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Crisis at Steamfall – Playthrough – slickerdrips

August 15, 2019

hi everyone I’m Tom today I’m gonna be playing crisis at steam fall which is a competitive and a cooperative game depending on which mode you want to play that’s on Kickstarter right now I will put a link in the description so you can click that campaign page and see what the final things can look like this is all prototype material I just have to the top of the box but yeah you can see all the final stuff and everything that’s going to get added and all that lovely stuff as usual I’d also recommend to me on clicking on subtitles so you can see any mistakes if I have made them and caught them but yeah let’s get going so I the game comes in as I mentioned cooperative and competitive version so the first part is the competitive version where we are competing in steam for meddling with alien technology to try and gather the most renown the meddling with alien technology for our own ill-gotten gains causes the kind of crisis that is the catalyst for the cooperative version which is what I’m going to be playing today because I’m a cooperative kind of guy so I’m playing two-player cooperative game with little class Marty there who is going to be Alice and I am going to be Jim and beam so our objective is to try and fend off the mechanized that will be coming into battlers and get in our way and we want to destroy these pylons by the end of the game we want to destroy destroy the pylons and survive three full rounds so the first thing that happens in a round of this game is we need to do all the start of round abilities so Jim’s temperaments Jim starts getting angry we have we have moods in this game we can be quite happy or quite angry and depending on that we can get different benefits so that is something that happens at the start of every turn for me because at the character I am then we look at the tiles that are on the board so anywhere as this symbol we put a civilian token out so there are civilians that can be charmed and maybe they’ll give us a items or come and join us we have relics on here and here steam we have steam on here and here and we have ruins as well as yeah I’ve magically already placed and we also need crisis card we ignore the event cards which is the question mark symbol we have crisis cards here that would be ignored in a competitive game so these are things that we need to deal with by the end of the round or suffer the consequences so in this ancient sector we need to spawn a mechanised and a special elite mechanized which is going to have a scrap token on to show you that he’s an elite one and we need to come and spend these resources here so the person with the core shard which happens to be me the first player gets that person with the courtyard needs to come here and turn in to relic items and a steam which I do have and then we can get rid of this scout drone and not suffer the negative consequences we have civilian Panik up here and that is going to fall to normal mechanized and to civilians and that’s not a great thing the mechanised will terrorize the civilians so I’m the first player a round of crisis team fall how we take three turns each so on your turn you’re going to place an action token so you see our player boards are all these kind of modular actions this is the starting setter and before I go I can add an action token to a column and then activate one of the columns you see that certain columns can be activated twice per round some can only be activated once I think I’m going to add something to my first column because I’m going to try and combat this because I have the course yard so I’m best at doing it the main way to get relic cards is to come to these ruins here and satisfy the requirements on the ruins so this one’s for combat I think I’m going to add a movement to this first column here and then I’m going to activate it so I get three movement and my word gets a bit nastier but I can now spend this bad mood to give myself to violence so that’s going to help me towards the in here so I now have one two three movement to move in this game it costs the number of diamonds between the sections so to move from here to here there’s one diamond in total so that’s one of my three that I can spend to do that I can spend two more to come in here I am going to spend this mood and get myself to violence I’m also these are my starting items and abilities so I have two troublemakers I can encounter civilians by using scrap whereas normally you need charm I can deal damage in the current or adjacent area which yeah I could end up doing I could only do it once though and then the power fist would give me two more guns so I’m gonna spend to power this is my starting power it can have four on it I’m gonna spend two of the starting power and give us our two more guns so I have four and I can kind of shoot away at this ruin and find two relics inside it we now flip this over and it can be done again at a higher cost and then this is taken away I do have some nice things here I could explore the ruins in my current area without plating without paying the exploration cost that could be nice but so I can hang on to that and then power it up and then use it and get two more relics and maybe I should use those because then in the future I could destroy this to move characters to any area and get a workshop item card I think we’re gonna go with the original plan where you’re gonna hand these in and the steam I started the game with started with for scrap a steam and a shield I mean how much steam in and these relic cards and I get myself a renowned that I can use later for a powerful effect for example my sniper barrage I could deal three damage to a district and they’ve got three health the elite mechanized so that could be really worth it this goes away as well which means at the end of the round we’re not going to suffer the negative consequences we do have mechanized in here to take care of though because they are going to start getting in our way really they will deal damage towards they’ll kill civilians they will eventually try and get to the center of the city and get rid of the serenity here and if this ever runs out we lose actually I’m forgetting something important where you move into these districts your mood changes so I think I went this way I should have gone this way and my mood could have been even worse and I would have gotten myself a scrap and still had two guns for later if that happens when you firm movement in there or as soon as you go in there for the first time I think Marty is gonna do a great big move to try and get in to the area wants to straight away yeah this is gonna be Marty’s first action so he’s gonna go here he’s got full movement