Catlateral Damage #1 [Midget Apple Plays]
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Catlateral Damage #1 [Midget Apple Plays]

August 23, 2019

– [Apple] Hold on, hike! (laughs) Sportsball! That’s my favorite game. (fast techno music) (high-pitched laughing) Yo yo yo, Little Apple back in the house once again, that’s right! And we are playing Catlateral Damage. Oh, man, he’s so cute,
such a cute little kitty. Let’s learn how to play Catlateral Damage. Alright, let’s go, kitty. Knock objects onto the floor. Oh, so I really am being
a kitty then, right? (laughs) ‘Cause that’s what kitties do. Okay, let’s see, oh, I see, I see, yeah. (laughs) Use that device
to swipe your paws. Okay, then I just knock
that on the floor, yes! Got one, okay, that’s how you do it. Then we just keep doing,
go through all these things and knock down each one of these things that it says for me to knock down. You got it, buddy. Later, Mr. Robot! You ain’t got nothin’ on kitty cat! (laughs) So how are you guys doin’ today? Oh, man, I hope you’re doing
really, really awesome. And hopefully, do you guys have cats? ‘Cause if you do, that’s awesome. Although, you know, only if
they’re little tiny cats, you know, like baby cats, like kittens. I guess that’s what you
call ’em, right, kittens? (laughs) Or like dwarf kittens that don’t ever grow up to be bigger cats, because big cats scare me. I mean, even kittens kinda
scare me a little bit too, because they’re, you know, they’re quite a bit bigger than me, so, you know, that’s always an issue. I think you guys would feel the same way if there was a giant
cat comin’ at you, too. Get outta here, you crazy shape (laughs). I hate triangles! (laughs) Actually, I have no issue with triangles whatsoever. I actually feel kinda bad for
triangles for saying that. I didn’t mean it, triangles, I’m sorry! Get outta here, book. Yeah, that’s what a cat do! That’s what a cat does! (laughs) It’s pretty true,
though, it’s pretty true. If you’ve ever had a cat,
you probably know that. ‘Cause they, you know, they
just get into everything, and they just knock stuff over,
and they’re super-curious. Wow, jump in the box to continue. Ah, just like Maru. Have you guys seen the videos of Maru? Oh my gosh, so cute, so cute. Maru, you know, like jumps
in the boxes and stuff? Oh, man, so adorable. Meow-va-lous (laughs). My new food is disgusting,
those humans will pay. (laughs) Wait, no,
seriously, by him saying, does he mean that I’m gross, because he says the food is gross? Or just the food that, I’m, I’m startin’ to make
my own head hurt here. Although I am all head, you
know, because, I’m, you know, I’m an apple, I don’t have limbs. Get off, come on (laughs). I don’t know what these things are, but they gotta get off this table. Okay, this is probably
gonna be much more difficult than I thought it was gonna be. Okay, I have to get 180
things on the floor. Okay, oh, I can kinda
push ’em with my body. Oh, that’s even easier,
yes, now we’re cooking. Now we’re cooking, but
don’t cook the apples, because they’re not for cooking. They’re just for looking
at and talking to. And I know people probably
think that you’re crazy if you’re talking to an
apple, but just tell ’em, you know, you’re talking
to a Little Apple, so it’s all good. They’ll be like, oh,
oh, okay, I understand. Whoa, there’s a whole
stack of stuff up here. Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh, yeah. There we go, knocking all these books off. Oh, man, I keep falling
off the stupid shelf every time I go to get something. Okay, we’re gonna get this out of here. No, I wanna get everything,
ah, it’s so hard. Okay, here we go, here we go (yells). Get out of here, books. Yeah. No one wants to read you. (laughs) Actually, there’s
probably a lot of people that want to read you. I’m sorry, books, I didn’t mean it. Actually, I did, because I’m a cat now. Muh-row. (laughs) That didn’t actually sound like, an event, what kind of an event? A free upgrade has appeared. New upgrade, what do I get? Can I see it, what is this? Is it octagon or something? Chopsticks? Oh, oh, swat increased, nice. So what, is my swat super-powerful? Ow, okay, if I could
just stay on this shelf and not hit my head. ‘Cause that’s what kitties do, too. If you didn’t know that,
they stand underneath shelves and they jump up and down,
and they hit their head, whoa, can I knock this TV off? Please, can I, yeah (laughs). Aw, man, when this human comes home, they’re gonna be so angry. And actually, that gives me a
little bit of pleasure inside, because, you know, it kinda
sucks being a little apple. Yeah, I’m knocking all your
video games to the floor, how ya like that? Your Atari 2600? Broken! That’s what you get for playing
Atari 600 on an HDTV anyway. (laughs) You can’t play it in HD. Atari 2600 didn’t have HD graphics. What was I saying, oh
yeah, about the humans. ‘Cause humans make me angry, ’cause they’re always, like,
trying to slice and dice me, and my friends, too. So I feel like this game is pretty good for getting back at the humans. Oh, I see some stuff up
there, see if I can get it. Hop up that wall, naw, okay, I
gotta get on the chair first. Naw, okay, you can do it, Little A. Little A, come on, come on. Here we go, hold on, hike! (laughs) Sportsball! That’s my favorite game. I love sportsball (laughs). I gotta say, being a cat has its perks. (laughs) You get angry at people for, at your humans, for
giving you terrible food, you just knock everything on the floor. That’s all you gotta do. Oh, man, there’s all this stuff that I, I thought I knocked off the shelf, well, I did knock it off the
shelf, but it went on the bed. Come on, books, why won’t they go! Oh, they’re so hard to get off the stupid, bed is made of, like,
