Can planes fly without fuel? | Inspiring innovators (EN, ES, FR, DA)
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Can planes fly without fuel? | Inspiring innovators (EN, ES, FR, DA)

August 16, 2019

Nobody thought they could fly without fuel, powered only by the sun. So, how did they turn an impossible
dream into a possible reality? Solar Impulse looked to other
industries to find the answer. From materials to build the lightest plane to electronics for the most efficient motor standards played a key role. So it is just how to use
technologies we have available to reduce the energy consumption. Solar Impulse in the end is not
revolutionary in terms of technology. It is revolutionary in the way we use technologies The way we integrate them makes it feasible That is where the ISO standards
play an important role because everywhere you want to be the best: in solar technology, in weight materials, in efficiency. Standards come about when some of the best
minds agree on the best way to do something. Sharing this knowledge allows innovators
to take it to the next level. You have to go to the limits. And to be able to go to the limits, you
need a very solid base for the engineers. That is where the ISO standards represent what
they need to build on something that is very solid. And also to be able to exchange between partners, and all the people involved in solving all these questions. Solar Impulse is a core team of 150 people 80 partners and 80 companies who brought their brains, knowledge and technology to make this dream possible. They shared the information based on standards. Without these we would never have
been able to understand each other. For a lot of our parts we had to manufacture outside with suppliers. And to really get the part you need,
you have to speak the same language and therefore you need a good
standardization of the language. Piccard and Borschberg made history when they
completed the first round the world solar flight joining legends like the
Wright Brothers and Charles Lindbergh. But every human achievement
is built on what comes before The Wright brothers did not
have the benefits of standards. But they had to rebuild everything.
They created their own standards. If they would have them, I’m sure
they could have done it quicker. And maybe they could have gone further. That is what we do today and
that is the reason why we progress.

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  1. "Innovation is the Destination, Vehicle is the Dedication, and the road is the Standardization" -Tarek Albawab

    Thanks ISO for everything 😀


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    Can planes fly without fuel? | Inspiring innovators (EN, ES, FR, DA)

  3. Can we convert that big solar pannels into small so that we can obtain same or more power than that pannels and can use like chips in mobile or something else:::;;;reply fast ok ???

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