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Circadia iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 15, 2019

When Circadia loads up and you find yourself
staring at the title screen waiting for something to happen, tap on the colored dot. That small
interaction is all you need to know for this minimalistic puzzler. OK, well it’s not everything you need to know,
but let’s call it at least two thirds. Tapping a colored dot will send out a ripple of color
and sound. When that ripple hits the white dot, the next stage unveils itself. That’s
just the beginning however. Soon enough two colored dots are on screen and you have to
make their ripples hit the white dot at the exact same time. Some colors ripple faster
than others so managing two dots (and then later on when three or more dots litter the
stage), it becomes a matter of intuitive timing. The small splashes of color ripple across
a black backdrop, with the only sound being their utilitarian chimes. Circadia definitely
taps into a unique part of the brain. Instead of thinking through the solution, it’s more
a case of timing and feeling, trusting in your understanding of what each dot is going
to do before you begin a sequence. Some might find the tutorial stages a little drawn out
and boring, and some may just be put off by the concept altogether, but if you enjoy your
puzzle games, this is definitely worth a look.

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  1. Why is the rating 3? Your pros/cons and verdict don't justify that (to me). Please explain more. I love your reviews and this is the first time i have not understood the rating! Thanks.

  2. Oh no!!!! A vidya game without shooting, killing, maiming, magic, birds, nerdy-dork infested mechanics and humor. I want my vidya geyms with realistic grafix that is epix to the core, like over 9000. Or retro pixel hardcore, you know what, forget it, use ASCII, it's 1337.

    If you don't think like that then you'll love Circadia.

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