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August 10, 2019

What’s happening, everybody. My name is Sxvxn and welcome to a brand new Fortnite video. in today’s video i’m joined by storm and
the Axrora but Axrora and Storm has. I’m not joined by either of them
(Axrora laughing in the background) and both of and they’re both them are dead Axrora: Don’t worry Storm and Ax and ah I’m dead Sxvxn: They’ve just both died I’ve just found the jetpack I’m gonna attempt to see if I
can make it to the spawn island using the jetpack however I don’t know how
many resources I’m gonna need that well he got two minutes and you’re nowhere
near me unfortunately you do know you aren’t you’re over by the chair okay
this is gonna be tough boys this is gonna be tough one.
Axrora: I’m just thinking like imagine them guys that killed Storm and come and kill me Sxvxn: Then you’ve imagined it and it happened, but imagine if they come and kill me. Please don’t please don’t come and kill me all. Please don’t come and kill me. Please don’t kill me.
right I’ve got the chest underneath there I’m probably gonna open it just in
case I got some resources so I don’t need as many as that got only got 300
and I think I’m gonna need like at least 800 because it’s the chest there with a
big portion of it there I’m already got at deagle I’m looking for meds. Okay, we’ve
got a choke joke I’ll take that chunk do will do and I’m gonna take this big 52
just in case I could have came and save you but where enemies at? Are they on you? (Axrora laughing)
Axrora: It’s too late now Sxvxn: They were all over you. I’m going to open up There’s a chest. There’s a chest up there as well. There’s chests everywhere man but I
need more resources that’s all I need right now and more meds to meds meds
have got a port a fort. Okay let’s port a fort it let’s grab the port a fort okay I’m gonna
have to start building now the 500 wood is this even enough I don’t even think
this is enough one minute until that zone starts coming
in this is this is suppression it pressured play right here and I’ve got
no teammates left they’re all dead
Axrora: The guy that killed me is running around the area himself So he’s not leaving okay that’s dangerous
Axrora: No I’ll have to head over there afterwards okay with 600 words
forty seconds to try this out let’s see Axrora: You can do it!
you believe in me? I believe in you and then you died on me
Axrora: Yeah my bad
okay I’m have to build like a straight line out and and then I’ll turn it in as I go 30
seconds I don’t even know if I’m gonna have enough wood boys I really don’t
know it feels like I’m not too far away like I’m for 450 as long as I get out
there and then I get in it should be okay okay
Axrora: can I ask you something?
yeah what you asking?
Axrora: how are you going to jetpack to it and then if you can’t do it how
are you going to land?
I’m gonna just have to get really looking you know mean
I’m just like if I haven’t thought this throught Dale okay all that I know is I got a jetpack
Axrora: I’m thinking now if this now if it stops letting you build Sxvxn: yeah
Axrora: and you try to jump to the spawn
island and-
Sxvxn: yeah and it fails maybe up maybe I need to build up then
okay okay you’ve might of just saved my life okay hang on
Axrora: Zones coming in
Sxvxn: Come on boys! Axrora: He’s got it! He’s going to do it!
Sxvxn: Come on! I am doing it!
NO! No, No! No! Oh-
Storm: You almost had it
Sxvxn: I was so close! My heart break man We’ve just discovered this is insane I mean look so we do is you
place that okay all right no comes down on here stand like on the edge of it
okay no you’re gonna probably fly stand and you destroy it
Axrora: I’ll jjust get of it
can stand on top of a jump pad and then If Dale jumps on we’ve replace each
other so that deal stands on it Axrora: yep on my screen we’ll do this again and
you’ll see what I get to see I’m not stood still- I’m smashed into it a thousand times too
Sxvxn: Woooow!
Axrora: Do it again Sxvxn: You step on to it, I am smashing it like a thousand times too I’m infinitely flying Dale
Axrora: oh no I think
that end if I jump on it yeah and then I’ll do it
okay as you’re doing it now
Axrora: yeah
then and then I’ll do it yo that is mad
yo I had no idea that is sick Axrora: The storm!
Sxvxn: On my screen- hang on, hang on
Axrora: What just happened what happened on your screen what did it look like look like
Axrora: You just II just fell off on my belly I was sliding down
the ramp on my belly and we have a scar Dale if you you would like a scar
Axrora: I am not coming all the way up there
I’ve dropped it of man there you go Axrora: You could of dropped it on the amp
it’s on the floor
it’s like down Oh am I gonna drop floor Axrora: What am I going to drop it for?
I’ve taken damage and we have to put a
chug-jug to boys 10 health oh no way Axrora: Do you want another Chug-Jug yourself just
take my inventory I’ve got that many mean yeah I mean I might as well we
might as well
Axrora: Kind of ridiculous
I mean I’m a chug-jug is this a special one or is this is tug-jug What is this?
Axrora: It’s a tug-jug You seen the zone it’s coming to eat us we need to
go now move quickly run!
Storm: There’s a Launchpad if you want
Sxvxn: Yeah dude build up man
Storm: Build it up Axrora: Quick knock the one out below Axrora: Bottom mega fall
Storm: I have already place it now
Axrora: He’s doing it!
Storm: It didn’t place Axrora: I am going to be using it- now
Storm: I need that Chug-Jug by the way
Sxvxn: I am not even kidding kidding zone’s coming I’m sorry
Axrora: What were you messing about for? Axrora: I was reviving him
Sxvxn: what what do you mean?
Axrora: oh god, I was basically done Oh sorry! I was just chopping tree’s I am sorry you’re gonna die at this time build, build, build! you still got a launch pad right Storm: yeah I still got mine
