CGRundertow FROGGER RETURNS for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review
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CGRundertow FROGGER RETURNS for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

September 2, 2019

Frogger is and will always be an all time
classic. I can remember spending hours, no make that days of my life avoiding cars and
jumping on logs. The reason is because of the addictive gameplay. It was easy to just
pick up and learn. Unlike most modern games, you don’t have to spend the first levels
on a tutorial learning the game. Just move Frogger across the hazards, and make it to
the other side. This is the gameplay with Frogger Returns
for the PS3 and Wii. Very little has been changed from the classic original. The game
now has 3D graphics, that bring the world of Frogger to life. This makes the game look
better, but that is not to say the game looks good. The 3D models are not very detailed.
I mean just look at Frogger. It looks like something is wrong with him. He looks very
concerned. But how can you mess up Frogger? Well, it
is very simple. They messed with the camera. The original had a perfect top-down perspective
that left little doubt as to where you were and what has ahead of you. Now the camera
is positioned behind you. Mix this with the murky 3D graphics, and you will have yourself
a very confusing and therefore frustrating game. With this new perspective, it is very
difficult to tell where you are and where the hazards are. All too often you will find
yourself taking an extra step into oncoming traffic because you don’t realize how close
you are. There are four different levels to hop across.
Your classic Frogger street but also the subway, sewer and swamp. The levels are longer than
before, with multiple sections with different hazards. Some levels are tougher than others.The
swamp level can be very tough, with crocodiles and monkey that will impede your progress.
And all the levels are very dark. I remember Frogger being a bright and colorful game,
but I guess Frogger has come down with the next gen brown disease. This is really becoming
an epidemic. To make some areas easier there are time control switches that freeze things.
But it is still the classic Frogger gameplay. Frogger Returns, only this time with a couple
issues. If the camera were to give a better idea of where you are, the game would be greatly
improved. The game can be frustrating but if you are a big fan of leaping across highways
than you might want to check this out.

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  1. I'm talking about the porting job and them changing things that shouldn't have been changed in the game. I don't mean the voice acting though.

  2. How could they mess up Frogger like this, I played some Frogger games on GBA and DS and they were nice, colorful and pretty.
    This looks terrible and you're right it suffers from too much brown and it seems to have an overall brown tint.

  3. If it was the original version i could see your point, but this is just ugly, if they wanted to update it they should have done a good one, otherwise they should have keep the original graphics

  4. I completely agree! the angle definitely pales in comparison to the original viewing. I miss all the bright colors.

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