Configurar un objetivo en google Analytics al rellenar un formulario de contact form 7 en WordPress
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Configurar un objetivo en google Analytics al rellenar un formulario de contact form 7 en WordPress

August 29, 2019

Hi guys, how are you? Well, in this video let’s see how we can set up a google analytics goal ever someone fill out the form Contact. It is a very interesting target that we can come in handy and will see how you can do in google analytics and our form contact created with the plugin Contact Form 7. In a later video will how to do with Gravity Forms. Although with Gravity Forms it is a little more difficult. Good to do we need have set up on our website google analytics and once the have, we let’s administrator and go to objectives. We create a new target and here comes me we can set through a template but in this case we will click customize, continue. Okay, here I’ll put as target name contact form and now I asks what type of object it is. You I will say that landing page, I click here I click continue and now I asked what the landing page where the goal salta, conversion jumps. Well let’s stop at this point. As it is the default forms Contact Form 7 if I fill, fijaros that I’ll fill test (test, test) if I click submit you will see that the url does not change, ie I click send, and the url does not change. what does this mean? what as such I am setting with a target goal would not set because the landing page is the same as when it begins, then there is no way know if people filled in or not. Well, to do that we have to go to contact form Contact Form 7 and go to settings Additional and here we will tell you when someone fills it out and go all But instead of staying in the same page, redirect it to another. Then for it will use this url, ie this line of code you see here, and where it says the location we will redirect to a different page, that is, instead of where page example’ll put here thanks. So what this means that when sent to either way, that is ok, the redirect to this url other than which is the default. If I now do click save, and now I charge this form, then I put here now my name, email, test, test, We’ll see how when I send the url changes. Here it is, as has the url now I changed I can measure how many people are going to the other side East. In this particular case as page does not exist gives me error, but the He would have to create and go. What I mean here is that now I can say that if the page is equal to this I want to skip the conversion and so I would click save and every time someone fill out the form It would be good. For letting him good and not with this error, clear this page It does not exist, because you would have to do is page create me, I’ll call thank you and to have this url you I will say that the top page is the contact page. I click on publish, because it was redirecting a page that did not exist and so I He was giving error. For letting him well fact we will check it again. Okay, now already exists, so if I ever fill, Oscar, my mail electronic, hello test, if I filling and also will redirect now I will exist that page. Y what is more interesting than as page exists conversion, target, it will work properly. Do not I explained in this video but for all this to work you must have google analytics course installed over the website. I hope you liked the video, you serve and see you in the next. Bye

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  1. Gracias Oscar por el tutorial. Pude implementar sin problemas el redireccionamiento y crear el objetivo en Analytics, pero hice la prueba completando un formulario y en la sección de objetivos no aparece la conversión. A que se puede deber?

  2. Buenísimo gracias por tu apoyo!… aunque el código no me funciono lo solucione con un plugins que redirecciona a gracias.

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