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Consciousness Is Everything – Matt Kahn

November 7, 2019

so with tonight’s teaching I want to
introduce tonight’s teaching by telling you a story about something that
happened in my life of years ago and again a few years ago when this happened
to me I had already gone through so many awakenings through my life I had already
had the direct experiences of oneness that were all expressions of truth and I
had played my role as I have through my life for my family of helping people
cross over and I remember this story taking place during the funeral for my
father and it was during the time where you as a family are invited to view the
body and I don’t go to a lot of funerals so a lot of this is kind of new to me
and my sister comes up to me and goes starting to go look at the body and I
thought why he’s there right I mean what do we don’t we go look at the body okay
so we went up as a family to look at my father and I looked at my father’s body
and this is again after all the spiritual realization experiences that
I’ve gone through Here I am a man looking at the body of what used to be
my father and I’m just looking at a body that barely looks like my dad and I
looked at him and I kind of studied it and I realized what I’ve always known
but you know when you know something that goes just deeper and it clicks like
in your gut and the and the what clicked for me was what made my dad my dad is
not in this casket so for me as I watched my sister and
other family members doubled over his body crying and I’m holding space for
them my experience was very solemn because my dad was more alive inside my
heart than inside a body he once resided them and what I realized was it is the
life force energy or the consciousness that is alive within all of us that
makes every character who they are and when that consciousness is done being in
the body and it moves on you look at the body as if who you spent so many years
interacting with is not there anymore so for me the body wasn’t the sign of my
father is gone it was the realization that the consciousness of my father has
continued on to a different level and my experience of death has never been that
the people outside of me goes somewhere else it’s almost as if the consciousness
within me and of course the consciousness of others
is the same consciousness and it’s as if outside people are extensions of my
consciousness and when their journey and my journey and our journey together
reaches a certain point of completion my dad doesn’t go somewhere else he
dissolves back into the source within me so it’s as if the consciousness of my
dad dissolved back into my consciousness as I’m going through this interesting
play of staring at a body a vessel in which you used to inhabit
and it was at that moment that I realized what I have always realized
throughout my life that it is the consciousness the light
within each of us that makes us who we are
the consciousness within us that makes us animated that makes us unique that
makes us able to relate to one another and without that consciousness form is
just a shell so when we hear of all teachings and I
when I say old teachings all teachings just need to be updated it’s not as if
they’re pointless and they never should have happened so I just offer updates
like for your phone an update it’s not that your phone is not good
it’s that with an update how much better will it be so an update to a teaching is
that when we hear teaching to talk about life or the life of form is an illusion
it’s not an illusion it is the space in which consciousness resides and because
consciousness is what’s animating all forms all forms are an expression of
that truth so when you awaken the truth within you there is no illusion to
overcome there is only truth to recognize wherever you go
and with that in mind I want to provide you a teaching tonight I’m probably
gonna hit on a lot of things and weave it together like I usually do and the
over line message of tonight is that consciousness is everything
consciousness is everything now consciousness is always going through a
never-ending journey of expansion right as long as consciousness resides
somewhere that form will grow and expand and evolve consciousness can help but
expand which means as long as consciousness is dressed up as people
people can’t help but grow and because consciousness is the governing force
within our planet this planet can’t help but evolve which is what’s instigating
this ascension process of global awakening
and what’s interesting is that consciousness can’t help but grow and the conditioning that we take on
prior to the trajectory of awakening consciousness conditioning can’t help
but look for more ways to maintain conditioning
so conditioning is trying to keep itself in its conditioned dreamworld state
consciousness is always expanding into greater consciousness and these two
sides seem to collide and clash until the conditioning or ego within you
recognizes your consciousness as it’s true living master and surrenders to
that light and until that moment of surrender
happens there is a carnival-like journey where we are running around doing all
sorts of stuff trying to figure out how to do all this right and more than
likely what we’re doing unintentionally is just reconditioning ourselves with
just really clever spiritual ideas one of the tenants of consciousness is
that consciousness is always following the breadcrumbs of inspiration it goes
where it resonates it goes where the excitement is
now ego on the other hand conditioning is always run by some form of
competition so awakening can be explained as the transition from
competition mind and to the inspiration of your heart in competition we think of
I want to be better than so-and-so or I look at my field who’s the top in my
field I want to be better than them competition needs someone else or
something else for us to motivate ourselves be better than
and even if you’re not trying to be better than someone outside of you even
the competition that says I’m gonna be better than I used to be
even that is you competing with your own self where you actually make yourself
the hurdle you have to transcend where you are actually trying to get over and
away from who you used to be just to be better but you can’t actually become
better until you bring all of yourself with you translation that shit don’t
work it doesn’t work inspiration works where you say I don’t
have to be over and beyond myself to be better than I’ve ever been because I’m
gonna require all of myself and all of my consciousness to be inspired to be
better than I could ever be inspiration says I imagine this achievement and
milestone and it requires all of me to achieve it I’m not trying to get over
myself and beyond myself I’m just being inspired to step fully
into myself and the reason why this is really
important to decipher is because we think about following the flow of
inspiration we also think about this thing about following our desires
but there’s two kinds of desires there is what your conditioning desires
and there’s what your consciousness desires what your consciousness desires
are the choices that help your consciousness become more conscious
what your conditioning desires is any erroneous desire that keeps your
conditioning conditioned and I’ll give you examples of what the
difference so you can say well Matt how do I know the difference when you are following a desire that
comes from your consciousness there’s a part of you that says I think this would
be really good for me that’s usually that’s almost the word by word phrase in
your mind so when you hear the soft clear voice that says I think this would
be really good for me nine times out of ten it’s probably going to be an
inspiration or a desire coming from your consciousness
one of the benefits of having an ego and again in the fifth dimension and the new
paradigm of spiritual evolution we’re not trying to act like we don’t have
egos egos it’s something we get integrated when we look at how awake
someone is which again you can imagine it’s not very awakened to sit around and
wonder how awake you are oh my god how awake am I is there a chart I can look
at surcharge star chart like an article in like Cosmo how awake
are you take the test five simple questions oh my god
take the test it’s also not very awakened to call
yourself awakened and that because it just feels do you ever God we get very
excited when things like this happen but that the ego the conditioning starts to
turn it into an identity and it turns into well ever since I was awakened and it just feels been but here’s the
benefit of having an ego is that an ego helps you understand what are the
desires in your consciousness your consciousness helps you by giving you a
clue because it comes in that I think this would be really good for me
and the ego confirms that that’s the desire from your consciousness because
your ego goes because your ego looks at everything
that’s good for your conscious as boring frustrating lonely that sucks that’s
terrible and that’s helpful and you learn if you
learn to function of like oh wow this might be good for me
I hear the chorus of hatred I might want to do that but when you don’t have
enough separation between you and your ego you mistake the egos descent for
consciousness as if it’s your aversion to it and the more space we get the more
were able to do what’s really good for us and over time desire what is really
good for us and even if there’s a party that’s challenged it becomes so little
you go oh honey it’s okay I know you don’t like that
and so the opposite question is we’ll have you know how do I know if the
desires from my conditioning or my ego because your egos desire always has this
very specific flavor it’s this race against time feeling I want it and I
want it now very Veruca Salt Willy Wonka
daddy I want a Golden Goose now that’s ego consciousness the ego the
conditioning wanting what it wants if you talk to consciousness about a desire
it says I want this and the universe says well why and you say I think it
would be really good for me and I think would really balance things out for me
then the universe asks the ego what do you desire and it says what it wants it
to says why do you want that heavy ego says because if I don’t get it I’m gonna
die the ego always puts things in very
dramatic terms if I don’t get a soulmate I’m going I’m going to die and it
doesn’t matter what it is a soulmate it’s not even like the thing
the ego wants is bad it’s that that’s the thing the ego is using to keep you
chasing as if there’s something else someone else or somewhere else to go
where you’re magically gonna be happier than you are right now that’s what you
wake up from and the belief is when I get there then
I’ll wake up from it that’s not how it works
dreams just keep you dreaming clarity keeps you clear so the
difference is is that your ego only wants what it doesn’t have to keep it
chasing something and as long as you’re seeking what you don’t have you’re
