CRAZY JAPANESE GAME – Dan and Phil Play: Bishi Bashi Special
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CRAZY JAPANESE GAME – Dan and Phil Play: Bishi Bashi Special

August 27, 2019

P: Aloha! D: Hi guys- [Both laugh] P: Good start. P: So today we are playing Bishi Bashi Special ~music~ D: What? P: It’s like a Japanese game show with loads of different minigames. D: A Japanese game show? P: You’re not even ready. Here we go! D: Bishi Bashi Special! [Both laugh] D: Right. P: Beautiful title screen. D: Okay… P: Let’s go. Right, we’re Bishi Bashi-ing with two, Dan. D: We’re gonna Bishi Bashi for two are we? P: Oh yes. D: Not gonna lie, that sounds extremely sexual. P: I’m gonna be the girl, you’re gonna be the boy [Dan bursts into laughter] P: I think they’re brother and sister, so. D: Right. Because that makes this whole thing look so much less weird than it currently looks. P: Gonna do seven rounds. This is the level selection screen. D: Okay. What are these things? P: Each one of these things is a separate minigame D: *astounded* Every single one of those things is its own minigame? P: Yeah. D: What? P: This is the genius of this game. Okay, so any, you like the look of any of these? D: What are these names? ‘Totem’, ‘Stars’ P: ‘Clocks’ sounds riveting D: Clock, wow I really wanna do ‘Clock’. Wait, what’s that, what’s that? P: ‘Beans’. Dan: Beans?! P: Look at that guy! D: [Laughs] Who’s that guy? What the hell? P: He looks suspicious. BEANS D: Oh my God, okay. P: So suspicious. I think we should start with ‘Haaa!’ D: So it says ha, and there’s a picture of a chicken leg. P: My two favourite things. D: Right, okay. I have no idea what to expect. P: Let’s go! D: Oh my God. Puck attack! P: Puck attack D: Attention! This is like having a seizure. P: This is what you have to do. D: Shoot the puck into the enemy goal. We’re playing pong. P: Yeah. D: This is pong. P: Up and down. D: Okay, right. P: Okay. Watch out. What is that puck, anyway? It’s like a Transformer, or something. D: Is it, it looks like an eskimo. Oh my god! P: [Noise of fright] D: What is happening- I win! I’m amazing! D: Oh my God it’s a- P: Starfish! Starfish round. D: A st- [incredulous laughter] P: Oh no! D: [Laughs] D: Wh- I didn’t even press anything. P: Teapot round! Teapot. D: I didn’t even press anything! P: Are you moving at all? P: Right. Frog. Yes! D: Shit, okay, wait. P: What is that?! D: Is that like a… statue…? P: I’m scared. D: Okay. P: Aww! D: Over. P: Four points for you! D: Okay, I’m not sure what just happened. All I know is apparently I won so I’m amazing. Wait a minute, why was that called, ‘Haaa!’? P: Because you’re like “Haa!”, I think. I don’t know. D: Japan? P: [Singsong] Ja-pan. Maybe it was a translation issue. ‘Clock’? D: What could that have possibly been mistranslated as? P: I don’t know. D: Okay. P: ‘Clock’? D: Yeah let’s do ‘Clock’. D: I’m, I’m ready for clock. D: Clock! Stopper! P: Okay. D: Attention! P: Stop the clock on the hour. D: How? By pressing… P: X D: X P: Yeah. P: I’m rubbish at waking up to my alarm so I think I’m gonna be bad at this. You- Why are you in Egypt and I’m just in, London? Aw! Yes! D: What do I- when do I have to press it? P: Stop it on the hour! At 12! D: At 12? P: And whoever gets closer wins. -D: And how do I know 12? P: Look at yours, on the right. P: Okay… ooh! Oh, they were the same. P: Ah! D: Bam! P: No! D: Bam! Shit. D: Bam- fuck, okay, it’s getting faster! P: It’s so fast! P: Yes, that was right on it. Oops. Sorry. P: I win, I guess. D: Okay, what’s one that’s slow, and easy… for simple brained people like me? P: Um… ‘Dash!’