CGR Undertow – BRAIN CHALLENGE review for PSP
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CGR Undertow – BRAIN CHALLENGE review for PSP

August 14, 2019

Before I started using Brain Challenge for
the PSP, I was not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I couldn’t tell the difference
between a black hole and a hole in the ground. But now, after doing my daily mental exercises,
I have myself a great job, a college degree, and a promising future. That’s right, Brain
Challenge can change your life, like it did for me. You are given your own personal mental
trainer. This doctor will record your test results and show your progress as you start
to use more and more of your brain. The game tells you that classic lie, that people only
use ten percent of their brains. Of course this is false, 90% of your brain doesn’t
just sit around unused. But the game tells you by doing the brain tests, you can improve
how much of your brain you use. The game begins with a test, a series of mini-games
designed to test your mental aptitude. Of course since this is your first time playing
and not really sure what you are doing, you are not going to score as well as you can,
and thus earning you a pretty low brain score. The rest of your time spent with the game
is you trying to make up for one really bad test, man that sounds like college. The brain tests are mini-games, each geared
in a particular category of mental performance. There is logic, which can show a series of
color changing numbers and you have to pick what comes next. Then comes math, everyone’s
favorite subject. Instead of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, you get easy arithmetic.
Then comes visual recognition, building shapes from smaller shapes. Memory, which is what
you imagine it would be. And finally Focus, where a group of numbers is flash and you
have to figure out what the larger number is. Each category is fairly simple, but getting
a high score is not. You have to do a bunch, do them correctly, and do them quickly. It
will take practice, but soon you will fly through them. You can either take your daily tests, which
monitor and track your progress through the games, or you can take a stress test, which
changes the games to make them more challenging and frustrating. Or you can just practice
the different categories for your next test. You can do well, or you can feel pretty insulted.
Come on 90% brain usage, come on. What!? I know I use more than that, at least I think
I do. Brain Challenge does what it aims to do, give
you a bunch of challenges that are aimed to improve your thinking. It’s fun and refreshing
to use your brain different than most games. I don’t know how much smarter I am having
played it, but it can’t be hurting anything.

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  1. May I say again for the millionth time, your aren't first, Lord Karnage is always first. He will reign terror all over you for your lack of sense.

  2. Great review. If only multiplayer had people to play this game.. have you been able to open the locked areas in training. I am beginning to wonder if those areas are just pictures

  3. sorry sir but in game focus its not the point to find the largest number….this reminded  me when homer answered YES on the question I WILL ASK YOU SOME QUESTIONS,DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

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