guaranteeing to keep your conditioning fed and active in a state of fight
flight freeze and various forms of bartering and negotiation and then you think what do I need to do
spiritually to manipulate life to give me what I don’t have what do I need to
do and in you know all the things we talk about in the spiritual path are
wonderful but if it’s co-opted by your ego all the work you’re doing becomes
just like it would if it’s co-opted by your ego it is like you doing a lot of
work that doesn’t actually go anywhere it would be like you going to the gym
and then you get a text from your friend that goes oh my god please meet me home
at ten minutes you’re not gonna believe this and you think oh my god
walking seemed to take too long I’m gonna jump on this treadmill and you get
on the trip to put the gym and you put it to five and you’re like jogging and
you’re like what it says I’ve gone three miles that I’m only one mile from home
and you think the treadmill is a mode of transportation and you’re burning the
calories as if you jogged home but you’ve gone nowhere
so the ego is that which seeks and exhausts itself because the
consciousness that is playing out conditioning is exhausting the
conditioning so I can soften let go of its grip and let go to unleash the
consciousness awakening inside of you so when I say follow your desires I don’t
mean this like a spiritual Las Vegas bender I mean he said follow my desire so I
should go and do all these things and buy all these things and when the ego is
really active like that it is like this ungrounded frenetic energy in the old
spiritual paradigm there was much time people needed to spend an ego before
waking up was going to be instigated and if you’re gonna be in an ego you might
as well have an inspirational one so many years ago the best place most
people can get was just having a motivated positive ego and they come out
like they went to a Tony Robbins event they walked across calls they broke
boards I didn’t do anything if you’re gonna have an ego you might as
well have a super hero one like my dad when he came out of seeing
rocky for the first time it was awesome my dad to see Rocky
I’ve never been in a movie where people are standing up screaming at the screen
it was very exciting and my dad walked out we walked out and I was just like
wow that was incredible and my dad you know and all these other men walking
with my dad and they just look like yeah yeah we could I could do that yeah I hope someone cuts me off and we go
home yeah and just nuts on inspiration you’re
gonna have an ego have an inspired positive one but we’re at a time in
history where we’re waking up out of that where we don’t need competition
separation biases judgments division we don’t need this to be individuals
because we are one consciousness united and even though the consciousness inside
of you is the consciousness inside of all it doesn’t mean
that the personalities of other people are your personalities
that’s a very clear distinction because another misunderstanding of the old
paradigm is that we learned this teaching called life’s a mirror and we
think that the shenanigans and other people’s psyche is reflecting the
shenanigans in our psyche right you have worked with someone their act
didn’t kind of strange and you go oh my god they’re showing me what’s the side
of me the mirror teaching is really accurate
if you are perceiving it as consciousness
meaning the light that animates your body and makes you this
unique individual is the same power source inside every other body many
bodies one battery but to imagine that you are their windup
toy and all the shortcomings of all the other people as your shortcomings is now
not unity consciousness it’s now going from I used to identify with one ego
now I identify with all egos it’s a super-duper ego
like when I was a kid I watched those cartoon called Voltron where these
characters got these little vehicles and they all connected made this big super
robot right that’s when you become the Voltron of ego but that’s not what the teaching is the
teaching is other people’s limitations are not your limitations
what you think about other people are the judgments you hold against yourself
and yet when you see clearly the light of heavenly perfection that is allowing
these characters to act whether their highest or their lowest is the same
energy giving you the chance to live as you so other people’s density does not
suggest anything about your density it is the light of others that reflects
to you the light that is the observer watching all of us
so life is a mirror if you know what’s reflecting and the old paradigm taught it in a very
twisted way and you would go oh my god I feel pretty all right but I went outside
and I met some crazy-ass people so I gotta go home and do some shit and it literally turned our inner
journey into this weird codependent tailspin we’re like apologizing to every person
for what they’re doing like it would be like if you’re in a store and someone
was rude you need to go oh my god I’m so sorry
I created you that way what’s that about that’s like someone going
you know it’s like in the moment of exasperation of something unexpected
happens and you go I guess I chose this you heard that one
do you remember being in heaven choosing this no no one does
I actually dialogue with someone I said do you remember being in heaven we’re
choosing this and they go yes and I said no you don’t that’s completely untrue
you don’t remember you think you did because you believe this superstition
I said to them you think you must have chosen it because it happened but just
under just hear me out you didn’t choose any of this but the one who did create all of this
is you but it wasn’t with the will of choice
that you have as a person that shows all of this like I’ve done before in videos
you don’t member looking through the catalogs up and heaven go and you know
be really funny if I was super needy and my and my
parents were emotionally unavailable okay heaven you got that in stock the
y’all bad the stock you seem to be out of lottery winners I
wanted that one first off right that’s the first one to go yeah you’re in front
of heaven what would you like welcome to heaven what would you like to
create for yourself lottery winner add to cart sorry out of stock of course so
what do you have available that’s like going to a shoe store right you know you
ever ask for shoes and they here’s the funny thing about shoes they never tell
you they don’t have the one you were looking for they bring you back five you
didn’t ask for right hey I would like sandals in a size seven
and they go well I was thinking maybe you should you would like to see these
orthopedic shoes I really would not how about moccasins
nope Abaddon’s
and heaven goes well what’s available is that all your friends will be athletic
and you’ll be five foot one with asthma they’re all gonna peak in high school
and you’re gonna be hilarious okay sure you didn’t choose any of this
you just agreed to be here you wanted a journey and the journey was
let me experience myself from my lowest to my highest capacity and let me be an
individual expression of the divine and because of our conditioning when the
going gets tough we go I don’t like being this character and it’s like you
being in our cade going I don’t like this game I want to start all over so
I’m just gonna stop playing until this character dies and we abandon ourselves
but you cannot abandon yourself because the character you have a varying opinion
about is the consciousness of the universe
and what you think about others registers in your subconscious mind as a
judgment or yourself and what you register as a judgment toward yourself
becomes the way you’re more than likely to view others or the world that’s the
relationship so if you don’t want to have a tendency to see other people as
less than divinity we don’t judge ourselves
and we don’t judge ourselves we’re able to see people’s light while also knowing
that everyone’s growing into their light they’re not maybe their highest
masterful self there’s still a work in progress
kind of like you may have a very challenging time with a kid you went to
school with but there’s no reason to judge the adult
them because that adult self wasn’t there when that problem occurred
so everyone’s growing into their potential and we’ll talk about the
evolution of consciousness there’s a very specific word that is going to
quickly become more useful as we go along
and it’s a word called integration I know a lot of you are involved in my
total integration program and it’s because it’s not a matter of how much
healing and work you’ve done it’s not a matter of how many awakenings you’ve had
how much of all that have you integrated and are embodying and over the course of
history whether we look at people who have done really distasteful things to
rob other people of their rights and cause pain and various forms of abuse we
look at the news and were horrified by the things we see
or even you hear stories of like a supposed enlightened master who
behind-the-scenes is not acting out the consciousness of their highest ethics
and ideals that isn’t a matter of oh they’re awake
nope they’re not awake it’s a matter of how integrated is that consciousness and
when consciousness is awake and integrated someone knows who they are
and their choices are a manifestation of their highest wisdom in action through
their words responses and behavior so what’s an easier way to look at life is
everyone has insight some people seem to have a lot of insight and while it’s
good to listen to things that resonate with you one of the most important
things you can do to really honor the potency of a teacher is watch their
behavior how do they talk to people how do they
talk to you what are the kind of choices they’re
making and not as a judgment as an assessment because there are a lot of
people who have wisdom and we may not have gotten to the embodiment part right
and then if you’re like well how do I know where these kinds of teachings are
so I can circumvent them they’re called was that word cult cults it becomes a
cult he received that spiritual community we’re all together love and
light let’s get together and raise the vibration all well meaning well
listening to someone who’s trying to make every person
the same like a robot I don’t want you all to be the same I want you to be
yourself I want you to be an individual and you’d be a free thinker I just want
to help you become your best most loving powerful self
right thank you people over the years with my reputation
as and I say that is a positive reputation I have a very positive
reputation that’s because I am what I teach
to the degree that there have been times I’ve channeled teachings to years in
advance that I haven’t taught because there were certain things I needed to do
to embody it before I taught it but of all the things that of all the things that precede me with
my positive or positive reputation what I’m very proud of us as a reputation I
