Chinese Spies & Harvard: How China Uses Colleges To Spy On The U.S.
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Chinese Spies & Harvard: How China Uses Colleges To Spy On The U.S.

February 1, 2020

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  1. Ironically YouTube glitches and started playing audio from some anime along with this video. Fir a moment I thought this video was done in Chinese lol

  2. I bet those Mainland Chinese students have family in the CCP. I bet their families stole money within mainland China and use them to hide the money in the students USA, canada or swiss bank accounts.

  3. So what?!
    Politicians r openly lobbying for the saudi royal mafia.
    e.g. SD Republican leader receives $10K monthly from the saudi regime.

  4. Chinese students studying in the U.S should be considered a risk to national security. Even if they are not working for the Chinese communist party, there are many cases where these students are coerced to work on behalf of China. For example, spying on other Chinese nationals and being forced to give over the research they are working on.

  5. We should ramp up security against all people from China coming into the US. China's been doing this forever, and there's probably a lot more that we don't know about yet.

  6. I love these short news stories often disappear that under the big headline news.
    It is good to know they get same standards of research and fact checking as PDS and more high profile news.
    I love your hair today reminds me when I used to have long hair was one of my go to styles as keeps hair from falling in eyes but out go to standard ponytail.

  7. We didn't allow students from the USSR to attend our universities, we should not allow Chinese students to attend our universities. China is not our friend or ally, they are our adversary.

  8. I have no doubt that their other countries doing this too
    It's the job of the government and private companies to stay secure room this, but this shouldn't mean any different treatment for foreign students

  9. Yes, the US should definitely amp up security with regards to Chinese students studying there. The US should also definitely keep it's big fat nose out of other countries and other countries should close all US air bases on principle and you lot are as bad as China when it comes to soft power.
    Case in point: the fucking petro dollar and the middle east.

  10. I've thought they were doing this for years, if you go near any major college it's like 50 percent Chinese, I always figured they were doing some spying shit, not all of them, but definitely some

  11. Do you think the U.S. doesn't actively use espionage to gather foreign intelligence from other countries, including China?

  12. Who needs spies when a orange money launderer will trade you secrets for business contracts. We also literally have a Chinese shipping(and smuggling) mogul as head of the DOT.

  13. 2:40 Could someone in the US military/government background check people involved in military/government projects to see if they are actually secretly members of a foreign military/government?

  14. One of my good friends is an FBI agent assigned to investigate potential chinese espionage within the US and some of the stories this person has told me literally make me shudder. Modern espionage is way more kinetic than I assumed.

  15. Why isn't the World Court or the United Nations taking a look into this? They're supposed to try and keep the checks and balances in order, and make sure nations aren't getting a too out of hand. This is something they should be looking into it. The sad thing is the average Chinese person has no idea what is going on.

  16. Man this implication really hurts the public perception of regular Chinese Americans who have nothing to do with this.

  17. Wait. So you are saying. The hoax that circulate saying corona virus are CIA's weapon and turns out the whole laboratory are co-developed by proffesor that's bought by the chinesse govt?

  18. Not a fan of the framing of this…specifically the connotation invoked by "spying". Maybe I'm alone here, but I think we need to move away from hyper competitive isolationism nationally and individually if we want to, y'know, survive long term.

    Also the implicit understanding (and yeah, I get the ambiguity around this point, but only recently has it been called out by the US – after the consequences are beginning to be realized of course) with CHUSFTA and pretty much any FTA is that something is exchanged, and in this case it was pretty well understood that sharing technology was what China receives in return for cheap/not-as-regulated labor given to US companies.

  19. Super impressed by your prononciation of the Chinese name, Maria! I'm not an expert but it sounded way better than what one would usually hear on TV.

  20. There should be scrutiny over all foreign nationals or people applying for visas or GC's. Though problematic superpowers like China I think should get a closer look, I agree.

    I don't get why these people weren't charged with espionage, as that's what they were doing..

  21. Wow, it's like these people has to look elsewhere in the world to get the funds to do research in their fields! Guess China is willing to pony up the money…

    Sounds like USA needs to reevaluate the value of their scientists, because other countries are more than willing to buy them out.

  22. China would still candy from a baby if the candy was unique "scientific espionage"? No they steal more than just science.

  23. A story involving China (Wuhan specifically), Harvard and scientific research? That's one Helluva Bar joke. Got me thinking this Coronavirus might be engineered using that Harvard research.

