Check Out the New Billing Experience in QuickBooks Online Accountant
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Check Out the New Billing Experience in QuickBooks Online Accountant

August 16, 2019

Welcome to the new billing experience in QuickBooks Online Accountant We’ve made it easier and faster for you to set up and manage your QuickBooks Online and Payroll subscriptions Let’s take a look, After signing in to QuickBooks Online Accountant click on the gear icon and select your account in the redesigned your account page click on each tab to easily access and update your subscription, billing, and personal information Let’s look closer at how to manage your clients QuickBooks Online and Payroll subscriptions If you would like to move clients out of your subscriptions You can select multiple clients at a time and get right back to work We’ll make the changes in the background and keep you apprised to progress Best of all when you move a client in or out of your subscriptions, it takes effect immediately, no more pending status Their subscription will be listed as active and both you and your client will receive a pro-rated refund or charge depending on the action you take The updated billing details page provides subscription summary information for QuickBooks Online and Payroll. At a glance see your total subscriptions and the amount due for the month just below is your QuickBooks billing history Easily see where you stand with a list of monthly charges including billing date, payment method, and amount. If you would like more detailed information Simply click on view PDF or export CSV to get your itemized monthly invoice. To access your Payroll billing information click on view payroll billing history Need to update your credit card information? Click on edit billing information. The new QuickBooks Online monthly invoices have a clean and simple layout which makes them easier to understand and saves you time. At the top our total subscriptions by product with a special call out for those bought with a package Just below each product has detailed pricing including taxation. In the second section your charges are broken out by client providing you with clarity on how your subscription costs flow into each client relationship This will make it much faster and easier for you to manage your monthly client billing, no more calculating each client’s bill by hand. Lastly we break out your monthly sales tax to make tax time smoother. Take a moment and explore the new billing experience in QuickBooks Online Accountant. With these product updates we’ve made it easier to do business with Intuit. Now you can spend less time doing administrative work and more time serving your clients and growing your practice. Now, that’s the way to work

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  1. This is great news. Will it be possible to look at ALL payment history? As of now, the system only shows the last six months. I'm hoping that with this update, we will be able to go back further in transaction history.

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