Canopy Product Highlight: May 2019
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Canopy Product Highlight: May 2019

August 8, 2019

Hello, it’s great to have you back again
for another product highlight. We know you’ve had a busy tax season, we have too. We’ve got lots of exciting new features to share with you today.
Let’s take a look. We’re incredibly excited to announce the release of Tax
Prep. Canopy’s Tax Prep streamlines tax
preparation, accelerates turnaround times, and simplifies the client review process.
Speed through returns with perfectly organized categories for intuitive data
entry, easily review work, and check diagnostics. Make client review and sign
off completely seamless, share your returns through your portal, gather
signatures for state and federal forms, and automate payments and refunds. With this addition to Canopy’s cloud-based suite, you’ll have everything you need to
run your practice more efficiently. Tax Prep is now available for everyone to
try. File the 2018 federal 1040 and 24 state equivalents for free. We’ve
launched a brand new mobile app so you can take your practice wherever you go.
You’ll have access to contacts so you can get up to speed on relationships,
record notes, and connect with clients. You can also access your entire file
system to review work, share files, or quickly respond to requests from clients
or the IRS. On top of that the app is secured with pin, touch, and face ID along
with two-factor authentication and encryption for your peace of mind.
Download it now on Android or iOS. We enhanced workflow to make it easier to
collaborate on complex projects. Each service can now be tracked in a
dedicated workspace with access to your tasks, files, and tools in one place. You
can link existing files or upload new files and they’ll automatically connect
with your clients contact record. In the next few releases watch for automated
tools to send e-sign requests, general requests, and engagement letters to your
clients. We’ll also be adding notes, transcripts, and more. Our CRM and client
management system is now even more customizable, with custom fields you can
create your own text and date fields to track details unique to your firm and better organize client information. Within settings you
can easily create different types of fields including text input, drop-down, or
date, the information that appears in the About section on the client record. As
you can see things have been pretty busy at Canopy this past tax season. We love
making your work easier, and we’re excited to see what you do with these
updates. Be sure to tune in next month to see the latest additions.

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