  24. We need to increase our vetting process for Chinese international students, but especially those in higher education programs in the natural sciences. Our relationship with China today is what our relationship with Russia was in the 1960s.

  25. What? So let me get this straight. America that preaches "capitalism" as legal and "democracy" as the way of life and basic human right gets mad when another country uses the same tactics as America does? Isnt this just a perfect example of capitalism. A smart person, works hard, studies hard, and goes to who pays the most. America abused this same power during WWII offering safety and lots of money with positions of power and still today abuses it against Russia asking for secrets promising money and asylum. Now the hypocrites dont like it? Yes; I'm American but even I can see how shifty this place is.

  26. You have to watch your back, they get in via the back door, they are sneaky and ALWAYS have a plausible excuse. They would make us jump thru hoops. People should learn chinese that is very disarming to them.

  27. I feel like China is more of a threat to the US than North Korea, Iran, and Russia combined BECAUSE they're so entwined in US economy. One coup from them and we're crippled.

  28. Never trust CCP
    Clinton believed that opening commerce to china would lead their people to adopting democratic values, look how that went.

  29. See, the funny thing about having a country where the Gini Coefficient is high, is, When those wealthy people run into business problems they become easier for other countries to win them over, like say when oil goes the way of tobacco and the demand on precious minerals becomes the new oil those resources become a tool to coerce them into switching sides.

    Or for example, developing monetization systems for video games that are detrimental to any given societies values and that are preferred over more ethical practises like say, simply making a new fun video game, because they are more profitable. the U.S is losing many key(s) industries in such ways. Tech needs lithium among other rare earth elements and countries like China (In mexico) and Russia (In Africa) are doing their best to win the economic warfare, There's a reason why oil is going away and places like Venezuela/Mexico are in the state that they are and speaking to the people they speak to.

    It doesn't help the situation any when U.S based companies are providing software/hardware to China, and the turning around to sell it back to us under the vail of security (and in the gaming industry as a means to moderate/silence dissidence). It won't be long now till the U.S too has its own "Chinese Internet".

  30. just finished the book Stealth War by Gen. Robert Spalding. everyone needs to read this book to get an overview of how China is taking over the world while we are distracted

  31. Maria! <3 <3 Get some rest girl. I hope you are at least feeling better and the nasal stuff is you at the end of your cold/flu. Thanks for rocking the news as always. <3

  32. They are not doing espionage. They are literally getting invited in by the millitary, the government, and colleges across the country.
    I know this because I was an intern for NASA. Dozens of countries: Germany, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan… They all come over here, get educated by the finest instructors we have, and then leave and take their information back to their home country.

    They come over here, work with the government/millitary, get paid to steal ideas BY OUR OWN COUNTRY….
    It is nothing new. These guys just got caught in the act.

  33. Wow, this is seriously out of a James Bond movie.
    Also, Maria, you are looking bomb today. You sound like you might be a little under the weather, but thank you for blessing our screens anyway. Hair: perfect. Makeup: on point. Outfit: very elegant. Sis is crushing!

  34. There was some kid from China who worked at a friend's uni lab, and this guy was super sus. Dude had a USB on him at all times, kept asking about how to access certain files etc. Nobody stopped him, but about a year after he arrived the Mongolian company that was supposed to be sponsoring him turned out to not exist and he got kicked out of the university. Not sure what happened to him in the end.

  35. I think it might be time to eject all Chinese "students" from the mainland us. Then let them reapply so they can be vetted better. The Chinese government has taken advantage of the us loose visa program for students for decades. China's intelligence arm of the PLA, send almost all of their operatives to the US or other Western countries for education & to recruit on college campuses. It's been documented In press releases from the CIA & NSA.
    Hell Homeland security recently flagged tick-tock as a security risk.
    Largely thanks to its ties to the PLA and the Chinese Communist party

  36. Great rundown. Very interesting. 100% we should work to protect our intellectual property. Of course, China has been in the business of techno espionage for decades and we have tried to get a handle on it. We should continue those efforts.

  37. So I know we're all here to learn things, and I truly love this channel for laying out the facts, but I have to say that your hair looks awesome Maria!

  38. Simple solution: Make certain tech easier to steal. But, incorporate some hidden flaws in the designs that make products made using the stolen tech explode, or fail deadly in other ways… That should get the point across nicely.

  39. We are ruled by people who value money over principles. China is having a field day exploiting capitalism's inherent weakness.

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