Create an image carousel: WordPress plugin
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Create an image carousel: WordPress plugin

August 12, 2019

In today’s tutorial i’m going to show you
how to install Magic Scroll in WordPress. If you go to the main product page you’ll
see the WordPress icon on the right hand side which will take you to the Magic Scroll for
WordPress page. Magic Scroll is perfect for scrolling through lots of images in a neatly
confined space. It’s not just images though you can scroll text as well. So if you want
a homepage slideshow, or maybe you want to scroll your latest news headlines, you can
both with Magic Scroll. To get us started we need to download the demo version of the
WordPress plugin. Next, go to your WordPress admin area and select Plugins. Click Add new
and then click Upload. This will take you to the Upload page. Browse your computer for
the plugin you’ve just downloaded, this will be a zip file called mod wordpress magic scroll.
And select Install now. Once that’s done select Activate Plugin. You can see under Plugins,
Magic Scroll is now showing. Because we’re adding a scroll bar, the easiest way to display
your images is attach them as a gallery. To do this you’ll need to attach them to your
post or page first. This is done in the Media section. You can see i’ve already attached
some on my images. I’ll attach the last one to show you how it’s done. Go to the relevant
image and select Attach. I’m going to attach this image to a post called Magic Scroll example.
From the results mark the one you want and click select. Next go to the page or post
you’re working on. Notice i’m working in the HTML view not the Visual view. Rather than
add each image manually we’re going to add a gallery. Select the image icon and choose
the Gallery tab. You can see all the images I’ve attached to my post are listed here.
You’ll notice one of my images has a title that doesn’t make sense, so i’m going to change
this. The text that appears in this Title field will appear automatically under your
image in the scroll bar. Once you’ve saved your changes we can now insert the gallery.
And you can see in my post the word gallery has appeared rather than all the image references.
If you preview what we’ve done so far you’ll see Magic Scroll is now installed. So let’s
add onto this and make some customizations. We’ll add a border, change the speed, increase
the items showing from three to four and change the direction of the scroll. To do this we
need to go back to the WordPress admin area and select the Magic Scroll plugin we installed
earlier. You’ll be taken to a page called Magic Scroll settings. Here you can make easy
changes which are really effective on your scroll bar. First I’m going to add a border
by changing the scroll speed from five thousand to two thousand I can make my scroll faster.
Next I’ll increase the images displayed from three to four. And finally I’ll change the
direction so my scroll will start from the bottom rather than the right hand side. Whatever
changes you make to this page always remember to save your settings. Now, if I reload my
web page you can see my scroll bar has changed direction and the speed is a lot quicker.
You can also see a border has been added and there are four images showing at one time
instead of three. If you’re not sure how you want to display your scroll bar, go to our
Magic Scroll Examples page. Whether you want to scroll images or text this page will give
you ideas for the look you want. All the HTML code for our examples and more can be found
on the integration page. And don’t forget your Magic Scroll settings page. Try all the
options and see what works best for your WordPress website. There’s a Contact Us link at the
top of all our web pages. So if this video tutorial hasn’t answered all of your questions
about Magic Scroll or if you have a question about one of our other tools, get in touch.
If we’re not online when you send your message through, we’ll get back to you the very next
day. And that brings us to the end of this tutorial. Thanks for watching.

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  1. if you guys will change such a good fee, you should have some options like different "errors" on the sides of the frame! Also I would pay for plug in that has errors outside of the photo not inside!

  2. Hi Andrey! If you refer to the red text in the corner of your image, this is shown because you are using the Trial version. It's very easy to remove that text, you just buy a license or apply for a free non-commercial license. Go to the Magic Toolbox website to do this. Thanks!

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