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Colossatron Android Review Nexus 5 – Androidizen

August 27, 2019

Hi everyone. So here we are today with
Colossatron Massive World Threat. This is a a new game
from the guys that did Jetpack Joyride and it really is a cracker of a game. It’s
almost a classic in the making. So the idea is you’re a giant robot from
outer space that looks a little bit like a, kind of dragon, and the idea is to destroy earth’s cities and earth is going to try and stop you, throwing its greatest general general moustache at
you, and all his crazy weaponry. You’re going to have to try and do as much
damage to each city as you possibly can whilst surviving the onslaught from the
army. Now the game works incredibly well because
as you’re kind of progressing through each of the levels you upgrade Colossatron by kind of grabbing these power-ups that float around the stage and as you add those into Colossatron you’ll build better weaponry, have more guns
available and kind of power-up and it works very very well. The game is so fast and furious the
action is just constantly nonstop and it works very well as I keep saying. There’s a lot here to really like especially within the way the power-ups
work because after each stage you can level up your power-ups creating
new and better weapons and it’s just glorious. The graphics have
a kind of retro 8 or 16 bit style to them which I really, really like and it’s invoking an awful lot of kind of
really cool Godzilla stuff and just beautiful. The app is on sale for about a dollar so it’s well worth picking up. It’s under a pound if you’re in Britain and under an euro as well and there’s a lot of really good gameplay here. It’s one of those games where you kind of just want to do one more level. It has a brilliant sense of humour, this idea
of kind of earth versus the Colossatron and news
reports basically reporting on how well Colossatron has done or in this case how badly the
humans have done and it’s just great, a wonderfully fun game and
I’m making it my game of the week as well. So if you want to
download. grab our Android app and you’ll be able to find the download link directly within our Android apps, download the game itself as well. It’s really well wprth
playing and it’s a bargain at under a dollar. Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed
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