the pair but you can just give give up on getting the color and the pattern you can’t lock yourself in too rigidly in this because you’re not sure what’s gonna come out so he’s gonna grab the ferns I think for his new tile I’m just gonna keep knocking these reaching quite a bit oh wow not much choice in colour there but Marty’s okay with the stripes as an e you can keep going for his cat attraction its back to me and I think I would actually be okay with putting both of these up here to make a nice group of four flowers and I would have another group of three dark blues for three more points now unfortunately that isn’t a different colour but I think that’s something to go for you’ve got to fill all of these spaces in the end and I think that is filling this top corner quite effectively so I’m going to place that there what would I like is a replacement though i I could just go for completely different things to go for you know the goal in the middle I do need different pairs to go around here unfortunately it doesn’t it doesn’t match the the patterns that I’ve got I can see what he’s going for stripes though maybe I will just be a little bit spiteful for now and deny him a stripy piece we have some purple dots coming out I could just give up on the colour there and just go for I’ve got the three dots though haven’t I dots is what I don’t need over – Marty though back to Marty who’s got his ferns and I think he’s gonna place them oh no he wants to place them down here and then he could work on maybe getting what am I thinking right he’d get more yellow here for a color bonus and he would achieve his five ferns but he won’t striped down here doesn’t he but putting them over here means that well maybe he’s not gonna get both color and pattern here maybe he just gives up on that idea maybe though he gets really lucky and ferns keep coming out oh yeah he’s gonna do that because now Queenie the prestigious seven point Queenie has seen all of these ferns and she is coming over to join the fun what does mossy want in a replacement for that though let’s see he could work on maybe getting some more red there’s very different things now isn’t it he could get he could maybe get this flowery one as his third set and then that would define his third color there he has already got we could just go four dots just up in a corner somewhere and maybe get one around there that’s what he’s going for new tile is going to be the purple spades for me I’m carrying on with the flowers I think I’m going to place them up there and so mittens is going to be coming over and that’s going to be five points for me there and we need another dark blue button to be sewn on here yeah that’s looking quite nice I’m not as far along in my goals at all though it’s going to get to a point where you know I might have left it too late and I’ve used up all of my kind of throwaway spaces around the outside and I might have to ruin my goals but that’s the risk I’ve taken so I’ve got these red stripes here so I’m pretty open on tight to this one maybe but we could do pairs of things what if what if we went for purple to get a set of three Purple’s there yes at purple spades and then I hopefully I could get the red spades in future and this all works out Marty now he’s got all of the dots he’d go for all pairs here but he doesn’t want he wants them of the same color if he’s trying to go for all of the same he could work on different though what if he starts to do his different goal there so he gets some red dots in there to join the green ferns doesn’t get him anything right now but in future what if he got some spades and he could start working on maybe a red area up here and it would connect to a spade one ideally another red dot would get him the dots bonus which only needs three pieces and the red bonus let’s see what comes out no it was unlikely cuz all the harder tiles over to me and I’m actually gonna place this purple piece here start to work on these goals a little bit but I have made my lovely purple area there so that is another color that’s only my second color set done I still got a long way to go if I want to get all of the colors what a replacement piece would I like I could go for some more flowers now light blue flowers come out I would need another light blue flower and a dark blue flower and I have used two of the six dark blue flowers that are in the entire game already up in that corner so yeah we either wait for a different pattern to come out or we just accept that we need to just get three of the same pattern around here and give up on the color bonus if we’re just looking for things that are completely different though this light blue one would work for this goal so let’s get a new one out here that’s gonna be some green dots back to Marty what was his plan he does want more stripes doesn’t he I think was he going for reds or was he going for dots up in this corner and ran the outside he could have been going for spades yeah he’s going to go for the red set there that’s three Reds so he can take a button and then he’s got two out of the four spades that he’s gonna need now unfortunately there isn’t anything completely different for this here he wants more ferns around this piece so he can do his three of a coins what’s going to help him here he could just maybe go for color along the top just just color in the top goal and then get a set of three dots going by getting these green dots yeah maybe that’s what he needs to do get another new piece and it’s some blue stripes they would have been good that’s completely different from artis Gold I think I am gonna place some red stripes down now I do want them to be there but I also don’t yeah cuz I’m worried about defining this too much before I have any pieces that really go with it it’s two of the three shapes have been defined if I’m going for shape color hasn’t there I could just go for color