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Creative New Ways to Use Tech | Techxperts | Verizon

December 27, 2019

(upbeat music) – It’s only gonna get better, guys, it’s only gonna get better! – Today I’m gonna show you how to make your own face filters. – We’re gonna learn French
using the Google Assistant. (Google Assistant speaking French) (drumsticks tapping) – Everything that I do, I leverage tech. – [Male] Tech.
– [Male] Tech. (Music soaring) – I figured out you can
actually draw with your drone and create these awesome
long exposure photos. – We’re super excited to use a drone, rather than just a tripod. – I use reminders (phone beeping) constantly. – Okay Google, party time. (lots of voice clips overlaid) – (chuckling) Oh, man. – Right? (chuckling) – Whoh! – Yes, true. – Follow along – For more creative ways to use tech. – Thanks for watching.

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