Coral updates, Chrome 76 DevTools, & Cloud Scheduler
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Coral updates, Chrome 76 DevTools, & Cloud Scheduler

August 9, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] JEN PERSON: Hello. I’m Jen Person for
“The Developer Show.” This is your weekly update
on the coolest developer news from Google. The Coral team is committed
to making it easier to build systems
with on-device AI. The Edge TPU compiler
is now available as a downloadable binary that
works on Debian-based Linux systems, allowing for better
integration into custom workflows. For more details on
this and other updates, the links are on the post. Cloud Scheduler is a fully
managed cron job service that allows any
application to invoke batch, big data, and cloud
infrastructure and operations. We recently added
a new feature that allows you to trigger
any service running anywhere, on-prem,
on Google Cloud, or any third-party data center. For all the details and a
link to the quick start, head on over to the post. Cloud data loss prevention can
help protect sensitive data through data discovery,
classification, and redaction. And now we’re making it easier
to discover and classify sensitive data in BigQuery
with the Scan with DLP button. This new feature makes
it possible to run DLP scans with just a
few clicks, directly from the BigQuery UI. Screenshots and links
are on the post. Chrome 76 is now available,
and updates to DevTools include autocomplete UI
now supporting CSS values, a new UI for network settings,
and WebSocket messages in HAR exports. For more updates
and more details, head on over to the post linked
in the description below. Please remember to like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Jen Person for
“The Developer Show.” Thanks for watching, and
we’ll see you next week. MAN: You’re tilting? JEN PERSON: Yeah,
like in video games, where you mess up, so you
get in your brain and mess up some more.

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  1. Any news on ARCore 2.0? I am hoping that this is going to be big update because the ARKit is way ahead with latest update ARKit 3.0

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