Controlling Drones With Your Mind
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Controlling Drones With Your Mind

August 30, 2019

The idea for the system that we kind of came
up with is brain robot interaction. It came up when me and a colleague of mine was just wandering
through a mall and we saw a robot and he started talking about the cognitive science stuff
we do and I do robotic stuff and so I said hey it would kind of be cool if we connected
together. We went back to the lab, tried it out, after multiple tries it worked and we
kind of just took it from there. The system works like this. We mount a device
on your head called a brain computer interface, ok, and your brain when you’re thinking
about things produces these electrical signals. Imagine it like brain storms, ok, we’re
collecting those brain storms and patterns that are firing off from your neurons in your
brain and kind of figuring out what are you thinking based off that information. Then if you think going forward and the robot
will go forward. If you want it to move to the right or to the left it will move to the
left or right. UF is one of the few schools in pretty much in the country working on this
area and thinking how can we use robots outside the lab using our brains so it can help us
do things in our real-world tasks. We’re really looking at it from a different
perspective. We’re looking at it from an overall perspective, from a user-centered
perspective whereas a lot of other researchers are looking at it from a technology-centered
perspective just saying ok this is something cool you can do, but we’re looking at it
from a much larger picture. We’re looking at it starting with a person and their experience. Some people might not like the fact of having
robots at home, especially controlling with their brains. It’s not something that people
are used to, to actually do all the time so we’ll face a lot of controversy at the beginning,
but that’s part of the challenges of being a researcher. How can we make people comfortable
using this technology out there? I think this research is important for the
University of Florida because anything that’s leading, breaking edge technology, which we
kind of consider this being very young is countless opportunities that’s possible.
If, you know, we have a great breakthrough then it’ll put the University of Florida
stamp on it so I think it’s very important to do this type of novel research to push
forward, that’s what we’re here for.

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