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Caverns of Minos iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 29, 2019

I think I’m slowly getting it – by ‘it’ I
mean Llamasoft, and by ‘get’ I mean I’m not sure if I’m just losing my mind or if their
games have simply grown on me like some sort of hyper-color retro-tastic mold. Their latest
arcade focused title Caverns of Minos may owe its inspirations to titles like Caverns
of Mars, but in typical style the game will either inspire joy thanks to its many self-referencing
gags and over-the-top mash-up of gameplay, or will simply feel like an unholy mess; in
other words, it’s Llamasoft doing what they do best. Amongst the terrifyingly eye-watering hyper-color
pixelated visuals lies a game with roots that tendril along some of Atari’s greatest including
Asteroids. Much like its inspirational title, your aim is to plunge in to the depths of
a hostile pit, avoiding or decimating enemies in turn; collecting an object at the bottom
(be it a piece of cheese, an ox, or something even more abstract); and then attempting to
reach the mother-sheep at the start before running out of fuel or shields. These last two can be replenished by collecting
minotaurs and are often best saved for the trip up as you encounter far more resistance
from the enemies that range from bouncing asteroids to Space Invader-esque aliens and
minotaurs cosplaying as robots from Robotron: 2084. Thankfully the controls provide a surprising
amount of fidelity, with the thrust and swipe-to-move controls also being paired with tilt-based
aiming for the bullets spewing forth from your ship. Should the challenge prove to be too simple
you can kick things up a notch by selecting different vehicles, with the last being reserved
for an Asteroids-ship with insane firepower and game-appropriate controls. Caverns of Minos is a cacophony of styles,
themes and inspirations bundled in Llamasoft’s typically childish sensibilities (‘fart’ sounds
for firing enemies are not uncommon). Despite its rough appearance, the game features a
solid core of fast and furiously challenging gameplay, though your ability to stand playing
the game will depend on whether you ‘get it’ as well.

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  1. @appspy Aw less trippy then there others. What would the best llamasoft game be for one who would like to take a trip down they're rabbit hole? I want the cream of they're crop the others looked more visually appealing

  2. no more big budget games? Why is the appstore now riddled with small "indie" games and not big budget games? (althought its still pretty small) like Moderncombat, aralon and game like such, the only good game on the appstore for a while now is Infinity blade 2, and nothing else, why?

  3. Can anyone recomend the best of llamasoft? To someone who's never played any of they're games but is curious. This doesnt look my style as much as others and I'm not into frustrating start at level 1 if u die kinda games so that narrows it down to 3 titles I know I wouldn't enjoy but the others look koo

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