CGR Undertow – CHRONOVOLT review for PlayStation Vita
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CGR Undertow – CHRONOVOLT review for PlayStation Vita

August 11, 2019

What do you get when you mix Marble Madness,
Super Monkey Ball and the Prince of Persia Sands of Time, well probably you get a game
that looks alot like Chronovolt. Chronovolt is a puzzle game that has you going through
different times, all the while rolling your big metal ball all over the place. Dr. Chase
and his partner, Scabious Claw have together invented Chronospheres, magically ball that
have the ability to travel through time. Claw has betrayed Dr. Chase and stolen one of the
Chronospheres and has gone back in time with the intention of changing history so that
he is the new ruler of the world. Dr. Chase is too old and weak to go chasing him, so
you play as Jessica. She is young and nimble, so he climbs all up in one of the balls and
goes back to start the hunt. The levels are taken from all different times
periods, from the Amazon to ancient China. The levels themselves are large platforms
made out of rocks that are hundreds of feet above the ground. You have to roll your Chronosphere
and balance onto these platforms to make it to the end goal. The path is never straight
forward, with moving platforms, crumbling bridges and enemy balls waiting to cause you
to fall. Lucky for you, you have some tricks of your
own. Scattered throughout the levels are Chronovolts, power-ups that gives you the power to manipulate
time itself. You can either rewind time or cause time to stand still. You will need to
use these powers in order to progress. You can rewind time to rebuild crumbled platforms
or slow it down to easily navigate a moving bridge. Or, as you frequently will, can rewind
time to save yourself from a mistake. That’s right, remember to rewind time to keep your
balls from falling. The game uses the Vita’s tilt function to
navigate, although you can use the analog stick, which I would strongly recommend if
you have any intention of completing the levels. At the end, you are given stars for completion,
time, and amount of Chronovolts you collect. Collect enough stars, you earn new levels,
so expect to replay levels to earn enough to move on. There are also new Chronosphere
you can unlock, although those bloody trickers are hidden away, deep within the Playstation
Store. Boo to paying for upgrades. Chronovolt is a simple game, making use of
some good time manipulation and ball rolling, all under a steampunk style. It’s fun for
what it is, although could have been better.

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  1. It's sad that the Vita gets no heavy third party support. I like the few games I have as they have far more challenge and lasting replayability than what I own on my 3DS, but it just isn't picking up speed.
    This really is a blatant clone of Switchball right down to the ball's design and could really be a Mini rather than a full release.

  2. Ugh normally I'm not one to complain about this kind of thing, but I can't stand this guys voice, in all of his reviews he sounds like he's just emotionlessly reading from a script, put some feeling into your reviews like Derrick and TJ.

  3. Well Vita has a few good games, but not nearly as many 3DS, but what do you expect? Nintendo has always dominated the handheld market.

  4. for a puzzle game like this its good they made it look better and gave it a small story and kinda uped it a little to compete with the hundreds of puzzle games on android and ios. but the apps that are like this (little ball rolling around the screen) on android and ios are all exactly the same. so i don't think its that bad for a system meant for gaming on the go.

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