Channeling Batman to help the Air Force
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Channeling Batman to help the Air Force

August 30, 2019

We were told that we needed to make a replacement
to the military grappling hook. They wanted us to make something like you’d
see in the Batman movie. Our first reaction was that’s an awesome
project, that would be way fun to work on. And then I think our second reaction was,
oh man that’s impossible. What they wanted us to be able to do was to
scale higher surfaces; other surfaces where you can’t get a grappling hook actually
stuck on the top as well as be able to ascend quicker. We really thought, you know, how do they do
it in Batman’s movie? So we looked up online, we looked up pictures
from the movies, we watched the movie. The most challenging element to this project
really is attachment, to attach and adhere to a vertical surface kind of no matter what
it is, whether it’s rock or cement or adobe, figuring out how to make that attachment sufficient
to hold at least one Special Forces operative in all his gear. The thing that we think is going to work the
best is to have a two-part attachment system. This head allows us to attach an adhesive
patch to the wall. Once that attaches we have a light curated
adhesive and so we have UV lights that sit behind our attachment that cure a permanent
epoxy behind it. We can have different heads that people can
pack around depending on what surface they’ll use. The competition is we have to launch up 90
feet and so there’s going to be a platform 90 feet high on a wall. We have to be able to get 4 people up in 20
minutes. Batman definitely deserves kudos for this,
for sure. We are really excited that the team has come
up with something that is going to work, it’s viable and our goal is just to see if we can
compete the best we possibly can for BYU.

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  1. Too bad you can't have some motor that small that runs on battery with enough power to pull a man up.

    I could be wrong :/

  2. i think they could improve the design if they could fit it inside a m203 grenadelauncher which would make it all more versatile

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