Countermeasures! Flare VS Chaff – GTA Online
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Countermeasures! Flare VS Chaff – GTA Online

August 10, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA Online guide where today, we’re going to be comparing the 3 types of countermeasures that you can equip on your planes in the Smuggler’s Run DLC, so let’s get started, shall we? So if you’ve had a look at some of the customization options for the planes in the DLC, you’ll know that you can equip them with some countermeasures in the form of smoke, flares, and chaff. In this video, we’re basically going to go over how they’re used and just how effective they are if at all. So before we begin, I’m gonna get smoke out of the way because, as you can probably expect, smoke does absolutely nothing at all to the lock-on of another jet and also does nothing to affect missiles flying at the smoker, so all you octopus gamers out there unfortunately can’t use that ink to the same extent as in real life. So now we know that smoke is totally useless as a defense system Let’s take a look at the final 2. Those would be chaff and flares, so let’s take a look at flares first, shall we? So flares, when equipped, allow you to scroll off any missiles that happen to be following you in flight. You can carry up to 20 of them and they work as follows. When you hear the beeping sound, indicating that a missile is following you, look backwards to see how close to you the missile is. Flares, when deployed correctly, will make the flying missile explode on the spot and won’t follow you anymore. However, flares won’t work against missiles that are far enough away from you and you’ll end up just wasting a valuable flare. So you have to wait until said missile is close enough to you for the flares to actually work. You’ll need to deploy a set of flares, one for each missile so if you have 2 missiles following you, which will be common, you have to wait for the first to get in range for the flares to work, deploy them, destroy the first missile, then wait for the second one to come close, then repeat. There’s a short delay us to the rate of fire that the flares can be shot out though, so keep that in mind. I’d recommend doing evasive maneuvers whilst using your flares to extend the time that you have to deploy said flares, as simply flying forwards could give the missiles the chance that they need to reach you before you can deploy your flares. So that’s how flares work. They’re pretty effective at their jobs, so long as you know what you’re doing with them. Now let’s talk about chaff. Chaff is a lot simpler than the flares Basically, when you deploy them, you’ve become immune from missile lock-on for 6 seconds. You can deploy them as you’re hearing the beep, indicating that someone is trying to get a lock on you, so if you react fast enough, you can avoid a visit from your friendly neighborhood missile, as chaff will not do anything against missiles that are already following you. There’s a slight delay between the chaff visually being deployed and the effect of it actually taken place, so keep that in mind. You can carry 10 chaff on you so you really have to use them sparingly. So that’s pretty much the guide to the countermeasures of planes. Which ones you guys using on your aircraft personally? Let us know in the comments and hey, if enjoyed this short guide, Make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the Pyrerealm Gaming channel for loads more videos coming to you very soon. See you around, everyone.

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  1. Fun fact the normal flare gun is better at deflecting missles than the actual flares me and my friends shot flares out the side of a savage so the oppresser couldn’t kill us and we wiped them out

  2. I like Chaff better because when you hear the lock sound you use it and the lock will disable for 6 seconds, that's enough time to turn around and lock on the enemy and shoot.

  3. I like chaff because missiles are very easy to dodge and lock ons are not super fast so chaff can be good

  4. Flares are garbage. They are only god for destroying 1 rocket each time you them. Any vehicle with rapid fire rockets will overpower flares easily.

    People don't waste your money on flares, go buy chaff. It's cheaper and easily superior.

  5. So we see in this Video: Flares helfe you 1:4 or More times, so for one who smap the Rockers is the Flares useless. Chaffs helps any time, when you have verry good reflexes…

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