carry is probably being the world’s worst cult leader
I’m the worst because I don’t want you all to be the same and my job is only to
help you become the master that you are I already know my power and I
demonstrate and celebrate my power by how I help you in the name of love and
so we talk about integration we have to look at in our own lives how am i acting
upon and making choices from the inspiration of consciousness within me
am I willing to always do the right thing
even if it makes my ego uncomfortable am i or am i allowing myself to make the
choice that says I would rather be physically uncomfortable while doing the
right thing than to ever diminish the light in another person
that’s when character wakes up in you right there’s I’ve lived my life as a
character and then there’s I once thought I was a character until I became
the character of my highest consciousness and in every moment this
is really the game life is playing with you life and you are co-creators in this
what’s life’s roll life’s roll is saying to you do you agree to come down to
earth and be a part of this journey little mafia you go hey so if you can
tell me what’s gonna happen yeah I don’t worry about it
yeah what’s gonna happen stuffs gonna happen
beginnings endings bada-bing don’t worry about it you’re gonna love
it starts finishes beginnings endings stuff
and then you come down here and when you eat onto the rules of integration you go
life’s job is to create the greatest scenarios where I am gonna be put into
positions where the only answer is choosing the inspiration of my
consciousness and if I don’t I’m going to continuously recycle my conditioning
and life’s gonna get more stressful heavy dense and daunting so the rules of
engagement as co-creators is that life’s job is to take care of outcomes put you
into synchronistic moments you script all the characters in your life to be
the windup toys that say the things they do and your job is to ask yourself the
question what would consciousness do or what would love to but I don’t say in
this in this teaching what would love do because some of us have this idea of
love that love is like this altruistic energy or if I’m loving with my family
I’m gonna get eaten by wolves they’re gonna think I’m weird or that the loving
thing to do is to be walked over by people like being loved means people
treat me like crap and I’m okay with it that’s not love love is badass I love his bad ass love is so badass and
love is consciousness experiencing the thrill ride of its own
self actualized inspiration when that starts to happen love says hey I don’t
care what the other people do they can say whatever they want they
could choose red they want I have my own will I decide how I respond I don’t
follow their script I’m an improv artist they’re having a bad day I may not be
having a bad day I don’t apologize for it and if they’re gonna act in a way
that is cruel and ridiculous towards me well this is life showing me someone I
perhaps can afford to spend less time with imagine hanging out with someone in you
go you know I think the universe just gave me an intuition that says I think
we would be better off evolving by spending less time together and they say
how did you get that intuition did it just fall from the universe did your
guide tell you it did it come from your central channel did the Akashic records
give you a vision no no I’ve just been aware of how you’re speaking to me and
I’m horrified and it feels like crap
and so I looked at my watch and I said you know what I got shit to do because when you spend time around
people who mistreat you you are in a negotiation with their
conditioning you’re in this competitive debate light standoff where you need
someone else’s permission in order to be whole and complete and the more time you
spend with people that are competitive and judgmental and obstinate
the more your own flow of inspiration will seem invisible to your senses
so we have to get over this oh I can’t just leave that wouldn’t be loving
it would be to you and you’re the only one in which your
will affects so when you stay in relationships and it doesn’t matter what
relationship it is and of course I would say the most difficult one to deal with
because all of us are in different life circumstance it’s difficult when the one
treating you poorly is your child and so I’m what I’m saying what I’m saying I’m
not saying it as if it’s gonna be easily applied to every situation scenario but by and large when we’re talking
about romantic relationships when we are an adult relating to our family we’re no
longer these children who see the insanity of your family you try to call
out the inconsistencies and they go by the way we make the rules here and if
you don’t like it you can go somewhere else and you go oh I’m in I’m in prison
I get it I get it the birthday gifts threw me off I thought you cared for me and now I
realize that you said of liking me you just like controlling me oh I get it
good to know good to know okay back to solitary confinement I will play my
Nintendo but when you’re in a relationship as an
adult and you’re around people whose consciousness is not ready to awaken and
it’s fighting their own awakening by picking out and fighting with and
dominating you your job is to remove yourself from that volatility so you
have more space for inspiration to guide you
and when you get that feeling of like I can’t be okay until they’re okay with my
choice that’s when you have started to uncover the codependency that makes you
the accomplice to the criminal behavior being projected onto you because someone
who is fighting awakening to stay unconscious has no power they need to
partner up with the power of your consciousness to pull this trick off
imagine being in the situation where someone’s abusing you and the other
person is making sure you can’t leave and then one day you realize the person
blocking you from escaping is you consciousness knows when to open up to
something and consciousness know when it’s time to leave and in your highest consciousness
there is not that residue of subconscious codependent remorse where
you’re trying to protect the other person who is treating you poorly you’re
trying to protect their feelings from their own evolution
and we’re turning away from ourselves it’s so weird when you start to look at
how am I being in an accomplice to the crimes committed against me and how am i
spending more time caring for someone else’s feelings than listening to my own because the truth is whatever is good
for you is good for the other person they may not know it they don’t have to
know it what would consciousness do what is the impulse of consciousness
two words in every moment consciousness always has the impulse of getting real
that’s why people in egos don’t like having these come-to-jesus conversations
you set someone down and go we need to talk and they go why why why wait I’ll
talk because their ego is already sensing a shit something’s up and the manipulation becomes when you
ever come to Jesus conversation and say here’s what the deal is have you ever
had this experience where the minute you go to leave that person becomes a
different version themselves they’re on their best behavior trying to now win
you back why because their mind is rooted in competition they’re about to
lose you they got to win you back like you’re a trophy and a prize and all of a sudden no no don’t go oh I
can change look it has changed I just changed you
guys changed and they’ll even manipulate you yourself
told me that I was capable of change I just did it
wait just it again look a good eye about this and you go wow they changed I guess
that were okay I guess I guess I guess we’re okay and then wait a couple days
and the same shit happens again and that’s when your consciousness says
the impulse of expansion is getting real not getting real with someone else
getting real with you and the way you recognize egocentric
behavior egocentric behavior is nothing but repetition and the game of egocentric consciousness
is someone acts in an unlined phul unlawful unkind pattern of repetition
but every time they do they have new and creative reasons and all you have to do to see through
the smoke screen of ego is just notice repetition it happened once okay
I my notice it happens again that’s very interesting
and it happens again and the more times you watch that
repetition happening you’re more likely to stay and be the
accomplice to someone else’s crimes against you and to spend more time
trying to protect their feelings and rescue your own innocence so in this day and age where we are
simultaneously experiencing a rapidly awakening consciousness in the
world along with more opportunities to fall asleep than ever before
that’s where we’re at right now and not to plant put the blame on
anything because I don’t blame anything because it’s not anything that puts you
to sleep it’s just using something to put yourself asleep do you know what is
the easiest thing to use to fall back asleep technology just not on YouTube hi YouTube not you
watch this this is guys
but Matt are your video still what you’re talking about now
no just the other videos because when an ego is using something
in a co-opted unconscious way the repetition is very intense and you know
that you are being victimized by repetition or something’s being used
against you instead of for you because when you’re doing it at first your ego
gets very excited so there’s like inhalation and you can confuse the egos
elation for getting high off conditioning as if it’s your soul’s
expression of joy but as you keep being exposed to repetition you’ll notice your
heart will race and that’s when you know hmm this is
good for me but I don’t think I’m using it the right way
like a lot of people say to me oh I watch your videos every day which is
awesome keep doing that amazing but you know hey
Matt should I watch your videos for 5-10 hours a day probably not so we break up
repetition with mindfulness mindfulness is the ability to use your intuition to
know there’s always a time and place for everything
and we don’t turn something into a repetitive form of conditioning so when
people are mistreating you in your life you’ll see it by repetition
when you are using something that’s not good for you you’ll notice the
repetition and that’s how we start to see through
eco-consciousness and what breaks that spell is the impulse of consciousness
which is get real and getting real starts with I do a lot
of the same things every single day imagining that different things will
happen we all know the Albert Einstein quote I
don’t need to say it we all have the calendar the poster it’s a very good
quote but that’s what happens repetition
often when co-opted by the ego doesn’t lead to new things repetition when
utilized by consciousness creates a reconditioning process but in order for
you to recondition yourself and to decondition yourself from what you
absorbs and inherited from your family you have to be aligned and integrate it
