August 24, 2019

hey VHS prepare for takeoff [Music] welcome aboard of my youtube channel pilot Patrick in today’s video I want to find out if the passenger can actually land an aircraft safely and today’s passenger who’s going to turn into a pilot is Dan oh my gosh hi aviators yes I am a professional airline passenger on YouTube but I am very far from a professional pilot so I’m quite interested to see how this goes he shares X flight experiences on its YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers that’s really cool I have some really interesting questions but first we need to catch a flight so let’s go let’s go yeah there’s no reason to be scared so we’re not yet happy hour you can already see the simulator behind us and it’s actually the only full-motion one here in Berlin you can rent a fly okay excited yes and a little bit scared why scared because it’s one thing to know like what my pilot skills are like personally but for everyone on the internet you know that there’s a lot of pressure to do this right for me as well because it’s 737 simulator I’m flying the Airbus it’s a little bit different maybe you can fly it better than me today but you know you have to get changed that’s your pilot case for today that’s okay you’re surprised to know I have my yeah yes I’m gonna give it to you change and come back okay let’s see what’s in it oh hey say hello to pilot dang – in the house so Dan before we go into the simulator I’m already super curious and excited about I have some questions probably it’s your most asked question you’re only 21 and you’re flying those amazing heavens you know first-class cousins that’s super nice how do you do that what’s the secret so unfortunately there is just one thing I can tell you that will let you hack the system which is Louis I mean I wish there was but one big key and as you said miles and points is really the way that anyone can afford to travel in the first your business class that’s how you know yes so you might be able to afford it like once a year or once every few years if you’re just flying but if you start learning about local credit cards taking advantage of the best deals and signup bonuses through these cards you can earn a lot of points if everyone absolutely yeah so you might wanna in your example look what cards are available in German see which one makes sense for you given the cost given the airline that it’s associated with one would be best suited for you so I can see there’s lots of work you have to read and business speaking so we’re now inside a 737 cockpit of geography and West Berlin and it’s the only full flight simulator you can book as a private person and this looks really authentic you know I’m just to fly the a bus now this is boring I’m also a little bit nervous but the plan is actually to find out if pilot and I can fly an aircraft safety and land and safety so that’s dead year so I’ll be flying first taking off your burden taking flying around be landing again and that is already your part now I would like be the instructor for you today and to show you where everything is which buttons to press which levers to to move and then the last flight is going to be me pretending to be maybe unconscious I don’t know yeah I know pilot says let no pilot is left in the cockpit and you’re trying to land the aircraft safe I’m actually surprised you have in two hours so it’s but it’s gonna be a lot of fun so enjoy it well then you have like a little bit of an insight what I’m doing as a cleaner a day at the office today off yeah the best time possible yeah okay that’s fine okay flight controls okay flaps five green stabilizer trim five units cockpit door nor take off breathe reviews now we already clear for takeoff so start SWS switch I don’t get hopeful yes oh please that’s important are you ready ready to concede entrance moving up here and one rate rotate the 77 you have to put a bit more it’s great feeling but then you go like not to front 50 they say positive 9 here this is the odd to do that so it shows you okay we only have 500 meter 500 feet to go until the clearance know what this is no idea okay that’s the trim to make flying a little bit so it is not too much pressure on okay okay so I’m going to level off Eustace trust let’s stay about 210 so now we have 2,000 feet easy to say you have via the guidance on the bottom here it shows you the left and right and this is up and down them against and you see them again yes yes so now you can already see we’re not flying to their iPod right now but still we are now right Algie to start to descent once it is in the middle of all those stones but more now we can men we are maintaining the knots a little bit too much what five-speed is not fifteen so Dan is not gonna fly only the landing part so I’m gonna be like getting unconscious whatever what happens I ate again sushi doing the flag and I feel bad and getting unconscious so he only has to do the rest of the flight everything is already configured and then I’ll see if you if you’re done Pat pilot diameter Lasseter that looks like fun going to have you here just a separate coach so your flaps get everything except you only know if I know instrument Lennox yeah but I know it’s wrong okay I’ve got this this is the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole career one power quite slow fine Heights right more [Music] 50 40 30 yeah the speed brake is on over her early reverse Wow palliative recently personally I’ve got my stripes no you just you know you were like there was a little bit of a hiccup because you were getting too long you know you did a lot of Correction but in the end what counts you like made the correction and it was a really safe landing because it was the right speed you got the right you know ring them and you test on the center that so that we know almost the perfect landing you know now to everyone watching if you’re on a flight with me you can feel oh you’re in safe hands that’s true I am really impressed we made a safe landing we didn’t crash I guess here you have flown like flight simulator before but this is something totally different so I’m happy to tell you that passengers can meant actually netra safety yeah maybe you now feel a little bit more safe for a while and flying well what I learned is that there are so many systems and please so many automations like the thrust and speed brake and all that stuff that like really all you have to do if you put all those settings on this steer and that’s yeah that’s the most yeah but but you need to select it you have to know how to work the system correct Oh No – which button you have to press and now I knows that’s perfect thanks so much for your time it was a real flavour pleasure and now you’re officially pilot damn please check out our YouTube channel in the description non stop Dan yep and don’t forget to like this video comment below if you think you could land an aircraft and of course subscribe to patrick for a bunch more amazing videos about is life in the title thanks so much for your time as always safe travels and happy landings your pilot Patrick [Music]

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