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Calypso – Browser Free WordPress Blog Publisher

August 11, 2019

Hi guys, it’s Ileane and today I’m excited
to introduce you to the WordPress app called Calypso. You guys are gonna love it. Wait
until you see what you can do. Calypso is a 100% Javascript client for WordPress. You
can access your blogs as well as any of your WordPress blogs where you have
the Jetpack plugin enabled. Once you have that Jetpack plugin enabled, on your self
hosted WordPress site, you’ll be ready to get up and running with Calypso. You can install it on your Mac, and it will
be available for PC and other operating systems very soon. For right now, notice that I can
manage all of my sites. I’ve got my sites as well as my selfhosted sites here,
inside of Calypso. So, I can check my stats, I can look at my blog posts. If I need to
edit a post, it looks just like on the backend of WordPress. I can create a new post, manage plug ins and
turn on auto updates, manage guest authors. If you want to update any of your menus you
can do that and another great thing about Calypso is that it’s faster than WP admin
and it’s highly responsive. So, what do you think? Leave me a comment
and let me know if you’ve had a chance to download and try out Calypso yet, and of course,
subscribe to this channel for more blogging tips. It’s Ileane, from, I’ll
talk to you soon. Peace.

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  1. I can do the same with WordPress.Com through JetPack connection in the browser. The only difference is this will be on the desktop vs. browser?

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