molasses, or flypaper. Is this bed made of flypaper? If so, gross. All you gotta do is catch flies, then. Then you’re gonna be, you’re gonna be eating flies in your sleep. You wouldn’t want to do that. Yeah, I wouldn’t do that, either. Aw, come on, get up there, Little A. Okay, okay, finally. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s a whole bunch of books up here. Yeah, knock ’em down, milo-wow-wow, yeah. Chimichanga Charlie. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Whoa, whoa, whoa (laughs). What are these things? They look like, I don’t know, takeout containers or something. They’re like Chinese food or something? Yeah, I did it. I got 180 things and stuff. (laughs) What is this thing? Wow, okay, is it shooting at me? What is it doing? What a, what’s the upgrade, can I have it? Jump increased, nice! I’ve got that jump, jump style. Come on. Here we go, oh, look at all these books. I’m gonna get so many
bonus points, come on. Oh, I don’t get any bonus points? Oh, oh, I see, it’s telling me to leave. Fine, shoulda gave me bonus points. I was knockin’ some
mad stuff off the wall, into the box, yay! What’s in the box? What’s in the box? Pretty kitty (laughs). Alright, we have to get
310 objects on the floor. We can do this, you guys,
Little Apple Army style. You gotta gimme the power,
the Little Apple Army power. Come on, come on. Pillows, pillows ain’t
got nothin’ on me, boy. (laughs) Oh yeah, alright. I just wanna make sure I
clear this room pretty good before I move onto the next one. 310, that’s quite the
step up from the last one. Get outta here, come on, come on, come on. Here we go, yeah. I’m feelin’ good. Do any of you guys have a cat? Lemme know, well, like how many you have and what their names are, and
then, if you don’t have a cat, what do you have, if you have a pet? And if you don’t have a pet,
what kinda pet do you want? And if maybe you don’t want
a pet, and that’s cool, too, so, whatever, it’s all good. We’re all having a good time here, just knockin’ stuff on the floor. (laughs) Man, you don’t know,
is that a sock or a boomerang? No, okay, that’s definitely a sock, although it’s a very,
it’s a very stiff sock. I would not want to
try and wear that sock. I wouldn’t anyway, because I don’t have, I don’t have legs or feet, so. Really, it’s irrelevant for me. Whoa, an event, what is the event? Whoa, what the? Okay, disco. Disco dancing kitty style? I really don’t like it, ’cause it’s actually kind of distracting. I can’t see what I’m doing. It’s really, it’s really
distracting, I don’t like it. Okay, can I not play at the disco anymore? It’s totally screwing me up here. I was trying to get stuff,
and it’s like, oh (yelling). Can I hit the pause button? (laughs) It even says Pawse Menu. (laughs) That’s awesome. Aw, disco dingleberry, please. That’s enough, I don’t need any more. Oh, thank you (groans), I
didn’t think the disco dancing was ever gonna stop, no, no. Get on the table, kitty. Kitty, you’ve got a lot of
stuff to eat and knock over. Not apples, though, definitely not apples. Chocolate chip cookies, that’s A-okay. Yeah, right, alright, alright. I’m feeling that, I’m feeling that. See what’s up on top of the fridge, here. Oh, yeah. Kitty can totally make that jump. (yells) Kitty, what’s wrong with you? I, kitties can totally take that jump. I don’t understand. What is this, what does this do? Am I sniffing it? Oh, oh, I can, whoa, I’m hitting it. Whoa, that giant, I don’t know what shape that is, a deca-hay, a decahedron or something? Jump increased, because I ate a bird? That’s not very good. Oh, oh, maybe I can get over here now. Jumping, yeah, yeah (laughs). Yeah, knockin’ dishes on the floor. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s how we gotta, okay, that’s how ya gotta get over here, yeah. Now I understand. ‘Cause before I was like, man, there’s no way I
can even get up there. Why would you even give me the option? Oh, man, what is that thing, what is it? Swat is maxed, ooh, nice. So I can super-swat. Yo, get outta here, the
SWAT team has arrived. Hee-ya-ah (laughs). Get it, the swat team? (laughs) That was a
terrible joke and I’m sorry. I have to forgive myself,
well, ask for forgiveness. I can, I can forgive myself,
and I actually already did. It wasn’t that big of a deal,
but will you forgive me, guys? Please? Lemme know, will you forgive me? And if you won’t, maybe it’s conditional. Maybe I have to do something
to earn your forgiveness. What do I have to do? You guys! You have to tell me. Gah, beef and bean burritos! Aw, man, we, well, we’re
running out, what is this? What, there’s like a mini
shopping cart in here. Oh, it’s (sputters), gah, wow, ooh, shiny. What did I do? Oh, I broke, oh, it’s, is
that, that’s a fly swatter. I think that’s definitely
a fly, fly, come back! Fly swatter. Super-mark-kat unlocked. (laughs) Get it, super-mar-kat? (laughs) Oh, oh, 285, oh, crap monkeys. Crap monkeys on a stick! We have 30 seconds, we have
to get, what, 50, no 25. Oh, no, we have to get 25
more items, we can do this. Come on, knockin’ books on the floor. Kickin’ booties, kickin’ all the booties. Yeah, yeah, I’m just goin’ for stuff. I’m not even, like, I
don’t even care what it is. You can make this jump, come on, kitty. No, I missed it, oh crap. Oh, no, I need nine more things. There’s gotta be nine more things, please, yes, yes, I’ll take it, I’ll take it. Knockin’ ’em all,
knockin’ ’em all, come on. Is that it? Where, oh, I missed ’em
all, uh, uh, uh (yells). Yeah, I did it, holy moly. It’s stressful being a cat. Wow, I had no idea. (laughs) Alright, guys, well, I think that’s good for this episode. Thank you so much for
watching, Little Apple Army. You rock. And until next time, blub-bye! (fast techno music)

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