Can We Make A Real-Life Batman Suit?
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Can We Make A Real-Life Batman Suit?

August 26, 2019

What’s your favorite super hero? Superman?
Wonder Woman? The Black Widow? What about Batman? While super heros with super powers
are pretty cool, flying, truth lassos, I like the ones who are just ordinary people who
decide to do great things. And I bet so does the military.
Because it seems the military is taking cues from comic books. Hey guys julia here for DNews Bruce Wayne was just an ordinary man. Okay
a really rich ordinary man. But he wasn’t special, he didn’t have super strength or
could grow into a giant green smashing machine. Instead he had lots of money. Which he used
to turn his ordinary self into the hero Gotham needed. His beaucoup bucks went into sweet
stuff like tricked out batsuit, batmobiles and batarangs. As technology changed so did
Batman’s toys, in Batman Returns, his staple weapon, the batarang got an update with an
onboard computer. And comic tech might be coming to life. Communication on the battlefield used to be
cumbersome. Telephones and other electronics had huge batteries that were difficult to
carry and left little room for other equipment. Outdated equipment burdened soldiers with
over a hundred extra pounds on the battlefield. Yet, today computers fit in our pockets and
so the Air Force is making use of similar breakthrough technology everyday. To make it easier to carry around equipment,
the Air Force started BATMAN in 2004. The program stands for Battlefield Air Targeting
Man-Aided kNowledge. Okay i know that last letter is a bit of stretch. The goal of the
program, based out of Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, is to “ find innovative
technologies for our operators,” Lt. Anthony Eastin, a behavioral scientist with the program
team, told Defense Tech. Basically it’s what the acronym suggests,
it’s a program assembled from military and civilian scientists to build a better suit
for soldiers. Some of the technology is sewn right into their uniform. Some of the features are kind of basic, like
red lights on their gloves to help them see when they write at night. But here’s the
catch, the red lights don’t interfere with night vision goggles. One of more popular
features of the BATMAN gear, is a wrist mount for a tablet or smart phone. That way soldiers
can access everything they need all within arms reach. Both simple, yet kind of high tech. While some of the technology is made in the
Air Force’s own Batcave, the BATMAN program also takes advantage of more commercial technologies
like Google Glass. They designed a google glass system specifically for pararescue jumpers,
with an app to help rescue workers keep track of vital signs on multiple people. It streams
real time data like heart rates and blood-oxygen levels of several patients right to screens
by their eyes. While some of the tech is life saving, some
just seems kind of fun. Like a real life Bathook. Yeah basically someone in special ops said
you know what would be really cool?’ “Something like what Batman has on his belt that he can
take out and wing it up to a power line and get power”. Yeah that’s a direct quote
from a Tech News Daily piece. All this new BATMAN technology needs to charge and if their
batteries die, you don’t want to leave anyone stranded. So the bathook or the Remote Auxiliary
Power System, as it’s really called, does just that. It can be strung up on overhead,
low voltage power lines and keep all the field gear up and running. But not only is the technology better so is
the overall build of the equipment itself. It was designed to be like like a scaffold
airmen could wear, or as the Air Force calls it a “Human Chassis.” So all the gadgets and
gizmos could be strongly attached maintaining the wearer’s range of movement and agility. The antennae is placed closer to the torso
to improve balance. and batteries are better too. They’re lighter by 25% because they
use methanol as a fuel source. That way the pack gets lighter as the fuel is used. So
these advances in technology allow for much easier use and maneuverability than the clunky
communication systems of days past. So the future might see us in fitbits and
google glass and our men and women in uniform in BATMAN suits. Speaking of those men and
women, the United States Air Force is powered by Airmen, fueled by innovation. Every day
American Airmen go above and beyond to break barriers both professionally and personally.
Whether it’s overcoming poverty to become a nurse and officer or becoming the first
female Thunderbird pilot, these Airmen are doing what others once thought was impossible.

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  1. All this Advance Technology on our Soldiers, and their still getting killed by outdated AK 47 wielded 3rd world extremists! LOL

  2. I'm actually developing a suit of armor.and might be a few years but it'll be worth it.and it will be useful for kicking isis ass.

  3. False Video Title, it should be named Big Nosed Girl running her mouth about building a Batman Costume. There are no instructions about how to build a Batman Costume here.

  4. lol didn't obama announced that they're making an iron man suit and no one believed him so he made it into a joke?

  5. a real life iron man suit would b expensive af even flight could cost hundreds of dollars per second the suit itself would b very expensive with a human covered in metal that would b light enough to walk around in and not over heat

  6. this was complete clickbait, u should have just called this an ad for the military, way to waste time

  7. Did you just call a person who is a master of over 127 martial arts, a master swordsman, marksmen, peak human fitness, photographic memory and expert deductive reasoning ordinary?

  8. Batman, an ordinary man?
    Listen here, he learned a lifetime worth of martial arts in a short time…
    He basically built his body to take unnecessary amounts of stress which includes holding 1000 pounds overhead or harsh weather conditions.
    He has the mind of Sherlock Holmes which is the detective part of him which makes him more intelligent than the "ordinary man."

    Please tell me how ordinary this sounds? Half of you will puke just running 1/2 a mile…

  9. batman or iron man both are amezing and gaget is stone glove or heat glove or blade glove i am also working on to make my own super hero coustume like batman

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  11. weird what to become a crime Batman get up I want like to fight crime help people Kirby City of Oklahoma and stuff it just need to know and will become a crime fighter get a suit and have my name as 8 year old and nine year old I'm going to be working here I'm just trying to work on this love you that Batman can defeat Iron Man

  12. You mention Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman in the same sentence and freakin black widow?? I mean come on lmao

  13. I hate the thing when people say "hes just a rich guy with money" yeah, but hes also a genius and can bench almost as much weight as the strongest man in the world

  14. Favorite DC comics hero Batman I actually had the honor of meeting Kevin Conroy Favorite Marvel comics Hero Spider-Man

  15. i wan to see batman suit made from nanotech and fully functional black cape…if not batman is not match by ironman.Ironman can kick Batman ass

  16. He isn't just a rich ordinary human being. He's been through rigorous and excruciating training to become the one of best ninjas Ra's al Ghul has ever trained.

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