Commander Cody vs Captain Rex
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Commander Cody vs Captain Rex

August 14, 2019

This is going to be a versus between Commander
Cody and Captain Rex at the time of the final months of the Clone Wars. We will compare
their training and combat skills, as well as their armor.
Cody, designated as CC-2224 in the Clone Army, was a clone marshal commander assigned to
Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars. Although he wasn’t present during
the first battle of Geonosis, he did participate in many important battles like the Battle
of Christophsis and the Battle of Utapau. When Order 66 was
issued, Cody obeyed and gave the order to kill Obi Wan. Afterwards, he continued his
military service in the Imperial Army and later became a training instructor for Human
recruits on Kamino. Rex, designated as CC-7567 in the Clone Army,
was a clone captain under the service of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker during the Clone
Wars. Like Cody, Rex participated in many important battles, including the Battle of
Teth and the Battle of Umbara. When Order 66 was issued, Rex, having had his inhibitor
chip removed prior, refused the order and deserted the Clone Army. During the Empire’s
reign, Rex joined the Ghost Crew and helped them and the rebellion they were apart of
fight the Empire. First we will compare their training and combat
skills. Like all the other Jango Fett clones, Cody
was genetically altered to have faster reflexes and improved stamina. Showing an unusual strong
trait of independent thought, he was selected for special training, during which he actually
met and befriended Rex. Cody was later entered into ARC trooper Alpha-17’s training program,
a program designed to increase independent thought. Of the hundred clones chosen for
the training program, Cody outperformed most of them. He possessed excellent close combat
skills and was also very skilled in battle tactics. Just like Cody, Rex possessed the standard
clone genetic modifications and was also selected for special training for his natural leadership
abilities. Rex was also entered in Alpha-17’s training program. Though it is unknown how
well Rex performed during the program, we can safely assume he was also at the top of
his class, as he was given command of the 501st legion, a legion of clones whose training
surpassed even that of the Advanced Recon Commandos. During the Clone Wars, Rex earned
a reputation as one of the Republic Military’s best and toughest clone troopers. He possessed
excellent close combat skills, as well as outstanding marksmanship skills. For this category, we will give Rex the point.
Earning the reputation as one of the Republic’s best soldiers and being given the command
of one of its most elite legions, Rex’s accomplishments due to his training and combat
skills greatly outweigh Cody’s. Although Cody definitely had superb skill in combat,
he was more of a strategist while Rex was more of a fighter. And in a one to one fight,
being a fighter is more valuable than being a strategist. Next we will compare their armor. In the later
years of the Clone Wars, Cody wore customized phase 2 clone armor. It included a sun visor
on the helmet, a small tool attached to the upper arm piece, and one antenna on the shoulder
pads with another one on the back of his helmet. A jetpack could also be attached to his armor
when needed. Around the same time, Rex wore customized
phase 1 and phase 2 hybrid clone armor. He modified his phase 2 armor to include the
middle portion of his phase 1 helmet, including his rangefinder scope and original T-visor.
He also replaced portions of his chest plates with his old phase 1 armor. On top of his
hybrid armor, he had a redesigned pauldron and kama. The pauldron acted as additional
armor over his upper chest, possibly saving Rex’s life from a sniper shot during the
war. While the kama provided light protection around his thighs. A jetpack could also be
attached to his armor when required. For this category, we will give Rex the point
again. As although they both possess the same armor, Rex’s modifications provide him additional
protection. Rex also has a rangefinder which gives him an advantage in blaster fights. We won’t be comparing their weapons, as
neither of them have a signature weapon. You could argue that Rex’s dual DC-17 blasters
are a signature weapon for him, but Cody definitely doesn’t have any. It wouldn’t make sense
to compare heavy blaster pistols with the standard clone DC-15A blaster rifle. So for
this versus they will be equipped with the same weapons. When it comes to long range weapons, like
the DC-15A blaster rifle, Rex would have a higher chance of winning. Rex had outstanding
marksmanship skills and had a rangefinder on his helmet which gives him a great advantage
over Cody in long range fights. For long range, Rex would probably win 9 out of 10 times. When it comes to close combat, it’s not as
clear as to who would have the advantage. They both possessed excellent close combat
skills. But we’ll give Rex the point due to probably have slightly better skill in
close combat due to his accomplishments as a soldier throughout the clone wars. Rex would
probably win 6 or 7 out of 10 times. The winner of this versus is Captain Rex.
Remember this all my opinion based on the information provided. Let me know if you guys
agree with this verdict, or disagree, and tell us why. Also let me know what other versus
you guys want me to do in the future. Thanks for watching this video, be sure to
subscribe for more videos like this one, and as always may the force be with you!

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  1. For those wondering why Cody was a Commander and Rex was a Captain. Commanders typically specialized as strategists and were usually in the back of the battle giving out orders and commands. They only fought in the front lines when the situation required it. This explains why Cody's armor is suited with antennas, as he needed them for advanced communication. Captains on the other hand fought almost always in the front lines along with their soldiers. This explains why Rex's armor had additional armor on it and is more suited for combat. Please like this comment so people can see it and won't be confused, thanks!

  2. Cody: I will never betray you
    Obie wan: Shure
    Emperor: execute order 66
    Cody: fire on the Jedi
    Obie wan: oh no

  3. I think they should have given them a battalion of clones as well because clones aren’t meant to fight in 1 on 1 battles. In this scenario Cody probably would have won.

  4. I swear, if Cody dies in canon outside of old age, I’ll…I dunno. One bad thing in Legends was that he died during the Starkiller raid on Kamino, where you don’t even see his death.

  5. I’ve never seen Cody rip a Commado Droid head clean to the side, Rex did, and on the Rishi moon, we see his excellent marksman ship, Shooting one shot to those Droids, And then I personally think Rex is a better fight and strategy man because of his tactics and how he wins a lot of battkes narrowly. Like the battle of (I can’t spell) Christopis

  6. LMFAO, look at all these fucking stupid dumbasses getting both mad AND salty that their precious little Cody wasn't chosen. This is all factual, Cody doesn't stand a chance, you idiots are going to have to get over the fact that Rex is just superior. For example, if Cody was chosen for this, of course you morons would've agreed. But since Rex won, you idiots don't agree.

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