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Create a Custom Sidebar in WordPress

August 12, 2019

Hey y’all, this is another
WordPress Wednesday. Every single Wednesday I’m releasing a new
video to help you improve your online marketing. Specifically around the world of
WordPress. My name is Kori Ashton from WebTegrity
in San Antonio, Texas. Today’s topic is all about how to add a
custom sidebar on the right or left side of your website. Depending on where your author has
allowed you to have a sidebar. Maybe you want to be able to put certain
content from page to page in that sidebar, and your author wasn’t generous enough to
give you a unique sidebar on every single page. In other words, every page has the same sidebar. Let’s go over here to “About Us”. See how it has “Recent Posts”, and
“Archives” and “Meta”. Of course, we can change anything that’s
in this sidebar; but, what if on our “Contact” page, we didn’t want that same sidebar? Maybe we wanted our Google Map or maybe
we wanted to move our phone number really large over there. Or, maybe we even wanted to have a
testimonial sitting in that space. How do we do that? There is a plugin for that.
Here we go. I want you to go into your Dashboard and
go to Plugins and click “Add New”. Of course, if you do not have the option
to add a new plugin, or if you don’t even see plugins over here, you’re probably in
the dot com version of WordPress. We are talking about the self-hosted
version of WordPress, which is dot org. That’s the only way you’re gonna be able
to do this. So, we’re gonna look up “Custom Sidebar” and it’s free plugin, which is always in
the budget, right? Free is always in the budget. This is the one you’re looking for, right here. It says “Custom Sidebars”. It has over 200,000 active installs and it
has been updated recently. It’s not updated to the point that it’s ready
to run with my version; but, that’s okay. What I want you to always think about when
you’re looking at plugins is: Does it have a lot of installs? So, it’s not
brand new and we’re gonna be it’s guinea pig. Does it have great reviews? If it does, you can have confidence to install
that plugin and use it. Now, we’re going to activate it, after it’s
been installed. Now, we can go into appearance and
go to “Widgets” and now we’ve got this really cool screen that we can create a
new sidebar. I’m gonna just title it “Contact Page”; because,
I’ll always remember now that stuff I put in here goes in the
Contact sidebar. (typing)
“Sidebar for contact page” “Contact us page” Okay, click “Create Sidebar”. Now, it gives me a new box here that I can
drag and drop anything I want to inside of. So, I’m just gonna grab a text box for now
and say “cool stuff here”. We’re also gonna put “This is where a
map could go” and click “Save”. All that did was create a sidebar and put
a little bit of content in it. Now, what we need to do is to go to the
actual page and ask the page to render this particular sidebar that we’ve just created. So, I’m gonna go back to “Contact Us” and I’m going
to click “Edit Page”. Now, inside this page, you can scroll down on
the right side and see “Sidebars”. We are replacing the pages “Sidebar” with one
called “Contact Us”; because, that’s what we just made. So, once we’ve told it which sidebar to display
we can go back to the front side of the website and the “About Us” page will still have
that one long default sidebar; but, our “Contact” page will have it’s own unique
sidebar happening over here. Of course, you can do that page to page
to page. Different posts. Whatever you want
to do. That’s how you do a custom sidebar inside of
your WordPress website. I hope that helps. Hey, if you have questions, we’ve got something
new going on over at WebTegrity’s website. I want to show you this just briefly. If you go into “Classes and Training” we’ve got
an area now that you can come and basically book some time
with me, if you have questions. You can come down to this section and book
some time to just chat with me on a web call just like this. If you have questions specifically about
WordPress development.
Maybe there’s a fix in your theme you need
some help with, please reach out to us. We’d love to be your team of nerds over
here at WebTegrity. Hope you’re having a great day. See you all next WordPress Wednesday. By, y’all.

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  1. 120 bucks an hour…that works for me.
    Company down time is worth several X that!

    (Does that include remote 'hands on' through GoToMyPC, or a similar app?
    Or…logging into a WP site through the client's UN and PW?)

  2. Hello
    This is just what i need. I also need a Plugin that auto publish the same article at a spec time weekly!
    Hope u got some tips on how to accomplice that!
    Best regards
    Urban Eriksson

  3. I love you Kori…always look forward to WordPress Wednesday's..!!
    (Concise = giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive.) This is you in a nutshell..!!

  4. Hey! is there a plug in where I can have a little box or something that lists a summary on my blog post. So for example, I talk about things to do in Barcelona, I put pictures on each recommendation and narrate my experience. Not everyone has the patience to read this so in order to cater to other readers that wanna see bullet points a side bar giving a quick summary of all my ramblings would be suitable. Is there a plug in like this?

  5. Hi Could you show me how to make scrolling text box on left sidebar ?
    I want to make search song title in that box when we select it vide song will appear on page..THanks please help us

  6. Greetings from Manila! i love your videos! I've made my website from scratch and you helped a lot!! Good job!

  7. I am really stuck. I have sidebars in place but what I am looking for is to have a side bar called "articles" then below maybe the most recent 2 or 3. Then another one that says "Dog Blog" with the most recent blogs showing underneath. I have an article page and a dog blog page. Right now I have custom menus titled articles and dog blog but that doesn't seem to be working. Or better yet how do I create a sidebar that a link in it. Like I already have an existing one for my about me page and it has a link in it

  8. Kori I love you!!! 🙂 It worked perfectly; thanks for being so awesome and sharing your knowledge with us!

  9. Hi Neighbor, I’m in Austin, TX! Thanks for the great videos!

    I’m Learning WordPress Round #2. This time it started out just to be for myself so I could create my new website for my Virtual Assistant business. One of my new clients saw the progress of my new website and now he wants a WordPress website too! So here I am learning as I go so I can finish my own site and soon start working on his site.

  10. Very useful, I thank you! But I am not able to maintain the font styles and the design of the Titles of the Theme Sidebar ;-(

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