so what the reason why in the next so many years of this new spiritual
paradigm words like integration armies so important is it’s not like by doing
this repetition I become integrated and that you must first come into the
alignment of integration so whatever you spiritually do through repetition is
expanding you instead of limiting you everyone is one consciousness but
everyone is at various levels of self-realization embodiment and
integration the actions of other people do not reflect what’s
unprocessed in you what’s unprocessed in you are all the
reasons excuses and beliefs that keep you knowing what to do and waiting for a
more convenient time to do it yeah I should really leave this
relationship that’s what I should do it’s Arbor Day if I leave on Arbor Day I’m taking the
attention away from the trees and don’t they really deserve a day to themselves
I’ve been doing so stubby so selfish of me right then you go to the next day huh
okay today’s the day today’s the day I know this is the day I need to leave I
hear Celine Dion singing the song time to go Chinese New Year or Boxing Day for Canada or whatever and
you there always comes down to this repetition of yeah I would have done it
but that’s the opposite of getting real getting real says I know what I need to
do I’m scared out of my mind this is not convenient I may fail this may not work
out and this is certainly not anything on my vision board whatsoever but I would rather be anywhere else than
exposing myself to the toxicity that is stunting my growth
you have to get to the place that says anywhere but here and the question is how much repetition
do you have to be suppressed by before that starts expanding in you because the
definition of heroism the definition or recipe of what it means to be a hero of
you ever have seen an interview with a hero on the news from a five-year-old
child who saved his little sister to a man who rescued children from burning
building what’s the thing every hero says they asked them what gave you the
strength and conviction to do the almost unimaginable thing you just did to help
people and they said I had no option I had no option
and do you want to know what keeps you from stepping into the role of your hero
and bringing your superpowers to life because your superpowers will be
activated when you do something courageous with no other option and what
gets in your way is an illusion called choices the a/c that is now blessing us with
cool air do you know what gives it the ability to cool us off it had no other
option no other option and so it’s really quite an illusory concept or or
or predicament in our human evolution is that we think if we have more options we
can absolve ourselves of the fear of missing out ray isn’t that the big fear
FOMO fear of missing out I can’t even call it that by the way I think I’m too
old for that if I say FOMO I want to like arrest myself or something
call the Millenial police on me please come get me I said a word I shouldn’t
say for certain words I can’t say I’m too
old I know my way my 40s but certain words I
can’t say FOMO I can say the fear of missing out I can’t say lit can’t say
that at all dude that was lit I can’t say that
I was raised in the 80s and 90s that was awesome
if I say that you know what I mean wow there’s something matte light someone
character there day Jews I watched your video it was lit
you you you like the lighting my energy was bright anyway
so funny but there’s a fear of missing out and we believe that more choices
means I’m not gonna miss anything but then you start looking at all your
options and your survey and you’re gonna get into the egos tailspin of
competition how because competition the most subtle form of competition is
called comparison and you’re comparing and contrasting should I take showcase
showdown number a bunch of new furniture you watch prices right showcase number a
furniture mmmm who wants that show kids right
grandfather clock who cares right then the last minute a trip to Tahiti oh my
god then the next showcase showdown five cars or whatever they’re gonna give away
and you’re comparing and contrasting from a mindset of competition that say
which one is gonna make me not miss out on the most things and then you go over
here you go up and I’m gonna miss out on this what about the grandfather clock
and you’re evaluating your choices back and forth I’m not choosing anything
because the ego when your soul makes a choice your ego has a mini death because
if you choose one thing what the ego sees is all the other things you didn’t
choose our thing is you must be missing out on it’ll be like going to a
restaurant and choosing one thing for dinner and then grieving all the things
you’re gonna miss out on tasting so the biggest illusion and if there’s any kind
of manipulation trying to be used to keep you asleep it’s that if people who
think they’re in power can keep giving you nothing but options you’re gonna
have so many things to evaluate you’re not gonna make the right choices you
need to keep expanding and you’re gonna be controllable
you’re controlled not through options but through the availability of options
in the greatest way to perpetuate the hypnosis of options is with technology anything you want access to like that oh
you can’t get it that fast with this app a new app you can get a faster I can get
a faster I get it faster right you can order something on Amazon and
some flying robot drops it off of your house or something
have you seen this trying to order something on Amazon that says delivered
by today how the hell is that gonna happen and again technology is wonderful it’s
what connects us come on you thought this video will be on YouTube it
connects us all all over the world a lot of us came to know these teachings
through YouTube now we’re here in person please join us in person YouTube come on
come on but through the expansion of Technology you
have so many abilities to customize your settings on apps social media your phone people have no time to call people and
let them know how much they love them but have time to customize bit emojis hey man look what I did today it’s me on
a horse look it’s it’s me the jetpack and the more options we have to
customize our settings the more we are turning away from the choices that
guarantee our inspiration and expansion and the embodiment of our souls
highest perfection there’s nothing wrong with technology I have a smartphone I
use technology I’m on social media I’m in probably on social media five minutes
a day maybe ten minutes five minutes I post later that day I go back I see all
the comments I press like on every single one of them because I send a
blessing to every person who posts on my page
I spent 10 minutes a day on social media I’ve never customized a single setting
ever I don’t know what half my phone even
does I was walking around my apartment the other night and I heard this noise
like a what the hell is that and I put my phone out my phone was facetiming
someone is it now intuitive do I need to talk to this person it’s ridiculous again technology is
wonderful technology is wonderful when the consciousness in you is navigating
it but when it’s being run by that unconscious pattern of repetition it’s
just something to get lost in and I’m sure you’ve seen this cultural shift
that has happened right the the first shift was like 13 years ago when we
discovered this thing called reality TV right and everyone lost their mind and
all of a sudden we don’t want to watch actors on TV you know no we don’t want
to watch people that have worked hard to be talented at their craft we want to
watch people who don’t know anything about theatrics and we want to watch
them have conversations that are made up and call it reality that was one that
was like one sign of the Apocalypse right then the next sign is this new wave of
customize your settings just stare at your phone sit at dinner with people no
don’t look at that no no don’t look at them no no don’t no look at your phone
look at them through your phone have your bit emoji talk to their bit emoji
now don’t use your words just send a texts I’ve been at dinners looking and
there’s two people texting back and forth at the same table and we what and what’s interesting is
that when we live and again it’s not the it’s not the
it’s not the it’s not technology that’s necessarily doing it it’s how fast
companies are working to constantly make technology advancing at a very unnatural
rate of speed and you always have to catch up you got
the iPhone 10 now you need the iPhone 11 or your iPhone has a camera mine has
three now why do I need three cameras why don’t any three cameras I only have
one personality why don’t need three cameras
oh my god I had ten filters on my camera and now I have 85 why do I need 85
filters and what this does is when companies are
trying to keep a technology expanding at a certain rapid rate to keep up with
technology has to come with a sacrifice and the sacrifice is going to be that
you are going to lessen your practice of social interactions and you’re going to
get rusty at communicating and you’re going to rely on your relationship with
your phone instead of your relationship with life and if you think the pixelation on your
phone is brilliant and vivid look at this screen this is like an IMAX screen
this is huge this is like beyond HD this is magnificent
so when we’re talking about a the acceleration and expansion of
consciousness creating a tipping point for the awakening of our civilization
it’s where we are surrendering the need to compete whether it’s trying to
divorce yourself from your previous self to be better whether it’s trying to be
better than other people whether it’s deriving false power out of other
people’s shortcomings or whether it’s even the comparing and
contrasting of your options and choices and never getting around to the things
that are really good for you really what is required is to turn
towards the impulse of consciousness which is the willingness to get real and to see through the facade of
repetition that says here my blessed beloved beautifully go right we’re not
shaming the ego we love it oh I love you ego however I am on to the fat
that you keep telling me things I don’t have trying to convince me that I’m
deficient because I don’t have the things I don’t have at least I can run
towards that thing and as long as I’m seeking what I don’t have the expansion
of my consciousness is suppressed so we stopped
we put our phones down and in order for us to start becoming
the hero of our Souls journey we realize
but in order for you to pinpoint the most courageous option for you to choose
in any moment you have to give yourself less options
the ego does not want to hear anything about that so if you say I don’t know
where my ego is well I’ll help you you’re going to be more courageous if
you had less options now you just feel for where the grown comes from
or where the fear of missing hell comes from and you go oh that’s my ego I
thought that was me no it’s just a small version of you and if you think being the smallest