? D: Okay… P: I don’t remember what ‘Dash!’ is. D: [Quietly] What is this… P: Death conveyor belt! D: Death conveyor belt? Okay… P: Right, watch the rules this time. D What- What’s the theme for this one? P: Okay there’s a naked magician D: There’s a, a naked man P: He wants to kill us D: And a girl on a conveyor belt P: And you have to do this with your- D: We have to spin the analog sticks to run the conveyor belt. P: Yeah. D: Okay, okay, I get it. P: If they don’t work, use these buttons. D: Okay. P: Oh, it’s working. D: Oh! It’s working. Why does it say ‘danger’? P: Because if you run off the other end you die as well. D: Okay, not too quick. Oh my- It’s changing speeds, okay. I get it, I get it. P: Ah. Ah! This is so tense! D: Fu-! Fu- P: Oh oh oh, oh, oh… oh, oh, oh ohh. Oh. D: Stop saying ‘oh’, you weirdo. P: Sorr- [laughs] D: Shit! P: Yes! P: She lives! D: Goddammit. P: Enjoy your time with the naked magician. D: What is the man with the monocle and the top hat gonna do to me now that I fell off the conveyor belt? P: I don’t know. Only Japan knows. P: I’m not sure what the score is but I feel like I’m doing better. D: Were the devs of this game on every drug at the same time? P: Probably. D: I think the 90’s was weird, wasn’t it? D: Fish! P: ‘Fish’? D: Let’s fish! P: Okay. D: What is this? P: I don’t know. D: Let’s find out. P: Rod shaker. D: Rod shaker?! Wh-oa! Step back. P: Hit the button when the rod moves. D: She’s my waifu. P: That’s me. P: Right D: Okay wait- P: So you just press X when the rod moves. Not before, though. Don’t press it. Don’t press it. Yes! I’m so good at fishing. D: Oh, what was that what was that what was that was that P: Yes! D: Fuck, okay. P: I’ve got an octopus! Yes! And a clam! And a crab! [Laughs] D: I got a, generic- P: Get on my level, n00b D: I’m too busy- P: Anglerfish? Another anglerfish?! They’re off the screen! D: Stop, stop! P: They’re off the screen! [Laughs] D: You were too busy being funny distracting me, I was trying to concentrate P: Sorry I was being- D: Too much to process. P: -funny and good as well. Just the perfect combination. D: Okay, I’m feeling like ‘Burger’, let’s do burger. P: Burger. D: I’m in the mood for burg- Look at that happy chappy. P: I thought it was a girl. Either way they look happy. Gender neutral happiness. D: Don- Don’t attempt, politics. P: Get those burgers out! D: Get those burgers out, for the lads! P: Politics? D: Wh- What’s th-? [Laughs] What’s happening, I need to concentrate! P: Press left, down or right- or square, thing or circle depending on where the things are. D: Person’s gonna order something, we have to press buttons to fill in the order. P: It’s easier to use the square, X and circle, ’cause then you can press them at the same time D: Okay. P: Go! D: Faster than you! P: Aw, what?! D: Fuck, I mean shit, I mean- P: Oh no! D: Yeah! Okay, wait wait wait P: Too many cokes P: God, that person wants a lot. What, how are you doing it so fast?! D: Hurry up, hurry up hurry up! D: [Triumphant scream] P: What?! P: No! D: But, fuck, I mean nope, that’s good. Okay you can do it in any order. P: Oh my God this person wants a lot of, McDonald’s P: How are you doing this so fast?! D: [Spitting noises] D: Fuck. P: Yes! P: Aw- what, just happened?! D: [Laughs] P: Burger fest. D: Clearly my life’s calling is to work at McDonald’s. P: Awww…. That was horrific. Yeah, I could never work in McDonald’s. P: Would you like 17 burgers, madam? D: I don’t know what that was P: What was..? D: I’ll just stop doing it. P: Let’s play… ‘SHoot’ D: Shoot, okay. D: Is that like a, angry jellyfish, on that, there…? P: Looks like P: Shoot ’em up. D: Shoot ’em up! D: I think I just, spat. P: Right, so we’re flying through space. D: She’s flying through space apparently. P: Ah, and then you move D: Move! P: And shoot with circle. D: And press- okay. Okay. D: It’s one of these. It’s just a blatant ripoff of these, okay. P: What are these though? D: Powerups! P: Die, angel! D: What- what’s happening, oh my lord… okay. P: What is happening. D: Oh my fr- I died, somehow, okay okay, avoid- P: No! D: Avoid the things. P: Oh, crap. D: I’m not very good at avoiding the things. Okay. P: What is that?! D: You’ve got like a, a giga beam going on. P: Use the giga beam! P: Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha Oh these aliens are everywhere. Oh my god! [Laughs] D: Stop hacking! P: Look at my beam! Look