Cheap RC Helicopter |  V911 V2 Pro Helicopter Review | Flying Test
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Cheap RC Helicopter | V911 V2 Pro Helicopter Review | Flying Test

December 9, 2019

Hi viewers Today I am unboxing very good RC item. WLtoys V911 V2 pro this is 4 channel hobby grade helicopter 2.4 Ghz. what are hobby grade helicopters? These have all spare parts available. With more flying time and range of control. you can upgrade batteries for more flying time. You can fly outdoor and indoor. Best for beginners, to enter hobby grade. Looking small, but it have good qualities. Buy link is in the description below. You can also check the price and detail below. This is fly bar helicopter with single rooter. It cut the air fast due to single blade. It has servos and swash plate. swash plate changes angles of main blades for moving. It has flexible material with crash resistance. Tail blade is side wise . as big helicopters. Extras … 2 main blade 1 tail blade and manual book. Study the manual book completely before flying . It has 2 batteries, 3.7 volt 175 mah. USB cable and Charger Connect cable to the charger. and connect other side with computer or USB adapter. Connect the adapter to electricity board. there is one edge in the center of battery. and there is a cut in the charger at one side. you can fix the battery easily in the charger slot. Red LED,s are charging indicators of both batteries. Light will be off at the full point . Dual charging system for flying fields. connect the cable to the charger. Put 6xAA batteries in the radio. Use good quality batteries. On the radio. It have digital LCD and red LED . Move the throttle stick up down for hovering up and down, Move the throttle stick left right, to move the helicopter left/right Move right stick forward/backward to move the helicopter forward/backward. and move this stick left/right to tilt the helicopter left/right. These 4 movements have their 4 trim buttons for trim setting. This is speed button. Single beep means speed slow. Double beep means high speed. LCD shows all parameters. It shows level of radio,s battery. Mode 1 means normal speed, mode 2 means high speed. It shows center points of trim buttons and their movement. If you want throttle stick at the right hand, you should buy mode 1 Mode 2 have the throttle stick at the left. For binding process . Connect the battery first searching light is blinking. ON the radio, move throttle stick up and down. It will be connected after few seconds. Check servo movements. Right servo moves the helicopter forward/backward. Left servo tilt the helicopter left/right. check throttle stick movement. Test flight indoor first then outdoor . First 30 seconds for only trim settings. For checking behavior of helicopter. then move a little forward backward. make a practice at 2 or 3 feet height first. this is very smooth and stable. then make a practice left/right make a practice in open aria. Don,t fly in small room and public places. Don,t fly near mobile towers and heavy voltage wires. it can be disturb frequency. Reverse circle flying. Tilt right. Tilt left. Yaw speed. Outdoor flying. Don,t fly in the heavy wind. Fly near you first. Almost 15 minutes flying time with 2 batteries. Distance range is 50 meters. Very speedy. If your helicopter is not moving fast, you can press high speed button. Like and share this video Subscribe my channel to watch this kind of videos. and also click Bell icon for latest video notifications. If you have any question, comment below. Thanks for watching.

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  1. what is the price of this Helicopter in Indian money I don't know what is the price of this helicopter in Dollars please tell

  2. Brother please tell me true .i think if we buy from banggood so we not get our producut because india coustom not pass from airport .it is true or not ?

  3. AslamoAlaikum, Ayub bhai kaisay hain . Good bird, I have mjx f29 shuttle , I bought it ten eyes ago. It's betery 1150 mah .The betery has weekend. Which online store you are publishing.

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