yeah I’m putting this here and taking the blue stripes because if I can get another like blue stripes and the dark blue stripes I would get some perfect scoring around here going but as it is I could just have these two light blues here and another dark blue and I would get eight out of the 30 impossible points which isn’t too bad we need a new huh it is some more red stripes Marty is just going for different colors in this top goal so he’s going to place some more dots here and go for the green next time and get a cat attraction going on what piece would he like he does need a different color and some more stripes here so the red stripes could help him out a bit and new piece comes out some more red flowers I’m going to actually place my blue flowers out here I’m going to I haven’t completely given up on that but I’m kind of thinking it’s not gonna happen I’ll get myself a light blue button so I still need a lot done so I need red green and yellow as threes and it’s getting less and less likely isn’t as this fills up well to get my rainbow rainbows only three more points but hey it’s three more points what piece would I like which piece would I like I could just go for more flowery pieces and just go for patterns here rather than colors I do need another flowery piece here and another red so that wouldn’t be too bad yeah let’s grab and I can go over here new piece coming outs growing for a different stack that’s dodgy that is purple stripes back to Marty he was going for stripes around here wasn’t he so yeah he will get some stripes going there the potential for a red group and he will grab some more stripes and then new tile to come out is blue swirlies okay with me I think I was going for flowers over here so this does define though I need to score this goal perfectly I need a new color and I need stripes and spades in that color there moment no stripes and spades in the market I do have stripes in light blue though I could get light blue spades that would be brilliant that way scored that goal fully it’s only 11 points for that goal it’s easier to do okay what do I want then I would say dark blue swirlies is something brand new for the completely unique goal then we have some yellow stripes marty is still working on those stripes although the colors don’t quite match he has managed to get one two three four oh so he still needs another one up here I think then he will go for orange stripes just so he can definitely do that yellow stripes same thing right I was going for some dark blue swirlies I think I’m gonna put them in this piece over here this space because I only need one more swirly over here and then I have attracted another thimble so that could be good and there is a swirly waiting for me right here now I do need green around here but I need a different pattern for it to be completely different you have to be very lucky I think to get to score both elements of that goal we have some light blue spades Marty persevering is going to place his stripes there and he has another queenie so that is another seven points coming his away there we go queenie just resting there as for a new piece this light blue space would work very well here I think it would complete another color pairing if he could get a yellow spades to go there he would complete both elements of this yeah that’s what he’s going for new tile is some green flower ease I was just going for some swirlies was knowing there we go so I’ve got yep three is what I need for another thimble over there and what would I like to replace it now I do need green around here but I want a different pattern or do I need I’ve got this really I’ve got I could add need dots and palms yellow or green so those combination of tiles I need over there – perfectly score that goal will it happen what would I like in the meantime then I could just I could just grab a green yeah I could just grab this green here and maybe work on a set of three greens over there Green is a color I need as well yeah that’s what I’m thinking about Marty’s gonna keep going for his dots up here is he I was thinking maybe we could get a set of greens there but he could place this or if he places it there it ruins this goal in terms of color so yeah he’s gonna place his green dots up there you can get another green which there is one out then he will score another color button but for now he scored three dots and thimble he’s coming over alas I really need those light blue stripes don’t those light blue spades for here after hope some more come out I’m gonna put my light blue stripes there because I could maybe get a group of stripes going along the bottom here but certainly possible to get three light blues isn’t it so there if I get a light blue spades on which Marty has one of them then I would perfectly score that but either way I only need one more light blue and then I’ve got seven points it’s just if I get really lucky I can get the 11 at all to replace I could just get dark blue stripes here because this goal is just worrying about colors isn’t it so yeah I think I’m gonna do that new one comes out and it’s yellow dots that’s a kalamata hasn’t got around here yeah he’s gonna put it there because if you can get some like blue dots then that’s cause here’s one perfectly yeah that’s what he’s going for now I could just ignore the patterns here I’m sorry ignore the colors and just go for patterns so I would need another flowers before the end of the game but I can potentially get a nice three green here and green is a color that I need the button of so it’s tempting to get one of the fighters they’re all two available though I’m gonna go for these green dots new tile comes out and it’s some blue palms which I think Marty wants he’s gonna go for his green up here so he’s got a set of greens for a button and then he is gonna grab those palms because then he can work on set three palms here