CGRundertow SIDEWAY: NEW YORK for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review
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CGRundertow SIDEWAY: NEW YORK for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

August 22, 2019

There’s a real tragedy here, if you think
about it. During the 1980s, video games were generally thought of as side-scrollers. The
2D platformer was the most popular and the most prevalent genre in the industry, and
to this day, it’s still one of the most common associations with the very concept
of the video game. The difference is their commercial popularity
just isn’t the same, and that’s where tragedy sets in. Had it come out 25 years
ago, this game would’ve been enormous. It would’ve been played—and most importantly,
purchased—by millions, and it would’ve nabbed a spot not far from Mega Man, Contra
and Mario within the hallowed halls of popular and pivotal platformers. That sounds like hyperbole, and maybe it is.
But I adore this game, and I can’t help but think that in a different time and in
a different industry, a lot more critics would’ve painted Sideway: New York with the same colorful
verbal aerosol. Released this month to the PlayStation Network,
Sideway: New York may not be the mainstream smash it might’ve been. It’s tougher to
stand out in the crowd these days, especially for a video game that takes up bytes instead
of plastic. Instead, fate has a different role for this one. Sideway is the latest example
of the platformer’s creative resurgence in the last few years, and in many ways, it’s
one of my favorites. You play Sideway as Nox, a graffiti artist
who finds himself in a bit of a predicament. While tagging up the city, he paints over
the work of another artist…an artist who isn’t human. This gets Nox sucked into his
own sprawling urban canvas. He becomes the graffiti, and from within that colorful world,
he has to save his own. The story sets up the game’s brilliant premise.
As a living piece of graffiti, Nox is restricted to moving on walls. So for example, if you’re
walking along one side of a building and you walk into the corner, Nox actually bends around
the building. This moves you to the next wall…only it doesn’t have to be a wall necessarily. And that’s where the game goes from interesting
to brilliant. Nox can move along any flat surface. That’s
mostly walls, but it can also be roofs, for example. In fact, it can be almost anything.
And what’s even more interesting is that a surface can be actually explored in several
different ways, depending on which corner you approach it from. What was the floor a
second ago can be the ceiling, as long as you come from a different direction. So you pair the idea of multiple surfaces
with the concept that those surfaces can actually be played from different angles, and then
you add in the theme and art style, and you get a sense of the potential for awesome level
design here. Fortunately, the game largely delivers on that potential, as well. Sideway is also a nice value, too. It only
costs $10 dollars, but you’re getting about a dozen levels, each of which hides plenty
of collectibles and challenges you to find them all, Yoshi’s Island-style. There are
also online leaderboards for score sharing, and to max out those scores, exploring the
game’s clever levels to the fullest is a must. And believe me, that’s an exploration worth
making. Hyperbole aside, this is a game inspired by classics, but it’s a game that also takes
the ideas of its inspirations further. The difficulty is satisfying, the mechanics are
tight, the art is great and the experience absolutely blew me away. Sideway: New York is a platformer for a new
era, a brash side-scroller that dares to ask, “why limit
the sides?”

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  1. @ManFromZaire You hope non gamers take a look at a game to see the potential.. in a game? Wow no flaw in that logic…

  2. it looks amazing but really really difficult to comprehend where in the level you are. what do you have to do to finish each level?

  3. this game is fucking amazing, the graphics are not as crisp as they could be when on your actual screen i played it but its just incredible the ideas in this game, the jumping and spraying its like a mix of sonic, mario that ecko game and shank. 10 stars from me as well.

  4. I wish they would make more sideway new york games 🙂 I was very attracted to this game when i saw it for the first time on e3 and went and bought it first day on PSN and to this day I play it its a very good platformer a must have

  5. Game is brilliant… a platformer that's techincally 3D… since you can actually go from walls to roof, etc… not just the standard 2D platformer! ^_^

  6. Don't get this game and waste your time with it people! There is a ridiculous glitch where it just erases all of the progress you made in the game in terms of the levels you beat. This even happened to me after I downloaded the 800 MB patch. Thanks for wasting my time Sideway: New York!!

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