version of you as painful try meeting who you really are
because who you really are doesn’t actually need more than one option to
follow the flow of inspiration what’s the definition of inspiration
out of nowhere an idea or a direction struck me and I had to go in that
direction when people are inspired how many options do they have one in order to feel whole and complete what
is your ego need more than one option there is the difference
it’s easy for me to follow the intuition of the universe because I’m only given
one directive at a time go there okay okay and the best the ego can do to try to
slow this expansion is you get the directive go here and the ego says why
why which seems like giving me a reason is fishing for too go here
and so a lot of times people will say Matt I know I have intuition but how
come I can’t hear it because you are still in the mindset where you need more
than one option when you get to the point of saying hey
what I want is great that’s wonderful but I don’t need anything but the will
of the universe to guide me show me the way and the universe goes do that that’s where the rubber hits the road
and every time you follow the inspiration of that one directive you
are expanding your consciousness you are following the flow of inspiration and
you are absolving out of your energy field the competition and comparison of
a conditioned old outdated paradigm
and the question becomes as a co-creator of your reality life has already created
outcome life has already created scenario life
has already created characters location motivation choice opportunity and all you have to do is allow yourself
to be inspired to do the one thing that a very small part of you resist doing
but when you do something that a small part of you resists it’s one step into a
much bigger more courageous you it doesn’t mean I always throw yourself
out of your comfort zone and you know walk on coals and chop karate chop
wouldn’t have for whatever people do with some seminars all you have to do is
know what’s good for you and what’s good for most of us is less
options less options even like in sales you go to buy a car
someone selling you a car you go to buy a house someone’s gonna sell you a house
in sales you’re always taught my dad was a Salesman his whole life in sales
you’re taught no matter what someone’s needs are always bringing something
always brings something else why just in case
just in case of what are you going a car lot
I say hey welcome to Ford yeah I’m looking for a Ford this model and these
specifications oh we have that right here but let us also show you this
why No just in case it’s almost a rhyme
just in case is an option that’s fear-based just in case what
just in case you’re gonna miss out on something
how can you ever miss out on something you’re meant to experience the truth is
every one of your desires are going to manifest it’s just not going to manifest
at the exact moment that you desire it so no one’s gonna miss out on anything
we just have to learn to follow the inspiration that is never more than one
simple directive do this and you ask your guides hey what do I do about this
relationship where I’m treated like absolute crap well you should leave
that’s one directive where do I go and then the universe
shows you a map and it says here’s where you live right now and puts a big X
through it go anywhere else you’ll even take scissors and cut out
that circle here now go anywhere here’s a map without the place where you are
currently go anywhere else anywhere else but where you’re at being treated like
crap one inspired choice and even if it’s
temporary you have to be able to do what you need
to do to make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who are
respecting you because when you’re surrounded by respect your consciousness
has no other choice but to expand and because our egos are afraid of the
unknown that comes with expansion there’s a subconscious secondary game
that says let me surround myself with people that treat me like crap and let
me gossip and judged them with my other friends can you believe they talked to
me like that and I’ll stay in the situation so I can
keep myself judging other people deriving false power from their
shortcomings while hiding from the unknown that I don’t have the courage to
step into fuck that it’s such a weird thing to see
have you ever maybe you or someone you know have you ever seen someone who’s
totally in a toxic situation and they blind themselves from what they need to
do and instead they just want to judge and denigrate their victimizer when you
judge and denigrate your victimizer and stay put
you’re now their accomplice you’re a part of it so at the very least when we
follow the flow of inspiration that is the expansion of your consciousness at
the very least you’re no longer an accomplice to the crimes committed
against you and then at a certain point you become the source of inspiration
that is orchestrating synchronicity an opportunity that is coming your way
because you’re in the right mindset which is I only need one option and I
use the inspiration of my heart’s resonance
I use my emotions and my feelings and what feels right in my guts and I follow
that no matter what I don’t follow a path based on the
judgment of my mind that filters through the perception of my experience I could
close my eyes and find my destiny by following the direction
that my body inspires and when you start awakening and
consciousness there becomes this pressure where you can’t not choose the
highest choice and get away from it when you don’t choose what you know you need
to do things get really really really stressful like not paying your monthly
rent and squatting in a unit and they turn the heat off they turn the water
off it’s gonna get rough until you leave where you don’t need to be
and as you start to step into this flow of inspiration and you say I’m not just
gonna do what other people in my life do right that’s a very socialized form of
ego right what keeps us from being courageous is not a lot of people around
me seem courageous so I’m just gonna do what they’re doing or you can break the mold
I don’t fit into molds I break them I’ve broken every mold I’ve tried to fit
myself into I don’t fit in any mold whatsoever and I
can’t be molded in any specific predictable way and neither can you when you wake up
and as you start to step into the glory of self-realized consciousness you start
to realize the power of two let’s call them call ones where that
term Cohen is like a spiritual phrase that when you hear it and take it in it
has the power to activate your consciousness and if you think of it too
much it’s gonna blow your mind up so here are the two statements that become
the instigators of your expanded consciousness to give you the power and
the courage to follow the inspiration to follow what feels right in the old
days we would say follow it feels good and we’re not teaching but follow it
feels good can be a judgment of comparison coming from your ego oh wow I
drank that whole bottle of wine I felt great I think this is good for me
I like being spiritual see how it can get co-opted it’s not
just following what feels good and again it’s important to feel good but we feel
good by doing what’s right and what’s right is what’s good for you and you
know what’s good for you and you know what’s not good for you you know so here are the two phrases that help
you to get into this trajectory of expanding consciousness because we’re
all starting to get on to consciousness as everything but I want to move you
into a trajectory of consciousness is the everything that you are
BV everything that is consciousness so here are the two phrases we’ll do them
one at a time and I didn’t even realize these two cons
until someone in my life asked me a question and it’s very interesting
that’s how I often download things someone asks me a question catches me
off guard something comes through and I go I’m gonna teach that and someone
asked me recently I said what are two things you live by
that’s interesting I’ve never been asked that question and the first thing I said
is I am the only one in my world who needs to be awake the resident all that anyone I always
say president because and again a lot of you here around in these videos and I
even know there’s people who you know people don’t like the president some
people like the president whatever your opinion is I’m not a political person I
only mention it because it’s in the field it’s in the quantum field it’s up
for people and I just say it because relatable
I have no opinion either way I’m here cheering on and championing
consciousness I don’t have opinions about characters it’s inconsequential to
me because every character is like a wind-up toy doing the very repetitive
thing that triggers expansion and every person
so someone says now what do you think of Donald Trump let him wake you up let him wake you up Donald Trump is making a hero out of all
of us Donald Trump acts upon a place of he does what he does because he doesn’t
have a choice and you’re gonna be a hero in response
to that when you don’t have a choice to act the way you need act
a villain always creates a better hero so if you see a villain and that kind of
a character let him bring the hero to life in you that’s the only justice
there is nothing to do with him it’s a role that characters playing but you are
the only one who has to be awakened you’re a reality that’s that’s what I
live by I don’t need anyone to be awake I mean
that’s the gift I give you is every time we’re together your consciousness
awakens and helping to Shepherd this process I don’t require anyone to be
awake in my life and my personal life I don’t have conversations about awakening
I have conversations about laughter and about pain because that’s actually what I’m
interested in the comedy and tragedy of being a person and the more awake you
are the more incredible of a person you’re gonna be but I want to hear about
your gains and losses your wishes and disappointments I want to hear about
what makes you laugh until you cry and I want to know what reduces you into a
puddle of tears because that’s what’s real
the ability and willingness to be here under all terms and conditions I’m the
only one that has to be awake in my life because as an awakened being and I’m
just saying that as a reference point I have the tenacity to grow and become
better as a result of anything and the more awake you are the more resilient
you are and the faster you recover and the better you become and you’re not
afraid to love and you’re not afraid to lose you’re not afraid to have yourself
trip and fall face-first into the center of the Grand Canyon
you will pick yourself up and you will be better than ever before and you will
live the tail that’s health and inspires other people who are too afraid to
follow the flow of what is calling them home
I don’t need anyone to be awake I don’t need my partner to be awake whenever if
