California Healthy Youth Act – Informacion para Padres
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California Healthy Youth Act – Informacion para Padres

September 1, 2019

If you have children in school age and attend school here in California, or you have grandchildren, nieces or nephews in school-age this information is important for you The famous bill AB329 that gave birth to the California Healthy Youth Act Law that was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on October of 2015 and put into effect on January of 2016 was written by San Diego Democrat Assemblywoman Shirley Webber Co-Sponsored by the groups Equality California, CA ACLU, Latinas for Reproductive Justice Forward Together, and of course Planned Parenthood This law requires the instruction of Comprehensive Sexual Education and HIV Prevention Education or Comprehensive Sex Education and HIV Prevention Ed, in English This is a State law imposed to the School districts in which they are mandated to teach this curriculum to students from 7th to 12th grade, but at the discretion of each district it can be taught to students from Transitional Kinder and up to 12th grade For now, this is only in Public Schools, but beginning 2019, it will be implemented in Charter Schools too although the intentions are, to implement it at private schools, including those of faith Now, you might ask yourself and what is so wrong with that? it is good that our kids are taught so they can protect themselves from future problems Some of the things that this decree stipulates in particular are: That it is a requirement for students, that at east once during Middle School and once during High School, students take this course In addition, students have the right to receive services, including reproductive health services during school hours; and they must be allowed to leave school grounds to go receive these services, which include contraceptives, abortions STD (STI) testing, etc., On top of that, schools cannot request parental consent or notify the parents that their kids will leave school grounds to go receive such services Teachers are mandated to excuse those students’ absences while they’re doing those things and on top of that. they must allow the students to make up late work for the time they were absent from class and give them full credit for it These courses should be presented by a teacher or Health Educator whom in order to be qualified as such, will need to take a 2-day course. Those parents who wish to, can submit a written petition (opt-out letter) to exclude their kids from those teachings, but they have no right to exclude them from the instruction, discussion, and materials about Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexual Orientation These materials are specially designed to sensibilize and teach the students about the hold on a minute L-G-B-T-Q-Q-I what?? well, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Intersexual There are 5 curriculums aligned to this law and school districts have the option to choose from any of them. These are: Positive Prevention Plus, Teen Talk, Rights, Respect and Responsibility, Be Real, Be Ready, and Healthy Oakland Teens the Unified District Desert Sands (DSUSD), here in the Coachella Valley, has already chosen theirs. They will be using Positive Prevention Plus. Why do I focus on it? Well, because my children belong to this district Palm Springs Unified has already chosen their curriculum, and we’re still inquiring about Coachella Unified (CVUSD) Positive Prevention Plus consists of 13 Lessons 45-minute each Each lesson is accompanied by audiovisuals, and worksheets, as well as manual and practical activities. One of the activities from its introduction asks the students to close their eyes and to imagine for a moment that they are from a different sex, than the one “they believe to be” It also asks them to visualize how different their lives would be if they were from that other sex what would the pros or benefits? what would be the cons of being from a different sex. At the end of this activity students are encouraged and asked to share their experiences, to think a little more in the possibility of belonging to a different sex due to the benefits that implies, or to another gender, better said One of the worksheets specifically called Gingerbread person, where it clearly specifies that sex is defined -in the genitals, identity -in the brain, attraction -in the heart, and expression -in the exterior. In other words, there should not be any congruence between anatomy, the mind, the heart, and the attitudes. Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation, 3 different things. The objective of Lesson #2 of this curriculum specifically, is Healthy Relationships, in which students have to identify 3 components of LOVE, and describe 8 types of INTIMACY Now I ask myself, 3 components of love according to what, love presented by who, or under whose definition? It also provides options of “Low Risk” activities such as Masturbation, Oral Sex, Digital Intercourse, amongst others In this video’s description, you may find the links to this curriculum, specifically this one that Desert Sands will use So you can check it out. It is not in full, only what they allow us to see, but I think that’s more than enough to give us an idea. Unfortunately, the media has tried to discret the genuine concerns of the parents by saying that it is just fanatical religiousness or extreme conservatism what makes us be in disagreement with this curriculum, and more than anything, with this law. There are currently two counties in California where the parents have gotten together to protest against this law and these curriculums. These are San Diego County, and Orange County, but even then, there hasn’t been a favorable, and apparently less than 1% of parents have submitted the document to opt out their children from these teachings. Sadly the Hispanic community is not doing much in this matter. I’d like to think that it is for lack of information, and not for lack of interest In Peru, a similar movement started in 2016 called: Don’t Mess With My Kids. Even though parents have been accused of being Homophobic, Religious Fanatics and Extreme Right, they have not desisted; nad is such the influence they’ve had, that this movement has extended to other countries like Ecuador and Argentina. Those parents didn’t stay comfortable in their chairs; they are willing to do anything in order to defend their children’s innocence. Just like them, I also believe that our children’s Sex Education belongs to US, the parents, and that we should have the right to teach them according to our own convictions, culture, values, and principles, and not as the government imposes us, or to indoctrinate them at its will, because they are not its children. The last time I checked, this Country, the United States, was still a Free Country. We are not a Socialist Country where the government decides for its people. If we stay quiet, nothing will change. If we don’t get well informed, we won’t be able to demand. If we don’t Unite, we will hardly overcome this. Next Thursday December 6th Desert Sands Unified School District will receive the parents to give us the opportunity to check this curriculum entirely and listen to our objections. This will be at 6:00 PM in La Quinta’s School District I hope you can be there, even if your kids do not belong to Desert Sands, since this will mark a precedent that in the Coachella Valley we disagree with the fact that other should decide for us in regards to our children’s education. I don’t know about you, but the responsibility to raise my children was God-given to ME, and not to the Government, not to my Neighbor, not to anyone else. If you agree with me, raise your voice, but also put action into it. Share this video so other parents are aware of what’s happening and see you on December 6th.

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