CGR Undertow – GERMINATOR review for PlayStation 3
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CGR Undertow – GERMINATOR review for PlayStation 3

August 26, 2019

The makers of Labyrinth Legends are back with
more PSN goodness. In fact, you might even say they’re…spreading their disease. Huh?
It’s Germinator for the PlayStation 3. So this is a new release to the PlayStation
Network, and it’s basically Bust-a-Move with more germs. In this case, instead of
shooting bubbles upward to match colors and clear the board, you shoot antibodies downward
to match colors and clear the board. Same basic principles apply, but with different
combos and flashier animations. Of course, one of the major differences is
that…you’re not matching into clusters, like Bust-a-Move. Like-colored germs actually
absorb your shots, which makes them grow. After enough shots, they burst…and that’s
the crux of the game. Learning the unique bursting behaviors of each color and how to
use them to your advantage. My only issue with that is…there are so
many colors, it can be confusing. Which color did that one thing, and how is that any different
from the other color? Things get a little muddled. I almost would’ve preferred fewer
colors with attributes that were a bit more clearly differentiated. I mean, Dr. Mario
had three colors. It’s a puzzle game, not a paint palette. Then again, volume is part of the appeal.
There are more than 200 levels in this game, as well as an endless arcade mode and local
multiplayer. You’re absolutely getting your money’s worth with Germinator, and again…nitpicking
aside, it’s an awesome puzzler. And actually, one of my favorite things about
it…are the germs themselves. They do the whole Garbage Pail Kids, deliberately disgusting
thing really well. Eyes bulge from their faces, their teeth are all rotted…they have these
little pustules everywhere. And then, when they explode…ugh, this is disgusting. But in a good way. Germinator can be a little overwhelming at
times…partly because its challenging, partly because the colors sometimes don’t feel
all that different. But the gameplay prevails as an addictive and charming puzzler. I was
gonna make a pun about how this game can infect you, but…I’ll spare you for now.

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  1. Looking forward to the imminent Vita version. It hits sometime in March if memory serves. Man, I love me some handheld puzzlers!

  2. Dear Derek, most of the time I watch your videos I have usually at least two to seven facepalms depending on the volume and quantity of your puns and off-topic rants. This review was quite different from your previous ones – you didn't get sidetracked about some minor aspect of the game and gave a fairly decent review. It was more enjoyable than most of your other reviews, by magnitudes even. Please take this as a compliment and keep a similar format from now on. Cheers – a long time CGRu fan.

  3. This looks really fun! But goddammit, I fucking hate ranking in puzzle games… Even though I may be terrible at few levels while having fun, I don't want that 1 star looming over me saying "you're fucking terrible, your best is only below average, you failure"

    … It may be a personal issue, but this is the same reason I cannot for the life of me play Angry birds.

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