CGR Undertow – THE UNFINISHED SWAN review for PlayStation 3
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CGR Undertow – THE UNFINISHED SWAN review for PlayStation 3

August 27, 2019

Here I am, being my old and miserable self,
thinking I’ve seen everything there is to see with video games, when out of nowhere
comes The Unfinished Swan and reaffirms by faith in the creativity of the industry. I
mean, there is only so many brown tinted, military shooters you can play before it starts
to drag on you. But the Unfinished Swan is a blast of fresh air. Something this wildly
fantastic and creative, is so good and unique it is destined to be forgotten by the masses. The game starts with a backstory that is quite
dark. Monroe’s mother had always painted but could never finish a painting. Then one
day, she died, leaving an unfinished Monroe, who was allowed to choose a single painting
before being taken to the orphanage. He chose the unfinished swan. One day, the swan went
missing, and Monroe went into the painting looking for it. The story told through wonderful
cutscenes and voice work, creating the feel of an interactive storybook. But even better
than the story is the gameplay and art direction. The game starts with you in a completely white
space. You can throw balls of paint that will land and mark the environment. So that is
how you explore, throwing paint and seeing more of the world. While you can’t see it,
the world is full of beauty and adventure, and it is up to you to discover it. But that
is really just the first part. Soon you will move on to more detailed and complicated environments
that require puzzle solving skills as well as exploration. The puzzles themselves are fairly simple,
with not many really leaving you scratching your head for too long. But it is not so much
about trying to figure them out that makes them so appealing, it is just experiencing
them that leaves a lasting impact. You will learn new ways of movement and objects to
throw, changing things while also progressing with a great pace. And everything is brought together with the
art direction that is just jaw dropping. It has such a wonderful minimalist look, with
simple textures and color use, but making everything look just amazing. Graphics are
not so much about how detailed it is that they show, but rather the style in which they
show it. And this game gets that. The only real complaint about this game is
the length, which is very disappointingly short, able to be completed in a couple hours.
But there are balloons to find, which gives good replay value. But the best replay value
is just the desire you will have to experience this interactive work of art again and again.

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  1. Why the heck aren't there more creative and artistic games like this on the 360?! I'm a 360 owner, and I'd like to know!

  2. And of course- its a god-damn exclusive! Again. I can't remember the last good PC exclusive, but console ones pop up all the time. Fuck you developers.

  3. So does the PC's indie scene.
    I've noticed in the past few years, that PC and PS3 have had a lot more indie games than Xbox and Wii.

  4. You are either a troll or a moron.
    If you are truly 21, your grammar is among the worst grammar of any 21 year old I've ever seen.
    I'm done with you now, child.
    I am blocking you so don't bother replying.

  5. this kind of game that pretends to be an work of art is getting annoying… instead of fun gameplay they just want you to be amazed by the supposed beauty it has… gay gay gay

  6. this will become forgotten becuase of digital only really when ps3 obsolete this game and others will not exist anymore sadly

  7. Ugh… I get soooo sick of people saying that the ONLY games are military shooters. It's getting very tired. Popularity=/=mass dominant quantity.
    Just shows people really don't know how to look for games as much as they'd like to believe. I'd expect a reviewer to do better at that. If I can still find NEW arcade shooters a dying genre laughable to most plebs today, like Satazius, Akai Katana, DoDonPachi 4 (and 5 TBA), Jamestown, and Mushihimesama, there's no excuse for anyone else. -_-

  8. I knew someone would answer that haha… but I never played Cod… my fps is wolf3d or doom… that little face in the status bar is just awesome…

  9. who gives a fuck what people buy on what platform. you telling people to buy it on anything but xbox is peer pressure. why does it affect you in any way what platform someone wants a game on?

  10. you dont understand what im saying. you're bitching about people playing on the xbox and that they only do it because of peerpressure yet you go around telling people what platform to play on. and i get it, my pc has a gtx 670 and a quad core at 4.3 ghz, i love playing my games at 5760x1080p and prefer that to the xbox, but im not telling people not to play it on xbox because i prefer pc. what platform people on the internet that I DONT KNOW play on does not affect me, and shouldn't affect you.

  11. I'm done with Sony. Sony had their chance to impact the industry, it's over. Sony's handling of the Vita tells me they still have their head so far up their own ass, they'll likely suffocate about half-way through the PS4's life-cycle.

  12. oooo halo and forza!!! a generic racing game, and 1 of the the thousands of first person shooters….such originality….such're right, us xbox 360 owners should have no right to want to play somthing different and original…because we're greedy fucks…thank you for pointing that out, you magnificent monger of cocks.

  13. don't have the money for a gaming pc and ps3 doesn't like skyrim…ps3 version was buggier, and if i'm not mistaken as of now still hasn't gotten the dlc..and if they have its still about 7 months late.

  14. pc players have a giant ego stick shoved so far up their ass that its tapping their skull…but then again if i threw away that much money just to play video games…(about 85% of wich are on the significantly cheaper consoles) then i guess i'd be a prick about it too…i play consoles because the purchase is much more justifiable. 300 for a machine to fight bordom or 800+ for a machine..just to fight bordom…that has to be updated with new graphics cards every year…fuck that ->

  15. <- and the reason i chose xbox 360 was because i greatly enjoyed the original xbox; and the ps controller has never felt comfortable in my hands..the 360 controller does.

  16. yah…but by the time i found out about that i already had an xbox. never had the money for both until recently and theirs no point in getting a ps3 now. new one will be out this year.

  17. Everyone who says creativity in gaming is dead clearly has never played a game by Vanillaware.

    I still haven't played this one yet. Think I'll get it soon.

  18. i like the idea, but it make me dizzy, so can´t play after 1 hour or 2 (even if this game is on ps plus already). I have to move the camera, paint, move my the character and repeat. If i could be able to see my character, i could beat this game, though.

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