that person says to show up I don’t need my world to be awake
I don’t need clerks at stores to be awake I don’t need politicians to be
awake that for me is completely besides the point the only one who has to be
awake me I’ve placed my bets all money on this
character and I wish the world the best of luck that’s where you have to get because
otherwise and God forbid you have a belief that says I need to make sure I
have a really spiritually aligned partner because then I’ll be the person
that never leaves me right no they’re gonna do the same thing your other
partners do just with spiritual ideas ah you know that one’s true we felt that
one you know that’s true not every person of course not every person but
come on let’s be real that’s gharial you’re the only one I’ll even make a
deeper you’re the only one that can awaken in your world you’re the only one
that can be awake because only your consciousness that can actually become
aware that you are the one watching all of this everyone else is just being whoever is
needed to be to help you become more of who you’re meant to be
and when you don’t work you when you don’t ask anyone
or insist anyone to be awake and you know get into these weird conversations
like with your partner like they need to do these dance moves and you got to do
these dance moves and we’re gonna get it right then you can actually relate to people I’ve never had a dialogue with Hana and
I and again I’m always coming from a place of love but sometimes we have to
get real and they said Matt what is the spiritual
reason for my partner doesn’t listen to me I said the spiritual reason is that
they don’t give a shit about what you’re saying and if you could start saying things
that match what they think they would probably listen more often and she said
but I don’t I don’t live by what my partner thinks and I don’t want to say
those things well you should find a different partner them cuz you’re in a
relationship with someone who gives a shit when you say things that matches
more of what they believe and when you don’t they stop listening and she said but what if I just accepted
my partner I said what if you accepted that this is now your ex that’d be
better get real get real
right you sit down you’re still talking about your day and your partners is
doing this well that was nice that was nice
see you next lifetime you’re the only one in your world who
needs to be awakened the only one in your world who can be awake and when you
go to family functions I tell a lot of stories about my family functions derive
a lot of fun material for my family functions
I’m going back in December to see my family because I would like some more
material I’m actually looking forward to going
it’s gonna be lovely it’s gonna be lovely and I’m gonna come back with some
stories I guarantee but you can go to family functions and
you don’t have to age regress back to being 12
because you can be co-opted by someone else’s ego when your egos trying to
co-opt them to become more like your spiritual self no no let’s make this
gangster they don’t need to hear about your spiritual ideas they don’t need to
do anything more spiritual you are the one playing the game of awakening
and your job is to go and be your clearest most loving self and if you’re
around them first five minutes you feel greates going well namaste love and
light this is good and then all of a sudden you start
getting that little hmm right the egos of your family to
start chiseling away little comments little comments little comments little
funny comments right like someone goes hmm me go what first of all here’s a
clue do not open up a can of worms anyone anytime some of your family makes
a noise don’t ask what that’s gonna be shitty
you know what they say I just thought you said you were working out yeah
welcome to gangster land I actually once had that experience you
know and as a lot of you know me from my teachings but obviously I had I’ve had
various incarnations in this lifetime before I was a teacher you know and and
funny enough it’s funny I talked about this other retreat once about how I used
to be people thought it was a joke was very lovely because I used to be a
personal trainer I actually used to be a bodybuilder to be honest that’s not a
joke that’s true and I used when I was in high school I was the smallest kid in
school both in height and size those 98 pounds and when I got it and I had never
played sports to that asthma and I never knew my body would respond to lifting
weights and I started lifting weights and in eight months I went from 98
pounds to 160 and IBK and I was actually looking at competing in bodybuilding
because it became like a sport that I really resonated with and then I got
into you know I got my back injured and I went through a healing crisis and I
said universe if you heal me I’ll serve your will after two years of having a
debilitating back injury of epidural shots and my back was healed ten seconds
when I said that and I was activated as a healer
and when I went through Kundalini awakening I gained some extra weight to
ground myself and so I went from being this guy with shredded ABS and walking
kind of like a gorilla you know which you know when you lift
away that’s what you do right you start building muscle and you
think I need to start wearing child size t-shirts I need my clothes to look like
a wetsuit like my shirt is made out of Spanx
material and I remember went to a family function
someone coming what and they go I just you know I just remember you as someone
who used to work out a lot and I went yeah that totally I used to look really
different I used have shredded ABS and I was off and now my body is kind of like
a food truck map of Seattle here’s where to get a burger check out
the nachos try the pretzels you know I said yeah I just remember you just
looking a lot better last time I saw you and I thought thank you for caring about
me thank you for care telling me this
because you’re saying that the way you saw me it won’t used to be healthier and
you’re saying that because you’re trying to guide me back to hell thank you
and they said I don’t know if that’s what I was saying I don’t know that’s
what you’re saying that’s what you’re that’s what you’re saying that’s what
you say because we’re about to have a problem and I don’t have a problem I’m
spiritual now but that’s what you’re saying you’re the only one who needs to be
awakened your reality which means you’re the only one in which whose narrative
you need to pay attention to and you have to make sure that the way in which
you’re choosing to look at something is the most supportive to you and the most
compassionate to someone else because self support and compassion for others
is the very thing the people that trigger you don’t embody so you have to
be unlike the people that trigger you to be able to shine a light that uplifts
them instead of let’s then drag you down you’re the only one in your reality who
needs to be awake what’s the second :
and this is I’m gonna say it and it’s gonna sound very misleading and then
I’ll unpack it the second one is the world is as awake as you are and if you remember what I said behavior
rooted in consciousness heroism inspiration is a sign of how integrated
someone’s consciousnesses so when you see other people acting ridiculously
there is consciousness within them but it is fueling an eco agenda but when you
are awake as consciousness it means you are aware that the battery that fuels
your breath is rooted in wisdom love unity and forgiveness and mercy and that same energy is awake in other
people even the people treating you like crap that consciousness is there it’s
just being twisted and convoluted into an egoic agenda which simply means
they’re not ready to become self-realized and responsible for their
behavior so just because people act ridiculously
doesn’t mean those people are not consciousness it means they’re not
conscious that their consciousness which means their unintegrated expressions of
divine potential they are potentially heroic
while acting certifiably villainous but when you say that’s not
consciousness if you say that’s not consciousness
you’re choosing to deny the consciousness in you so you’re looking the world in view that
you see the world in view is a conscious world a world that is coming into
consciousness and you are the consciousness that is watching your
light wake up another people and when people
mistreat you you go hmm that is waking up in this person at a rather slow rate
isn’t it everything is consciousness not everyone
is conscious of it or integrated into that liberated expression of divinity
so when you look at the world you go oh my god this world is crazy no what’s
happening is consciousness is waking up in people who haven’t decided to choose
it and you’re watching their egos run for cover and try to manipulate it into
something more pleasurable to their conditioning
the world is not brimming with fear the egoic world is
fighting for its life and the people that mistreat you are
fighting the salvation of their own expansion by hiding and trespassing in
your field just to have something to pick at
and when you hold a space that says I may not like how they are but I
understand you make it harder for them to pick at
you because how can an ego pick at you when you don’t see separation between
you and them when you say here’s what makes me me and
is what makes you you you’ve now become separate and now you can have an enemy
an antagonist an adversary someone opposes you you don’t oppose
them and the easiest way is you just have to develop the ability in
our on an authentic level to be interested in someone who is
exhibiting uninteresting behavior when someone has a problem with me which
doesn’t happen very often I’m blessed to say I get a lot of very positive
attention but if someone had a problem with me my
job is to be interested is what they say going to benefit my
life and change my life in a positive way probably not is it gonna be
something that’s gonna help me grow and expand I don’t know let me listen and
see but my ability to be interested in someone is giving my attention to their
consciousness so that while they’re sharing whatever feedback they’re gonna
say my job is to accelerate their evolution because you accelerate
someone’s evolution by not slowing down and stunting your growth be interested
you chose to be with your family on a given date you’re already gonna be there
so you either get in your car and leave or if you stay be interested being interested is how you get real
with people without eating them to get real with you no one can get real with you you could
only get real with yourself and you can be real or get real with
someone else even if they’re in an illusory fantasy the best distraction especially when it
comes to spending time with family is if they could only see it my way they could
only know what I know and see what I see that’s the trap
they don’t need to see it your way only you do and the codependent
pattern in you needing someone to see something on the surface it seems really