at my beam! Whoa! How did that happen? Oh my God D: Ptcshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [Blows raspberry] P: That alien looks like you. D: Looks like your mum P: I think you’ve gotta fight the boss, Dan, fight the boss. D: Your mum D: [Blows raspberries] P: Whoa [Laughs] D: I have, I’m P: Vibrating so much. D: This is a cluster fluff of the highest proportion. P: I’ve no idea what I’m doing. D: I think I just blew up the jellyfish. P: But I- won by loads of points! P: Yuss! D: I don’t know what that was. P: Yus! Yeeas D: But I was pretty crap at it. P: Final round. D: This is the final round, is it? Okay let’s, let’s just calm down. P: Okay. D: This is, very hectic game I’m re- this is a lot, to digest P: Yes. D: For my spirit and my hands. Okay. P: ‘Horse’? D: [Sighs] Are you familiar with ‘Horse’? P: Not really? Horse. D: Sure. Let’s go with ‘Horse’. The final, round. D: Horse…! P: Horse speeder D: Speeder! D: Attention! P: I feel like I’m gonna be good at ‘Horse’, right, dodge with square and circle D: Or left and right P: Yeah. And then accelerate with X. D: Okay so basically move- was that a jetpack on a horse? D: Okay. P: Okay. Come on horse! Come on! D: Fuck, I mean- P: Come on, Jimmy! Come on, Jimmy-! Oh… D: Shhhhhhh-! P: Damn it, damn it damn it damn it-! D: Shh, I’m, I’m an awful- I’m killing so many- fuck P: Oh my God, I’m sorry P: I love the horse D: Is this a pattern? P: with a jetpack. Right. Maybe not go so fast. Moose! I got past the moose! You got past the moose! D: Number one jockey P: Awwwohhhh D: in the hizzle Two seconds mate. P: Damn it… D: All the people that bet on you are crying and they’re going home to their families- P: Oh there- the results. P: Yes! D: N- come on! [Laughs] P: Yes! P: Yes! D: Four-three P: Yes! D: Four-three, okay. To say that I had no idea what was happening the entire time, I’m quite proud of getting three. P: I wanna play that every day, can we just turn it into the Bishi Bashi channel? D: I might need a break, spiritually, but we definitely need to do this again. There’s even an option to Bishi Bashi alone. P: I Bishi Bashi alone quite a lot. Uhm, so if you would like to- [Both laugh] D: So what can I say? Thumbs up if you’d like more Bishi Bashi adventures in the future and if you wanna see more from us then please subscribe to our channel or check out another one of our videos… Okay. Um… I’m gonna go… just process that. Maybe have an ice bath, cool down. I think. P: I’m just gonna bathe in the glory. BEANSSSS

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  1. also…when theyre playing shoot, theres an eclipse in the background….its insiration for dans shirt!

    sorry i spelled theyre wrong on my other comment :/

  2. Today, I "proudly" only woke up, walked for 1 hour, ate, slept for 4 hours (yes, the entire afternoon) AND watched old Dan&PhilGames videos. That's my Saturday gone ^^

  3. I worked at a Burger King in high school. One time we had an order for 60 triple whoppers and fries. It took FOREVER.

  4. I love your outfits better yet your whole wardrobe of shit you wear I love your style (especially Dan's ) (Phil's is too bright)

  5. Phil’s wearing black and dan isn’t… they randomly switched sides… fringes are off… was this video made in an alternate universe


  7. I remember watching this when it came out but coming back to this, y’all seem so calm and quiet it’s so weird

  8. «I bishi bashi alone quite a lot» is one of the funniest dirty things I’ve heard Phil accidentally say

  9. Dan: which one of these games is slow, calm, and easy?
    Phil: picks a game called Dash (aka "Death Conveyor Belt); a game about running fast to avoid Death

  10. One of my best friends just dropped me and you two saying beans made me smile for the first time in a while. Thanks . You two have really had an impact. And even though you probably won’t see this I want you guys to never forget your impact on your fans and there lives.

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