Comic Con 2016 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Mantis, Baby Groot, Teaser Trailer?
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Comic Con 2016 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Mantis, Baby Groot, Teaser Trailer?

August 15, 2019

Jetpacks?! Baby Groot?! A new member of the team?! Yes it’s not even Comic Con yet but Marvel is already in play with our first look at Guardians of the Galaxy 2 well, concept art but we’ll take it! Especially because there are a couple of reveals here…

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  1. They did say this movie will be about fathers and sons, I wouldn't be surprised if they have Groot spawn an offspring in this movie to serve as the "softer" part of the fatherhood themes going on with Peter Quill, Thanos/Nebula & Gamora, Drax & his lost family, etc.

  2. I may have misinterpretated this, but the way Yondu reacted at the end of GOTG felt like he was not actually angry at Petier and he was just trying to keep his reputation in his crew clean by ordering Peter to give him the orb. He didn't care for it in the end and that's what his smile felt like to me.

  3. So happy to have Baby Groot !!! He would be perfect as a spy ! xD
    But, can Vin Diesel really make a voice for this cute little one ? Curious to see that !

  4. oh, GRACE has not mentioned MANTIS was indeed an AVENGER, and got superpowers much after leaving the team. FINALLY a real superpowered character in GOTG! Too bad they haven't kept COSMO……

  5. Hey Grace, will you do a video for the Rogue One trailer coming tonight? (I know it sounds like a dumb question, but just curious)

  6. Hey Grace, do think we will get hints of who is Peter's father at comic con? They two most popular theories are Adam Warlock or Star Fox.

  7. The thing that catches my attention about Groot is that he's riding on Drax's shoulder instead of riding with Rocket. That plus his end credit scene with Drax from the first one makes me think him and Drax are going to be a sub-team this go round. Maybe that supports the idea that he is a different person and doens't remember his adventures with Rocket. Can't imagine Rocket would take that well.

  8. Can i just say Grace, that I've been watching you for years Before i had my own Channel and i really trust your resources. I can always count on you for entertainment, when i'm eating or drinking a cold pop. When i see your Reviews, Predictions or Reactions i always flock to them!

  9. This movie is going to be bigger than Deadpool. Grace, your videos are love, your videos are life. I hope they drop the Rogue One trailer tonight and then you can do a live reaction (those are awesome!)

  10. Im REALLY curious about whether Nebula is officially joining the team, because most people don't realize, but she is actually the one that "defeats" Thanos in The Infinity Gauntlet. I assumed that the storyline would be given to Gamora but maybe not!

  11. Think u, or sum OTHER (!) critic said it before me: But this is TRUE successor to the ORIGINAL 3 Star Wars films!! Is as much fun. Star Lord has same reckless freewheeling charm as Han Solo. He even has similar testy relationship with a FURRY man-creature as Solo had with Chewy. Mantis will probly be female Luke Skywalker, if li'l less innocent. But still searching for something ''Above & Beyond' (like little photo of me atop Elephant Mt./Mynedd Mawr IS in North Wales in super strong GALE)(just bragging). Sir S of Will Watch ThiS One. Goodnight . . . Mrs. Hyper-Verbal . . !

  12. I just completed a reading of all Starlin material on the infinity material from the 90s (90s?) in Barnes & Nobles over several days. what grabbed me the most os Gamora and Draxes relative lightweightedness when compared to the comic. I mean, there is like barely any resemblance of their badassness theirin.

  13. Somebody asked on James Gunn's Facebook post of the concept art if Yondu and Nebula have joined the team and James Gunn replied with Yondu for sure and Nebula maybe, as you don't know what side she's on

  14. I don't care for Mantis or the actress playing her and in all honesty wish they would have had Angela instead…

  15. I loved Mantis in the comics, hope she comes out good but why is she light brownish looking! She is supposed to be green

  16. I was really trying to give my full attention to the video and the information she was giving us but I kept getting distracted by her eyes. I felt like I was slipping into a trance and, at one point, it felt like she was no longer looking at the camera but at me. Like she could see me! In that instant I was wholly captivated and I couldn't bear to divert my gaze. If only she could set her beautiful eyes on a lowly life-form such as myself. Perhaps the purpose of my existence lies somewhere in the twinkle of her starry eyes…

    That wasn't me. I swear. It was my pet goldfish!

  17. "This one" is back! I always loved Mantis back in the day. Glad to see they found suck a beautiful lady to play her. Haha, baby Groot! Woot! Can't wait.

  18. the concept art looks amazing baby groot excellent choice! my question is as someone who hasn't read the comics who the heck is my boy star lords pops !

  19. Ehhh, Baby Groot is the regeneration from the 1st movie we all know, as been stated. Why in the 1st place would anyone assume it's an offspring instead, which obviously you dun watch the movie closely enough… Shame…

  20. Actually Gamaora isn't equal to Quill in power. She could probably kick his ass since she is a genetically tampered with assassin. That should make all feminists very happy.And nebula and yondu join the team eventually. That why they are in the concept photo

  21. Hello Grace 🙂 They use baby Groot for the prison scene because he's tiny and can fit into small spaces 🙂

  22. maga 😎 …
    marviel of the gardens a butt kicking w a thoutch
    osom 🎶 ..part 2 ; 👒👀
    4 thoms ☝ ☝ ☝ ☝.

  23. I'm so happy gotg has done so well…I remember when I got the 1st issue ever of gotg and by cover alone I didn't like it…but when I started to read..I was on board…so I'm happy for the content they have released 🙂

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