CGR Undertow – XEVIOUS RESURRECTION review for PlayStation 3
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CGR Undertow – XEVIOUS RESURRECTION review for PlayStation 3

August 8, 2019

Xevious holds a special place to many of us.
It was kinda like the school bully, who would take your lunch money and then beat you up
after you paid them. But unlike the school ground bully, we loved it and would keep on
asking for more, and even today look back with happy memories. Well, Xevious has come
back, and to keep with the bully analogy, has cleaned itself up, is wearing a nice new
suit and looks like a million bucks, and then gives you a knuckle sandwich just like the
good old days. Xevious Resurrection is a complete remake,
reimagining, redoing of the original Xevious. You again are piloting a spacecraft from a
top down perspective. Enemies will come at you from the top of the screen and you must
shoot and avoid in order to stay alive. The big difference this time being, it actually
looks like you are piloting a spacecraft instead of a old World War One bomber. You are in
space, and the background reflects that. Everything looks incredible, with HD graphics that are
presented to almost appear 3D while maintaining its 2D greatness. And even though the game may look new and
amazing, don’t let this wolf wearing sheep’s clothes fool you. It is interested in one
thing and one thing only, to punish your very soul. Besides the graphics, the gameplay is
pretty much the same. Enemies will still come at you from two different planes and you have
to alternate your shots between missiles and bombs to take them all out. A major difference
does come in the way of you actually have some powers that can save your life, like
a shield. Sweet heaven, you now get a shield. You know how many times I begged for a shield
while playing the original? But even with the addition of the glorious shield, the game
still maintains is punishing level of difficulty. This is made up for with a new game mode.
There is your standard arcade, where it is an endless stream of enemies until you die,
all done with the intention of getting a high score. But now there is story mode, where
the zones are clearly indicated, and you have a couple continues that let you keep going.
It’s the little things. And with the PS3, online leaderboards to post that high score. Xevious Resurrection is a beautiful tribute
to the original. It updates it with amazing graphics and new powers but remains the classic
gameplay and difficulty. Any fan of the original needs to play this and remember those days
on the school yard once again.

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