mindful I just want them to see this in consciousness so they can stop hurting
but there’s actually a little bit of an insidious manipulation in that because
the truth is you want them to see it differently because when they feel
better you’re gonna feel better around them and
it’s actually about you in the weird way which is why they in their ego which is
God dressed up as the ego pretending to be unconsciousness as fighting you
because God’s Way of saying hey don’t try to wake up that character that
character is waking you up you say oh I’m already awake apparently
not that’s why when you hear teachings like
there is no other there’s only one when it’s really saying is stop trying
to change people and if you don’t like the way people are
leave move or say hey I would look like it if you
did this differently oh I’ll do that and then repetition shows you they’re not
gonna do that what are you gonna do get real
the hero’s journey only needs one option and if you’re somewhere you don’t want
to be what’s the one option go anywhere else and choose the inspiration of
consciousness a consciousness we’re the only one that is to be awakened your
world and the world is as awake as you are so when we’re on our keyboards
typing things and talking about the world and blow the world and all this
stuff realize that what nine times out of ten
when your ego is baking a grand standpoint about the world you are doing
it in a moment where the things you’re talking about are not existing and social media is just a great place
to see this no one but you will awaken in your world
and the world is as awake as you are and I’ll give you an example of this in my
own life to really make it more real my sister and I have a wonderful
relationship now and she knew me you know what would I when I would when
might when I was growing up my sister is 10 years older than me and so by the
time I was a kid my sister was already kind of in high school so I was kind of
raised as a single child in a lot of ways I knew my sister but she kind of
came and went because she was you know she had a car and doing the teenage
thing and when I became an adult and my the first identity that I think my
sister recognized well the first one was when I was at when I was a teenager I
was in entertainment that was an actor and it wasn’t a singing and dancing
group and I did a lot of performing and I have actually been a performer since I
was eight years old not realizing that all that was training
to do this to do the show
and then I got into bodybuilding and personal training and you know and I
understand my sister’s point of view like oh my god he’s an actor and he’s a
singer is a dancer and now is a bodybuilder like I was my own Village
People what are you this week Matthew and then I had the healing Christ as I
go a Shannon I used to be an entertainer an actor and I was then I was a
performer and I was a bodybuilder now I’m a psychic superhero
and I became my sister’s weird spiritual brother because every so often I became
a new version of myself and I’d go to family functions you know
when you go to a family function and there’s this energy in the air and you
kind of you taste the energy and you go I think this is the energy of y’all been
talking about me behind my back you know that energy we’re like everyone he’s
coming don’t say anything but but the energy is still in the air the residue
of the fog of the judgement still in the Airways you could feel it right and the
tip-off is you go through the front door oh look who it is everyone’s
exaggerating and overacting I’m like what the fuck’s going on here you guys
were talking about me oh my god what’s going on and no one said anything but I
felt like I was my sister’s weird spiritual brother and people in the family would ask me
questions trying to be very normal so so what’s going on in your life Matt your
sister tells us that you’re into spirituality yeah I’m working as a
healer now oh oh okay oh wow and are you able to make a living doing such
incredibly fictitious fake things that I have not been trained to accept
as reality how’s that going
pretty well any well pretty real and every time I would spend time with
my family I always had this little voice inside of me that said it doesn’t matter
how they act it only matters how you respond and that’s the game I played and
function by function I played the character of I’m your weird
spiritual relative and little jabs and little jeers we’re all standing in line
getting samples of the food at the buffet oh my god oh my god I took too
much coleslaw how unspiritual of me and people ask me ridiculous question is if
I put a cup down without a coaster is that spiritual and I just sat back and I thought
I’ll give you that that’s okay my time will come my time will come people and I focused on it doesn’t matter what
they say it only matters how I respond if I’m choosing to be in this location
I’m just gonna focus on responding with kindness and love and there are many
times I had to go in the bathroom and I would just sit there and do I love yous
and sometimes I’d cry a little bit and I feel like wow I am like a spiritual
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus I’m ready to lead your
sleigh tonight I’m so tired of all the other reindeers
who used to laugh and call me names who by the way never let poor Rudolph
play in their reindeer games even though I was at Hanukkah parties hey but I always like Christmas better
and you’re off and then what happened was all of a sudden something shifted I
went so deep in my journey in the very beginning of my journey I
was activated healer and I thought I have so much to offer the world I don’t
know how to get what’s in here out to the world I don’t have a platform I
don’t know what to do and I just walk around my neighborhood blessing people I
thought no one’s coming to me as a light worker so I’m gonna bring the light
worker to the world and that would just blessed blessed blessed blessed blessed
I’m the only one has to be awake bless bless bless and then all of a sudden
things started happening an audience started to come for people in my living
room for my first event whether or not they were there just for
the potluck I have no idea and then it built in a builds and then
as it started to expand it was still the outer layers of my infinite self
represented by my family still representing the old guard of the old
belief and I bump up against that bump up against it and then one day something
really really strange happened where everyone my sister knew it seemed
would ask her is Matt calling your brother he’s amazing
and I just did what I needed to do enough times where all of a sudden I
became I guess successful enough popular enough where all of a sudden it didn’t
matter what they didn’t didn’t believe religiously or about the gifts that I
have it was just oh you’re actually someone well it’s a pleasure to meet you
and then my niece who is in college at the time was in finals and her sorority
sisters were trying to find peace during all the stress and were passing around
inspirational quotes and then my niece says wait a second that’s my uncle you’re weird spiritual uncle
and all of a sudden the field opened up and it wasn’t just you treating me as
the light that I shine it was that I’d shined my light so
bright that the people who thought they knew me from my earlier years were
forced to forget how they defined me and that was when my time came and it’s
the same people of my family he used to say really really snippy snide snarky
remarks to me Conoco we are so proud of you is that right thank you so much
thank you for that Wow it feels yeah and I would thank you for your support thank
you so much meaningless meaningless because there’s only one thing I have
ever needed to be supported by and that is the power of my consciousness it is my guide it is my guardian as my
companion it is myself it is my everything it is what you are right now
rely on that and that has one option in every moment and you follow it because you’re eventually going to get
to a place or the intensity of not choosing
something unknown is more painful than continuously repeating this rerun of an
existence you want a season premiere choose
differently and rely on your consciousness befriend
your consciousness instead of vilifying the conditions and other people as if
they owe you anything my family doesn’t owe me anything it’s
wonderful that they support me I love them dearly
but it wasn’t their support that got me here was my consciousness that got me
here when no one knew my name and I’d speak at new Ren books in Portland OR
East West book in Seattle and I’d say things that was of the new paradigm
before people knew what a new paradigm was and people which there I just don’t
know where he’s talking about and I’m in this catch-22 where if I say
something challenging in the old days they would sit there and go in question
and doubt and go I just don’t know that that’s even right but then if I say the
things that they actually believe they walk away and go that was nothing new
and special screwed either way so I have the tendency of going on stage in front
of people very very nice and kind and making things very weird
and then we all came together and created the love revolution because it
was your evolving consciousness with my evolving consciousness and we met in the
middle when we say let’s change this place for the better in order for all of
us to really dive deep into the awakening of our consciousness and
integrate it and let the one inspire choice lead you from one breath to the
next the only thing that you rely on is your consciousness which is your
awareness translated through your senses and in
every moment everything’s giving you clues you see something and you don’t know why
but your consciousness says pay attention to that
there will be a quiz pay attention you ever have that moment
where something happens you don’t know why you’re paying attention but you’re
like I should I need to pay attention to that
and what you’re often paying attention to is your consciousness is zooming in
on people’s unconscious behavior and it’s through the language of silent
sang-doo opposite be unlike that so if you can learn to be unlike the
people that hurt you the most and more in alignment with the one
inspired choice that leaves you no option but to do the most courageous
loving thing in every moment no matter how unpopular it makes you in your
circle no matter how many people dump on you no matter how rejected you feel
you’re on a Vision Quest right now and it is leading you nowhere else but into
reuniting with your eternal consciousness and when the consciousness or energy
source in you doesn’t have to be wedged through the filter of egoic conditioning
you are then free to express and focus your light
and to co-create a more magnificent reality through the journey of
inspiration which occurs through the simultaneous death of competition and
comparison and that is why we’re here
