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Continuity 2: The Continuation iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 22, 2019

I’ll freely admit that Continuity 2: The Continuation
by Ragtime Games hit me from a blind-side. While I’d like to think I can keep up with
all the latest news, I missed out on the original game despite it winning awards at the Independent
Games Festival and IndieCade. What I’m trying to say is, ‘mea culpa’ – at least I get to
play the sequel to this dastardly puzzle title. On the surface of it the game looks much like
a puzzle platformer – collect items, get the key, reach the exit. In reality you’ll need
to navigate complex maze-like pathways by rearranging the world itself via a sliding-puzzle
mechanic. Double-tapping the screen will pause and zoom out the game, allowing you to shuffle
tiles around, allowing you to explore new areas or access paths that would otherwise
seem impossible. There is a catch – the world needs to be seamless, which means you’ll need
to match edges before you can pass a tile’s barrier. Everything about Continuity 2 feels refined,
from its single-finger controls that intuitively interpret taps and swipes for moving and jumping
to the basic visuals that contrast and make it easy to follow the action on-screen whether
you’re zoomed in or out. Players are also engaged through tiny flourishes such as the
music dampening to signify being further away from the world. All of this effort would be for naught if
the puzzles themselves were unbalanced, however new concepts are introduced slowly through
reinforcement, giving you a new perspective on how the game operates and allowing you
to return to earlier levels to obtain more ‘perfect’ scores. The jump in challenge can
be quite surprising, with later levels taking advantage of advanced concepts such as pausing
the game mid-jump to reorient and rearrange the screen, when only a handful of levels
earlier your only concern was getting a switch to work. Weighing in at 50 currently available levels,
the game will take even the most dedicated of puzzle fans a while to complete. Although
there’s no specific motivation to ‘perfect’ each level, it’s hard to leave a stage unfinished
as it feels as though you’ve cheated the system by ignoring whole chunks of a particular stage. If you enjoy puzzle games or you’ve previously
had the opportunity to enjoy Continuity, definitely pick this title up.

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  1. It's amazing you can continue to churn out reviews of a high standard. I have a lot of respect for you, I've got around 300 apps and I'm almost burned out on new apps! What's your secret? 😛

  2. Ive been a fan of your reviews for sometime now, and I always wanted to say. You sound exactly like Youtuber 'Cameralabs.' He does reviews on new DSLR cameras.It's not you is it? jk Anyhow keep up the good work.

  3. @chronousnemesis Eh Shift has you going in the walls and ground.

    This game has you fliping and sliding the world around you. The only thing is that you use the world to your advantage in both games.

  4. Man the iphone games consist of more brain power than old school console games…too much! I want to have fun, not burn-out my brain Devs!

    Thanks for reviewing this I almost bought and then when I woke up it was free guess something good needs to cheer me up from the terrible results of djmag top 100 last night they used a dirty tactic to change the winner so the crowds fav didn't win the real # 1 dj is armin why els would David guetta get boooos they used the Facebook as a method of voting instead email confirm the mainstream pop won by default that way

  6. It is a cool game, although I did not try the first Continuity. Did anyone realize World 7 stage 1 and the ending by now?

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