maybe or it could just go for the color oh he could go for the he could just go for the yellow flowers place them there that’s a second yellow around here and it makes a group of yellows yeah okay new tile out there’s some purple flowers back to me I’m just going for my group of a green I think so I need a green leafy button I don’t think though I need what do I need red Red’s possible still I could do it here or here yellow I don’t think it’s possible though unless I did all three yellow here yeah probably gonna have to say goodbye to that rainbow thing what new piece would I like which new piece would I like I think I’m gonna go for Red’s and I can always use it down here for the flower to complete that goal if I want to but I could use it for Red’s here or here if I want to score another button we get some green swirlies and Marty not too fussed with those swirlies I think what does he need here in these light blue dots doesn’t he he could just throw a light blue in at any time though and just score the colors portion of it he could though he needs a light blue here for all different colors and a dark blue what if he goes for light blue here because that is another one towards his for space that he needs and he can grab a dark blue and it’s also a fern to go here to help with both of those goals that seems good yes I mean yellow stripes I think I’m just gonna place these flowers over here because even get another red great under the button if we can get another flower there it would stop you being able to fully complete this I would just have to go for colors because there’s already a flower here then that would be for flowers I’ve in fact but yeah for is what you need for mittens to come over and which new tile would I like then she need five stripes and I really don’t want a stripe to be there so I probably wouldn’t take the yellow just because it has stripes you only need three swirlies I could just grab a green swirly to put over here and then hope to get another swirly before the end but yes it’s looking very tired and now I’m probably gonna have to ruin that somehow yeah not pieces that I’m very fond of really I need if we’re just looking at color I need a light blue they’re a light blue they’re yes he where may have gone wrong here if we’re just going for pattern I need a spade here I’ve already made sure that it can’t be color here actually it can’t be color Kona it needs to be pattern and it needs to be flowers which there are brilliant yeah okay glad I noticed that we have some green stripes there Martis placing his ferns here he’s completed is everything different goal in terms of colors over here and what would he like so you need five ferns don’t you one two three four five oh if he could get another fern there and he just want another fern there wasn’t one out there so why am I thinking about that he wants another he the light blue here doesn’t like blue dots perfectly so either needs dots or a light blue to be able to score that in some kind of helpful way dots would be perfect because then it would be three dots as well oh no dots have already been done here never mind so anyway he doesn’t want to put anything there he wants to put spades there if he can he needs another shape to go with the ferns here we need three to three of a kinds so maybe he goes for stripes and yellow it’s already a color that’s there so it helps him a lot I think so we have some dark blue ferns they’re definitely he’ll Marty bit lately I just need my flowers here to complete this goal so I can stop thinking about that and then what am I going to replace it with see stripes we need five off don’t we what if I just get another stripes we put one there we put one there and just say goodbye to that goal and then that is seven points for the stripes which would make up for the amount I’m losing in the goal or do we keep the faith there are only five more turns there to place at all it’s a lot of faith to have and we have to be thinking about this so far it’s completely different in terms of color and shape oh this green suit Donna there’s already swirlies there yeah maybe we just go for it though let’s take the green stripe then because I can always if I don’t want to put it down here I can always put it up here and it’s a new color and then we just need a yellow and then that’s all the colors and I’ve completed it partially which would be okay new tile comes out and it’s red dots Marcie does need a light blue or a dots here preferably both the same boots yeah that’s unlikely so he could go for what if he put the stripes down here and then grabs these ferns because then that’s gonna be a group of five ferns doesn’t don’t know the five phones already been done hmmm he does want that fern piece though he’s not gonna be able to make a different group of five ferns oh they’re just gonna keep joining together I think yeah he will just go for that you know it’s not gonna be big bonuses that is a group of three yellows though that’s why he was doing it I knew that it’s back over to me so I need I need a lot of things happening data I want stripes down here I think then let’s put this to put this dark blue stripe down here I would hopefully get an a light blue something to put there and get a light blue button I already got one though one more stripe would actually only before I need another strike to be there and it has to be like blue to keep the goal going are no yeah this is this is getting really tough so I need a yellow to go up here if I’m having the colors all different and there’s no yellows available in the market do I then think about pattern instead then and dots we need there what is the other pattern we need up here we’ve got flowers it’s ferns none of those available just yet but we can hope and putting a red there would make a group of Reds hmm Marty’s continuing with his ferns and so now he needs a dark blue and a yellow