Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Movie Review #JPMN
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Movie Review #JPMN

September 2, 2019

Co-directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, this
$170 million dollar superhero adventure film has already grossed over half a billion just
two weeks after its April 4, 2014 release. This ambitious follow-up to 2011’s “Captain
America: The First Avenger” is the ninth installment in Marvel Comics’ “cinematic universe”, and
at 136-minutes in length, it’s also the second longest. Fortunately, the Russo brothers do
a great job balancing all the moving parts, making this sci-fi experience fly by. Everyone’s
favorite propaganda parkour artist is back with his unlimited stamina and Vibranium shield…
ready to tackle the forces of evil, and the titular villain; this time emanating from
within the one organization he felt he could trust. Portraying the title character for
a third time, Chris Evans is perfectly cast as the down-to-earth hero still adjusting
to life in the 21st century… never afraid to show-off his ridiculously toned physique.
Before unraveling a conspiracy within the ‘SHIELD’ agency, he grows wary of their tactics,
warning, “This isn’t freedom. This is fear.” The feisty and beautiful Scarlett Johansson
is back alongside him, to help vanquish the never-ending supply of evil henchman and bad
guys. Samuel L. Jackson returns as well, and thankfully is given a much larger role, including
a truly thrilling action sequence early in the film where he attempts to survive and
escape a ferocious assassination attempt. Joining the group is Anthony Mackie as a humorous,
but still dangerous sidekick, and Robert Redford in a rare supporting role, as a determined
World Security Council member. His decades of experience and gravitas elevate every scene
he’s in, making this comic book universe all the more believable and realistic. Other familiar
faces like Haley Atwell, Toby Jones, and Cobie Smulders make minor appearances as well – but
since none are really given anything to do, especially Smulders – their inclusion seems
more like fan-service than anything else. The Russo brothers expertly balance the trademark
wit and humor of the Marvel mythos with the whiz-bang explosive set-pieces that perfectly
space out the PG-13-rated picture. Henry Jackman’s loud and appropriate score is an effective
contribution, but it rarely stands out. As expected, the visuals and effects are top-notch
here, bringing to life ridiculous situations, like dueling aircraft carriers hovering over
the Potomac River, or Mackie’s foray into the wild blue yonder as “Falcon”, wearing
an agile jetpack-like apparatus that sort of gives him vulnerable Iron-Man abilities.
While this massive undertaking never quite approaches the blissful excitement that “The
Avengers” was able to accomplish, this is certainly the strongest stand-alone installment
since the original “Iron Man” picture. I’ll be the first to admit my four-out-of-ten score
for the first “Captain America” picture was a bit harsh, but even still – this sequel
is bigger, more tightly crafted, and infinitely more entertaining than its disappointing predecessor.
With its mid-credits teaser appropriately setting us up for next year’s “Age Of Ultron”,
this is easily a movie I could see myself re-watching before then. “Captain America:
The Winter Soldier”, “Blistering thrills with laid-back characters.” Now lets read three
of your reviews for from the YouTube comments. “Captain America: The Winter Solider”… gets
a double NINE on the rate-o-matic. Calling it tense, fast, and fun – you really loved
this picture, with everyone agreeing it was better than the original, you thought it was
AWESOME. I have to agree here… this is a wonderful blend of humor, action, and espionage
elements in a very entertaining package, I’ve scored it an AWESOME as well.

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  1. I'm so glad they stepped it up with this movie. I mean its kind of a bummer the stand alone movies haven't been as good as the avengers till now this one finally was almost as good

  2. Great review Jon! While I liked the first Captain America i agree that this film a lot better and crafted better.

  3. Honestly, I disliked this movie tremendously. The first avenger wasn't too great either but although this was a step up, The Winter Soldier seemed like an unnecessary add-on to this slow paced, dissapointing film…

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