Axrora: Does somebody want to knock this tree down?
Sxvxn: Oh no the zone go!
Storm: Build! Build! Come on storm have you got any heals storm?
Storm: 5 Bandages
okay that’s enough that’s fine I mean
Axrora: I really don’t want to fall of this We are going to have to build on the sky limit and just hope In tonight’s episode of trying to be cool
we have storm official killing himself Axrora: I can’t, what on Earth I just got a kill too with what I could
barely see Shane: I don’t want to talk about it sometimes you got to talk about the things you don’t talk about Shane
Axrora: Oh no! You’ve been killed?0
Axrora: oh yeah
oh no
Axrora: He’s on like 2 health or something I don’t know he’s weak though Oh got him! Killed these two guys I don’t know that’s cool
sorry I’m just totally not even with it not even with it Shane I just can’t
believe what Shane just done Shane what even just happened there
we need have a conversation about this
Storm: I don’t know I need to watch that back Axrora: 10 HEALTH!
Sxvxn; He’s got 10 HP! You are going to die the zone watch him watch we’re
gonna watch him die to the zone he’s definitely okay Oh I hate you, I seen that ice-cream truck and I legitimately and I are now really but let me try that
again I don’t know what I’m saying
Axrora: You legitimately want an ice cream
Sxvxn I legitimately want an ice cream no joke I fancy some Ben and Jerry’s thank you Fortnite oh there’s people
in their factory I think unless I’m seen often I see dead people
Axroroa: just shoot see what happens
Sxvxn: Fortnite
Axrora: There’s people straight in front of you Axrora: Shane destroy the damn tree’s
Sxvxn: One pop two pop he’s dead Sxvxn: I can’t see him
Axrora: I don’t know if you killed his pal
Sxvxn: Dude if I crouch and then dip under it takes me under the water and
then dude I just shot his afro! ust shot his afro! Storm: He’s like 10hp by the way
Sxvxn: I just shot his afro
Axrora: Mate he’s jumping all over me Axrora: He’s just literally hopping over my head
Sxvxn: Everyone who just watched that I just shot his afro It’s one of those ghosting bullets in it There’s a launchpad over here, no I didn’t even get a clip it went straight to his afro it was no comb
today it was a bullet from a sniper he wasn’t common his afro he was taking a
bullet to it that she wouldn’t go straight through he’s afro like
that’s a hit and a half knocked one I’ve got ibra743
I got another one I just kill that Hirosho guy I nearly got a triple
piece killed two of them hang on there’s a guy
coming over he’s guy coming out the crater
Storm: thank you
Axrora: People east, people east people more east
Oh boy! Shane I am risking it I only got a med kit he’s going for the revive on his
mate – you just get healing straight way sharing go go go go go go go go run for
your life
Axrora: O God! I am going to get him Shane you need to heal up, oh no
Storm: Go go go go Storm: Need help with it?
Sxvxn: No I am fine okay here we go here we go boom see you
later alright they’re all dead okay launchpad and meds
Axrora: Got one
Storm: I am coming back to you for meds and all that Do you have any meds?
Storm: Yeah I got 8 I put them all on oh damn, go go!
Axrora: Got one what got a guy?
Axrora: Yeah I am killin people killed two people
Sxvxn: I’m coming I’m coming
oh come on come on hello I’ve only got I am on 1HP… wow. Storm: Ayyy!
Sxvxn: He’s actually made it we have 7 seconds to move go!
Axrora: That’s a bad idea I am going to die
Sxvxn: You just took my bandage , you grabbed them Axrora: Just run!
Sxvxn: I have 9 bullets dude shotgun nine shells so much shotgun
shoutout to the guy that brought some in the comments for bullets one time
no just done it again
Axrora: because i’m just like i lurk around the back of them I’m
not challenging them
Sxvxn: killed a guy snoopyD
Axrora: there’s also some like loot up on the
hill so I thought just see if there’s Storm: gonna heal back here
just clip the John wick over by the gas station and he felt like insane me quickly there’s a terrace tops
perished top thingamajig oh no I’m even in the zone you kidding
Axrora: Are you not?
I am now
Storm: There’s people south east Axrora: Oh great the zone’s on me not bad then you notice the crack I
haven’t got a launch pad though I don’t think no I don’t
Axrora: miss my shot
Sxvxn: headshot push push push oh no he’s gonna finish me he’s gonna
finish me Shane you allow this I’m gonna he just loved him so under that law
crossbowmen ard there we go finally we were both me and Aurora was finished off
in an unfriendly manner with the instant back-to-back snipe

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  1. Hilarious Video once again especially the jump pad glitch and Storm missing the jump pad I’m still Laughing very well done SXVXN 😂😂😂

  2. Can I get 10 likes please because it's my birthday today 🙂 I would love you to click that like button! ☺☺

  3. Thank you for making the videos like I said better because last time u would make something less funny or something

  4. Nice video also do you use an elgato if you do which one and if you don’t how do you make your quality so high with good frames?

  5. Can u do stairway to heaven and when u r at the max Height jet pack and see if u can go higher than max height . Thx 🤑

  6. Hey Martin just wanted to say well done and good luck for the future you’ve inspired me a lot and I’m going to try a career out of this too 😀

  7. Why are u wasting people’s time, also ur time, it’s simple
    1) The spawn island has a border
    2) you will run out of fuel
    3) The storm
    Isn’t it obvious dumbass, you just want that extra ad rev.

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