because we’re already on this journey we’re steeped in this journey if you
feel the energy of the world or at this place where people are either waking up
at record speed or there are now more ways than ever to go back to sleep
and even if you go back to sleep you’re not gonna lose the consciousness you’ve
cultivated you’re just gonna put it on pause and see your wake up again so you
don’t lose anything it’s just kind of like when your phone goes into sleep
mode and when we are really lost in the fear
of missing out when you step back and look at that you
find yourself making a lot of repetitive choices
or the one thing you’re actually missing out on is the adventure that you’ve been
prepared to take for infinite lifetimes which is to look though at the way the
world acts and chooses and for you to carve your own path in a direction no
one has explored I humbly sit on stage with you offering you teachings
transmissions of energy and a way to interactively heal awaken and integrate
the light of your soul in ways the world has never seen as possible there are
things that I do with you that people don’t understand how it even happens
because I’m bringing through rather sophisticated and advanced levels of
processes and healings from high dimensions
to shift the morphogenetic field which means to give the world an opportunity
to know the kind of consciousness that can be embodied which then gives other
people the opportunity to pop into that alignment as well we are changing the game we are shifting
a brand-new paradigm and we are carving paths and directions
no one has explored because we’ve been trained through
infinite lifetimes for this journey and the one thing we didn’t come here to do
is the same old thing again we came to celebrate ascension before we
can see and confirm it and we came to be aligned in love no matter how anyone
else thinks acts or behaves and it doesn’t mean that the people who are
acting the way they act and the people that have done things aren’t going to be
held accountable for it but the merciful universe looks at people who act the way
they act and there’s no punishment handed down there’s just an extreme
trajectory of transformation and if you could let go of the
responsibility of needing to make sure the people that have hurt you are dealt
with injustice and focus on the only justice which is
you’re the only one that needs to be awakened your world then you will raise
the vibrational frequency of the world you inhabit and abolish the ability for
anyone to use their hurt to hurt other people that’s justice and that is what we are creating and
expressing as the love revolution where were add on the planet is such a pivotal
turning point in order to anchor the kind of light love peace and oneness
that is going to truly uplift this planet
we cannot get lost in the games that other people are playing
and the reason we get lost in these games and I’ll use this point to tie it
all together and because we have a tendency to entrain with the vibration
of people who are acting out the lesser qualities than what you already embody
and it’s because when you were a child and you were already a naturally awake
being but not self realized in that awake you looked at other people who
were finding joy and things that you didn’t understand and you thought you
were being left out and you thought if I could be more like
people I’d be better liked by people and you went to sleep and went into the play
and you did it purposely to wake back up you’ve already started to wake back up
don’t go back to sleep let everyone else do what they’re gonna do
you’re the only one that has to be awake in your world because consciousness is
everything that everything that you are when you allow the deepest truth to
guide you forward no matter the risk or cost in following my spiritual path from a
very early age what have I lost I’ve lost track of the hell I used to
live in I’ve lost sight of the ways in which I
was conditioned to act like the family if I didn’t know any better I don’t know where any of that wet and in exchange for losing that I gained
access to myself the only one who could ever awaken on
this planet the only thing I will ever need and the only thing I could ever
rely on we come together in relationship and the
beginning things seem awesome and all of a sudden when life says and you’re done
with this soul contract and people will do whatever the play needs them to do to
get them away from you betray deny lie cheat it’s all storyline and all it
comes down to is I guess that’s the way the universe needed to have it play out
for me to walk away just wake up it’s not actually personal what’s
happening but until you realize that it’s very
personal and I tell you that because I spend
thirty summer years of my life taking every second of my life personally and all I knew to do was make it more
personal and more personal more personal and so the pressure of that broke me
open and now that I am here and if i am here i am but a reflection
of the consciousness in you that is here so now that we are here we are the
living proof that all is truly well because you are the only one that needs
to be awakened your reality and the world is as awake as you are
the actions of the world does not reflect the unconsciousness of your
behavior but the battery and the operating energy that is your
consciousness is the same energy source of other people and we’re all at
different levels of realization actualization embodiment and integration
much compassion and love for other people most times you’re not going to be the
one who’s meant to wake someone else up you will only inspire their awakening by
you waking up so let us be loving
let us be clear let us be courageous and let us be fierce
because we are the love revolution a revolution is well underway but it’s not
a revolution of opposition it’s a revolution of immaculate inclusion
as with me you you

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  3. Last night, I fell asleep watching one of Matt’s videos, and for the first time I experienced what I would describe as a strong wind with such speed and strength sort of pulling me. It wasn’t a dream. It’s as if it happened in between the awaken and sleeping realm. It started with me touching my cheek and saying yes, divinity is within me. Ira like I had that very conscious realization, and then what it felt like wind pulling me or flowing through me so fast and so strong, but there was a part of me that didn’t let go, and then it stopped.

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    All on point !! Yes inspiration just what I needed – timely messages – choices !!!!!!! Resonating here – I'm choosing the path that brings Peace – balance in my life !! Regardless of what Egos desire is !!! 100% stop chasing let go !!! Time out !!! ??? Clarity please with gratitude – The Character Of my Highest Being !!!!! oh yes that's a gem I must must must remember that inspiration quote yes spend less time with those that bring me down and mistreat me 100% just cleared that one out oh thank you yes I had to leave to love my self more !!! As a empath that's hard but necessary and the family prison also I had to walk away because of the fighting yes !!! Oh thank you I felt it right to walk away and find Peace !!! Regardless of the bonds trying to hold me back -100% empathic love needs balance – oh yes the repetition!!!!!!! That's was what I noticed and felt !!!!!! Yes 100% correct it's a cycle of abusive behaviour – step out of that one ??fantastic message for folk thank you for sharing it – may it bring Peace to many ?conditioning that's the One !!! Be mindful – Options !!!!!! Yes can trap you !!! You may change ya mind from that you know you should not divert from !!! It's temptation !!!! Be mindful all is not to be taken just cause it's offered !!!! Indeed mindful choices !!! and non choosing lol even – yes getting real helps lol seeking what ya don't have don't help !! Gratitude for what we already have does but adjustments are necessary sometimes -be inspired to be happy balanced in that love centre – one step at a time to gain contentment comes to mind ?? and share that love !! Break that mould indeed – yes it starts with our Selves , work on our self and all follows – you only need be awake your self ??each of us has our own awaking and a story to tell that's non judgement !!! Resonating non judgment of others on their own path – indeed correct if ya not compatible don't waste each other's time , lessons to learn in the experiences but don't sit in it if ya know it's not vibrating right for your highest good ???blessings of ???love and light

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  17. I had the same experience as Matt. Last week my dad passed away and his empty body was a stranger to me. It was so obvious that his loving soul had gone into the eternal LIGHT. May all beings cross over into the LIGHT with ease and grace and peace. Christa from the Netherlands xxx

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    I may be weird and talk in rhyme but that's what makes me feel
    joy-full, good and fierce – and one day it may, to a world, appeal…
    how others respond is not my business
    all I need to is ensure my response is kind
    thank you Matt for eliminating 'options' from my mind!

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  23. My consciousness is paying attention to that!
    That inspired Choice!
    That energy source that allows me to co-create and be WOKE!
    It's happening, for the first time in my life, where I stepped into my consciousness and started a Tuesday open acoustic jam session at the community center. Attendees are thrilled and local media has spotlighted our group. Like me, a lot of musicians get negative vibes from family. It's great to realize the consciousness that connects us all.
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  35. I appreciate you Matt!?
    I remember having the experience as a young girl with my Aunt that transitioned, my inner dialogue was exactly what you shared! Like, why are we looking at this body??
    It never made sense to my Soul.
    I had another Awareness of this when my Empath Son transitioned in 2014? Its definitely not where my Sons soul Consciousness was.
    Much Love?

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    If you decided that "there's enough," you would share everything with everyone.

    If you decided that "there's nothing we have to do," you would stop trying to use "doingness" to solve your problems, but rather, move to, and come from, a state of being which would cause your experience of those "problems" to disappear, and the conditions themselves to thus evaporate.

  37. There is only God = God is everything [God is conscious emotional energy] = Consciousness is everything = Everything is everything.

  38. That old adage.. When the student is ready, teacher appears.. Yesterday I added “in the mirror”.. Now, thank you Matt ?

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