CAR WASH CARTOONS ★ Garbage Truck, Fire Truck, Helicopter & More!
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CAR WASH CARTOONS ★ Garbage Truck, Fire Truck, Helicopter & More!

October 12, 2019

(beeping) All right, it’s pick up time! Huh? I think it’s stuck Uh-oh Yikes! Better make a trip to Carl’s Car Wash Oh, that’s the last of the garbage And just in time
There’s Gus’s garbage truck Whoa Gus, your garbage truck is trashed! Tell me about it, Carl
Can you wash ‘er up? I think so Now, let’s see What type of vehicle? Fire truck? Garbage truck? Or tractor? That’s it, garbage truck Let’s see how messy it is A little messy? Medium messy? Super duper messy? Even for a garbage truck, that’s super duper messy Now what is this? It’s a big garbage salad! With a side of smelly dressing
Ugh! Is it orange peels? Is it fish? Is it banana peels? It’s all of those, and more! That’ll be 7 tokens, Gus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Hey, not too clean, eh? Thanks, Carl! My garbage truck never looked so good. You’re welcome Smell you later! Gus, you forgot to take my garbage Oh, man! Hi there, kitty
How did you get all the way up into this tree? Meow Here, kitty, kitty Come on, I’ll save you Meow Woof woof Meow Uh oh, what a mess Better go to Carl’s Car Wash to get this cleaned up Well, hello there, Fiona Woof, woof Hi there, Finnigan Meow And I see you’ve got a new feline friend Hmm…looks like you’ve got some kind of mess on your hands there, Fiona It’s plums, Carl Just a big ol’ mess of splashy, messy plums All over my shiny red fire truck Think you can get it cleaned up? Don’t you worry, Fiona
We’ll get you ‘plum’ cleaned up in a jiffy Now let’s see, first things first
What type of vehicle is Fiona driving? Is she driving a school bus? Is she driving a fire truck? Or is she driving a delivery truck? You can only put out a fire with a fire truck How big a mess do we have to clean up? Is her truck a little messy? Medium messy? Or super duper messy? I’d say it’s medium messy Now, to get things just right, what type of mess are we dealing with here? Hmm… Is this a splooshy plum mess? Is this a splatty banana mess? Or is it a splishy orange mess? Yup, that’s right, it’s a mushy mess that
can only be made by plums All set, Fiona
That’ll be five tokens, please Right on, Carl That’s 1…2…3…4…and 5 Here we go! Oh…it’s so sudsy! Thanks, Carl
That was five alarm fun See you next time
Woof Whew! I am plum tired out from all of that.
Hahaha Oh no, what a mess! I better make like a tree and ‘leave’ for
Carl’s Car Wash Whoa! Is that Hector’s helicopter? Coming in for a landing, Carl I’ve got a bit of a mess here Can you ‘spruce’ me up? ‘Leaf’ it to me, Hector! Let me find your vehicle Is it a spaceship? An airplane? Or a helicopter? That’s it, helicopter Let’s see how messy this helicopter is Is it a little messy? Medium messy? Or super duper messy? Well, it’s not the whole forest I’d say it’s medium messy Let’s see what type of mess this is Is it green grass? Mucky mud? Or sticky leaves? I can tell you for sure,
your problem is sticky leaves That’ll be nine tokens, Hector 1…2…3…4…5… 6…7…8…9 Here I go! Now that better not ruin my blades! This is a very expensive chopper Thanks, Carl Come on up for a spin ‘Oak’-ey dokey!! Up up and away Oh Oh! Oh no! Oh dear As soon as I drop off these tomatoes
I’ll head straight to Carl’s Car Wash [snoring sounds] Hey, Carl Hey, Betty I’m here for a wash Okay What type of vehicle is Betty driving? Is it a car? Is it a van? Is it a tomato truck? Yes, It’s a tomato truck Let’s see how messy that truck is A little messy? Medium messy? Super duper messy? Betty’s truck is pretty messy Let’s set it to medium messy Now, let’s see what’s got Betty’s truck
all messy Hmm… Just as I suspected What type of food made that mess on Betty’s truck? Was it ice cream? Was it bananas? Was it tomatoes? That’s right. it was tomatoes That’ll be five tokens, Betty 1…2…3…4…and 5 Here I go Goodbye, Carl. See you soon! Goodbye, Betty. See you next time! I wish Quazar’s Market wasn’t a million light years away Oh, yes! Goop rings are my favorite to fly through This will be fun Wheeeee Huh? Yuck How can I wash this goo off? Hmm… Carl’s Car Wash
I wonder if he cleans spaceships Huh. Hmm… that a… spaceship?! Wow! They are real Hi there, I’m Sparky I zoogled you on the intergalactic web Can you clean my spaceship? Uh…. Well… Yes, siree
You betcha Let’s see. Is the vehicle a car? A truck? Or a spaceship? Haha, yup. That’s it Now, let’s see how messy it is Is it… a little messy? medium messy? Ah, there we go, super duper, out of this world messy! Let’s see what kind of mess this is Ugh, it’s gooey Well, it’s not barbecue chicken wings It’s not corn on the cob I knew it, space goo! And just your luck, We’re having a special on spaceship cleanings. Haha That’ll be two tokens, Sparky That’s astronomical! Just joking Here you go 1…2 Here we go Out of this world Thank you, Carl See you next time I’m in the area I’ll be back in about 6 trillion light years Haha, that would be stellar See you then, Sparky Fruit delivery. Going up Oh, it’s too heavy Oh, come on I’ve got to get all of this fruit delivered Just peachy
My fruit is all mixed up Look at this mess! It’s off to Carl’s Car Wash Mmm…Fran’s apples sure are yummy Looks like I’m down to my last one Oh good. It’s Fran’s fruit truck Just in time Carl, old buddy
There’s been a fruit fiasco What can you do about this mess? Don’t worry, I can get that fruit all sorted out Let me find your vehicle Taxi Big rig Fruit truck Sweet! Fruit truck Hmm…let’s see how messy the truck is Well, there’s a bunch of spots, but they’re tiny Is it a little messy? Medium messy? It’s certainly not super duper messy Yup, let’s select a little messy Let’s take a look at this Just what I thought, fruity! Delectable fruit Piping hot pea soup Or delicious spaghetti? I’m going to say, “Fruit” That’ll be 3 tokens, Fran 1…2…3 Here I go What a treat, Carl
My truck is all shiny Have a nice juicy apple on me That’s not an apple, that’s a tomato! I better tell Fran If I hurry, I might be able to “ketchup” with her

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