Catherine Stewart, Business Wrangler, on working at Automattic
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Catherine Stewart, Business Wrangler, on working at Automattic

August 24, 2019

I’m Catherine Stewart, and I’m a Business Wrangler At Automattic. When I was originally hired by my boss, Matt, who’s also our founder and CEO, he asked me to focus on the money, and to think about the money so that the rest of us wouldn’t have to. I love that he said that, because I think it speaks to his priorities as our CEO, and being focused on the quality of our products, rather than the dollars and cents. I’m on the Bridge team which is our equivalent of an executive team and I love the name because it implies what we do as being focused on connecting across the company and across different divisions so that we don’t become siloed. Something I love about my role is also its breadth. I have at different times, points in time, been focused on acquiring other companies, or partnership agreements, hiring, business and competitive intelligence, roadmaps for our paid products, and of course coaching and mentoring as well. and something that is very special about Automattic to me is our openness and our transparency. In addition to regular town halls and ask me anythings and, you know, campfires and all of the rest, We also– everyone on the the Bridge team writes a weekly update, which has lots of information in it that wouldn’t be communicated at a lot of other companies. So for example, when we were acquiring WooCommerce, Matt encouraged me to include those updates alongside everything else in my week and it is to the testament of our company and our culture that no one ever leaked that news.

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