CGR Undertow – RAD RAYGUN review for Xbox 360
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CGR Undertow – RAD RAYGUN review for Xbox 360

August 8, 2019

The eighties kind of sucked. I mean, the crime
rate was high, people were out of their minds on cocaine…
But you know what’s funny? Despite all the things that made the eighties suck—the politics,
the culture, the pollution—the nerds somehow made the best of it. It was, like, as the
real world fell apart, the nerds just…burrowed into their basements and made awesome sh*t.
I mean, it was a golden age for video games. Mega Man alone was worth dealing with…Belinda
Carlisle. Heaven’s not a place on Earth. It’s Rad
Raygun for the Xbox 360. What’s great about Rad Raygun is that…it
takes what was good about the eighties, its video games, and combines them with some of
the real-world crappiness. It’s basically an interactive piece of eighties satire, and
that’s awesome. It’s like a history lesson for today’s nerds…who are, frankly, a
lot less productive. So you play as Rad Raygun, a robot with a
ray gun and a simple mission—save the world from an army of communists. And not just any
communists. Communist robots from the Soviet Union. Soon after saving Washington, you’re
sent across the whole world to stop the Soviets—Germany, Moscow and yes, Irafghanistan. And for me, that’s by far the most entertaining
thing about Rad Raygun. Forget its gameplay and style for a moment—it totally lampoons
the communist paranoia that defined American politics during the eighties. And it’s hysterical
to watch the game weave those jokes into a larger satirical framework of the decade in
general. The female boss? She fires cones at you from
her bosom. And the snipers? Yeah, they’re wearing red energy domes…you know, the DEVO
hats? And all these gags about culture and politics are wrapped up in a very good recreation
of the eighties action-platformer. Absolutely brilliant, and really well thought-out. As for the gameplay, well…if you like Mega
Man, you’ll love Rad Raygun. This is an awesome nod to the blue bomber, and again…it’s
styled like an old Game Boy game, which only makes the package more cohesive. The robots
really have that Capcom look, you know? Those big-eyed, almost playful-looking evil robots.
And the music flawlessly captures the sound of the era. Of course, the drawback is that much this
game’s appeal is predicated on nostalgia. Which is to say, if the eighties are only
something you’ve only read about in books or heard about on VH1, Rad Raygun’s lasers
are probably firing over your head. But if you’re old enough to remember when games
looked like this and our politics were driven by this…man, you’re going to love Rad
Raygun. An action/platformer that’s as smart as
it is fun.

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  1. Exactly, and the national mood as a whole was a lot more optimistic then it is now. You didn't have the internet yet or cell phones yet, so people were actually patient back then, or more so then they are today. I'm being a hypocrite, I know, but I'll take that over today's angry and fear mongering society, with a new shooting every week.

  2. "the 80's kinda sucked"

    oh really, so is that why there are thousands of movements celebrating and praising the decade, is that why it is the most memorable decade in modern culture?

    try again, bitch

  3. This Game has a blatant display of "Ray-gun-omics" And real talk, the 80's did suck, for the Adults and our parents, but They where awesome for us late 70's and early 80's babies. Cut Derek a little slack people, remember Crack is wack!

  4. it´s like a bad recession. have you study american history? the us was in economical depression in the 30s. 20 procent of the workforce without jobs, i live in Sweden one of the state that was in depression in the 90s.

  5. How can you tell they are RED energy domes? Devo even has blue ones!
    You should check out their last album, from a couple of years ago. It's FRESH!

  6. I love the take on 1980's culture that this game seems to have. My only real gripe is that the Game Boy-esque visual style lends itself to more of a 90's-themed parody, since the majority of the Game Boy's lifespan was in the 90s. Hell, Ronald Reagan had left office by the time the Game Boy was released. This would have made more sense NES graphics and colors. Whatever. Moot point. I'll check this game out 'cause it looks awesome.

  7. yes, because the entire congressmen were actually reviving the philosophical concept idea that an economical urge would be reinstated after the thermological decline.

    yes, I remember it all!

  8. potato very underated food đŸ˜€ i played metal gear didnt understand engish back then but stil very fun game and great graphics. n64 was a great console also but i did never own it only played it at friends.

  9. back here was the state printing alot of money therefore making money less worth. if they would only listen to milton friedman who won a nobel prize for explaning the conection between printing money and inflation.

  10. Nostalgia is very powerful and makes people forget certain aspects of history.

    I was born in 1980 and the 80's sucked.

  11. the government was not ready to start a nucleic interaction with the chinese and stop anti-religious intolerance in the epitaph of socialistic dillemas being flown in that country.
    It also appears conservatives were pleniponetiarily defining the new indulging and pastichic endorsement

  12. Rad Raygun is a fun trip back to the 80s that will have you waxing poetic about your Gameboy days

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