stripe to fully score this sad nuts not looking likely though is it but he can’t just get any stripes or any he’s got his third yellow he just needs another dark blue oh there should be another in the market here there’s more ferns he doesn’t even more ferns there he’s dots up there preferably a lie blew their or spades there but he’s not been lucky with those coming out yeah it’s getting to the point I think where he’s gonna have to spoil things yeah this is not looking good he’s just gonna take that swirly and like the pile over dark blue swirly maybe we could get something with swirlix he only needs three our height means not scoring goals though should have pushed for his goals harder okay what was my plan my plan was this wasn’t it just go for different shapes rather than colors around here and then I get myself my red button and so the shape I need we work this out already what was it was ferns there are green ferns brilliant Marty can still go for this goal brilliant he can put his yellow there and grab a dark blue and then he’s done colors at least we need options out here we need to keep refilling this market there we go so lots of swirlies I need a light blue or a spades for there we want ferns here don’t we so we can just leave that as it is oh I wanted both of these to be striped so I could score stripes that’s not gonna happen I hope you’re like blue so I could get that button that’s not gonna happen I don’t think I can get anything that’s worthwhile out of these no let’s just grab that piece and hope something good comes out I want a light blue available when my turn comes around so it depends what comes out after Marty’s turn really what I’m going to be able to do Marty let’s see you know one spades up there he only needs one more he wants he wants a dark blue here doesn’t excel let’s do that before I completely forget about it and ruin it for him and then what does he want then so he wants a light blue there or dots not available or he wants spades up there not available can he get a group of flowers you need four and there’s only the two here he’s already done the stripes groups already done the dots group yeah nothing doing up there so Early’s he needs three but there’s only one more space stripes ferns no I don’t think he can get a piece that helps him any either so if this is a light blue I will be able to do what I want no it’s yellow so with that in mind then I’m gonna place one of these pieces and then either the other one next turn or one of these three pieces that’s all I have to think about I don’t think I’ve left myself with much choice I don’t think I’m gonna be able to score anything with what I’ve got left so yeah I can’t get colors already done these I can’t get store can get the stripes I can tie one two three oh that will be four still and if I put it here it will be 1 2 3 4 and the other one’s gonna mess it up because I am NOT able to take a stripe piece we’re just gonna have to place them less but the green next to the green why not some miracle might happen but well we can see the pieces they’re available here and know that no it’s not I need four flowers so it’s not I can take flowers and help myself out we havein got any swirlies around here yeah let’s just let’s just take something I’m gonna like blue let’s take a purple a Marty he wants a spade here if a spade comes out he could maybe do that no it’s like blues though so he can he can do something with that you can put it here actually that’s way better into it because he can get it can score the goal which would be 7 points rather than just get a button which would be 3 points no space though unfortunately I think he’s gonna keep going with his fern obsession and put that there he’s gonna take the light blue for next turn but yeah market doesn’t matter because we haven’t got much choice I can’t score anything with my tiles so I’m just gonna pop this down Marty can score one of his goals by placing this down and there we go with that is calico let’s grab the score she okay so first up we need to score our goals so for me I got all different colors around this one so that’s gonna be 10 points I did not score this one did I no get nothing for that one and this one I did patterns didn’t three flowers and three dots so I get eight for that so it’s 18 together for me four goals Marty on the other hand he got his different colors around here so that’s ten he got his colors around here so that’s seven and he goes colors here so that’s eight so that is 25 next up cat tokens I have is this all I did oh I got two thin bulls and a mittens so that is going to be three six eleven Marty only attracted three kittens as well but his is 3/4 imbel he got two Queenie’s though so that’s gonna be 14 17 points and then buttons I have it’s 3 points for each button 3 6 9 12 15 18 and Marty just managed 3 6 9 unless I missed one somewhere well you can tell me in the comments if I did and so altogether I managed 47 with my grand schemes but probably from just managing to complete all three of his goals Marty ended up with 51 and there are our lovely calico quilts for the end of this play there I hope you enjoyed that if this has intrigued you about calico the link to the Kickstarter page is in the description and you can see all the final stuff there where this was the prototype if you’d like to know what I think about the game you can click the link that’s in the description or coming up on the screen very shortly to go over there or it will show you a playthrough you might potentially enjoy or you could browse around the channel there are hundreds available I am only able to make these videos thanks to the generous support of my patrons if you would like to help me keep making videos it slash slicker drips thank you very much for watching and I will see you for the next game bye everyone [Music]

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