CGR Undertow – PIYOTAMA review for PSP
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CGR Undertow – PIYOTAMA review for PSP

August 30, 2019

Puzzle games have a tough job, that is for
certain. While it could easily be said about every game, every new puzzle game has a difficult
struggle. They have to be original, because let’s face it, there are so many different
puzzle games out there. There has to be a reason you want to this new game over say
Bejeweled or Tetris. But while they need to be creative, they can’t be overly creative
that they stop being approachable and accessible. You know those games that seem so complicated
you don’t even want to try. Piyotama at first appears to be much like
one of those where you throw up your hands and say, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”
But as you continue to play, you will see that it is actually is not that complicated
and only appears to be. The game has an overall theme of chicks and
eggs. Every year the Piyo mother lays the eggs that will become the chicks, but this
year, things got awkward and she got excited and laid too many eggs. So now you must help
hatch the eggs before the nest become like an overcrowded Japanese subway. Like many other vertical stacking games, you
will see long stacks of many differently colored eggs. But unlike other games, the game filled
it up from the beginning. You have to manipulate the different eggs to create groups of colors
so that they hatch. Seems easy enough but the Piyo have more tricks waiting up their
sleeves, wings, whatever. You can only manipulate the eggs when you push the eggs outside the
hen, so it’s called. You will push three eggs out at a time, then mix them up and push
them back into the stack. You can also move the eggs up and down and choose where you
want them to go back in. Keeping an eye for the entire stack at once can really start
to mess with your head and eyes. When you get a group to match up, you are
still not out of the woods. That only starts the timer, and then you race even faster to
find more matches and get a big score multiplier. You have to keep hatching eggs before the
timer runs out or the mama lays too many. It is very fast, disorienting, chaotic, and
also a blast to play. Piyotama may not look or play like most puzzlers,
but don’t let that sway you away from it. It takes a couple round to gets your legs
for it, but when you do you will have difficulty putting it down.

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  1. Hey man, I love your videos. Very easy to just sit back and watch. Not too time consuming which is nice so I can watch a few in between things I am doing. You also put out a good amount, so when I am craving those reviews I have plenty to choose from. Quality AND Quantity :]

    I do have one comment though, sometimes your captions don't seem to match up with your voice entirely, like they show up too early and fade too fast or dont match up to your current sentence.

  2. Good review, Ryan. BTW, it's pronounced "pee-yo-tama". "Piyo-piyo" is the sound chicks make. Um, the avian kind. Loved your joke about the Japanese subway!

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