CHINA’S reaction to the US aircraft carrier to THE SOUTH CHINA SEA?

September 30, 2019

Spokesman Chinese Foreign Ministry warned
that American Scene Shuang not apply any action that challenges the so-called “sovereignty
and security” of China in the South China Sea, and warned India. China asked the US not “challenge” in the
South China Sea The sources said, the US Navy ordered a term
preparation attack aircraft carrier USS Carl nuclear engine Vinson to the South China Sea,
to prepare the implementation of protective actions to freedom of movement, and this fleet
can go into adjacent waters of the islands, reefs in the South China sea. For this information, at February 15, a spokesman
for the Chinese Foreign Ministry continued Scene Sang reaffirmed claims absurd, illegal
Chinese in the South China Sea. Also, Landscape Sang declared: “China respects
and protects the freedom of navigation and overflight that beneficiary countries in the
South China Sea under international law, but resolutely oppose any country in the name
of self by sea and air, causing damage to the ‘sovereignty’ and the security of China
“. According Scene Sang, now, under the joint
efforts of China and ASEAN countries, South China Sea situation is stable and the trend
towards positive development, better. China wants the region to respect foreigners efforts
of China and ASEAN countries, and to protect and strengthen this positive trend. At the same time, warning Scene Sang US that
the US does not apply any action that challenges the so-called “sovereignty and security” of
China in the South China Sea, to respect the protection efforts for peace, stability regulations
of the countries in the region. Asks India to respect the principle of “one
China” In addition to problems US aircraft carrier
to the South China Sea, the Chinese Foreign Ministry also reacted strongly to the three
commissioners Taiwan Legislative currently visiting India and wants to upgrade Taiwan
authorities in India . The spokesman said China Landscape Sang always
resolutely oppose countries with diplomatic relations with China to conduct any meetings
and official exchanges with Taiwan side, the building bearing bodies official nature. China wants India commitment, respect and
perseverance principle of “one China”, careful handling and satisfactory issues related to
Taiwan, China and protect the healthy development, stability of Sino – Indian. China has conducted
“communicate” with India on this issue. In recent years, China has reacted strongly
to the US president Tan said there are many challenges and dynamics principle of “one
China” in the Taiwan issue, including telephone conversations with leaders Taiwan, Ms. Tsai
Ing-wen. However, through the efforts of China, finally,
in a telephone conversation with the President of China, Xi Jinping, February 10, 2017, US
President Donald Trump has changed attitudes, said the US government will remain persistent
policy of “one China.” Chinese public opinion is very positive assessment
to this signal and shows the level of “stability” of relations between the two powers is the
world’s second largest. They must calculate “is, lose”, “damage, more”
in relation to each other, maybe even “compromise” concessions to each other in many issues of
bilateral relations as well as international issues economic and other water-related.

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