and that’s it he’s gonna go one two three four because he doesn’t want his move to get better but actually before that I’m forgetting my plan he’s gonna spend all of the scrappy started with all four of it to draw a three workshop cards and keep one so he’s got a revolver would help with combat probably worth him having how the ward would help him move the acid spider could help him explore the ruins once without paying the cost I think he’s gonna take the revolver so it comes with to charge on it but he needs a hand symbol to get it out so it’s in his hand for now it isn’t out ready to use but hopefully he can do something with this later he then spends his movement and Marty is all about putting influence Act while Alice it’s all about putting influence out on the board and getting benefits you can get clues from all of the districts that have characters or mechanized in them so it’s going to activate the defuser to energy puts an influence on an adjacent area or an area containing a character and later on we can use that to titter take screws off mechanized and stop them being elite or to gain clues which can be important later so two powers removed from that force to put an influence in this district that’s all we can do right now so it comes back to me I think I am going to activate this column and let’s add let’s add a hand to our could add two hands too and try and pick up two things there’s only one on the floor here though do you have some special bigger tokens so I’m gonna weigh I’m gonna do this so next time I’m either gonna activate this again I’ll probably get to write this again and then maybe start building up a new column ready to use in the future so I have the special star which for me powers up my power fist for other people it could give them a special ability so I can put two power back on my power fish which means I can use it again the hand is used to pick up things that are in the district that you’re in so I’m gonna grab this steam in this district you can spend steam to get a clue token or you can use it to power up one of your things one spot so I think I’m gonna charge up the power fist so we can take out these mechanized so now let’s spend to violence here by moving my mood up and we can encounter the mechanized let’s encounter the elite first so we encounter this district we need to draw an encounter card and we use the top effect so if I had tech in my cards I just have weapon at the moment as a keyword I’ve get to use this but I don’t get to use that I get clockwork menace which is due to hit to the district so I can assign that I am going to use my power fist for another to violence so let’s assign this that is two more damage I do have weapon keywords so that’s three hits so that’s five hits they’ve got three four five health I can take both of these acts I now have to movement left just the only things I haven’t used so I think I’m going to move I’d like to move in there because it would make my mood angrier I think I’m going to do that yeah because I would like to be up there to be adjacent so I can maybe use my rifle with my special renown to deal three hits to the district but I’m going to move in here to movement and it’s going to really aggravate Jim so that’s all of my actions let’s move back to Alice so what is she gonna do I think she’s going to activate this column and put a hand out so that she’ll spend that straightaway and put the revolver at because it’s the hand gets it activated and ready so it comes with two power on it so impact happens when the card is first put into play so once you’ve got one gun to use right now one violence so I think he’ll use the revolver straight away so he’s got to violence his mood gets a little bit worse but yeah we can do it encounter card in this location which is going to be a hit and a workshop card so one hit isn’t really going to be enough so we have oculus a trickery card which can be put out with a grab symbol inspected adjacent area Cardiff and I was in token is present in the current area you may inspect the top workshop card so what he has a passive ability that means he can explore ruins for one less action so he is going to use this to who use his engineering action to encounter this ruins which would normally cost two actions so he gets to relic cards so what does he get he gets the substance which you can use for to bad mood which I think he’s definitely gonna do and at the start of the round he can return it to his hand brilliant he’s gonna spend that and put it out and so is his zombie fighting drugs his mood gets to worse and now he’s gonna have four more violent symbols and the relic of mood control which needs to be attached to something like the gun because he it matches up there or maybe his diffuser or his improved formula and when the thing is used this will go off and adjust his mood but he needs another engineering action to be able to put that out so that’s actually been very useful let’s spend this so Marcy’s gonna get an insight and two more violence which he will spent at a run encounter card so let’s give him the insight and his encounter card is one more hit and two more scrap does he have tech know he has elegance and weapon we just have weapon though did I do this I don’t think I did this discard earth there are no elites in this area so never mind so does get to scrap so does he use it again he has to be lucky and get an encounter card that just two hits let’s try it let’s try it so he spent the two violence he draws another one here we go mechanized butcher he does two more hits with his weapon he can move a mechanized from current area to any area I don’t think he’s gonna move any around he is just going to assign these four hits to these 2 mechanized two that came out at the start of the round and he’s cleared all of the mechanized from this area he now needs four charm which I feel is going to be hard to come by he also gets two insightful walking into this area I’m constantly forgetting so what smarty heustis used his hand the engineering he can use his steam to basically just get a steam or actually he should use this star first before he killed the mechanized so he would get an insight for each district that contained under his influence that contains a character or mechanized so it had a mechanized end so he would get under there in size so he’s got four inside now it would be great if he could give those to me to put on the core shot because four charges on this means that we can destroy a pile on so I think that’s Marty’s turn okay so it’s my turn I don’t know that there’s anything that we can do to get four charm spent and whilst he can put this out in the future and maybe that would be the thing he activated and get to charm and if his mood was good he could get two more but that’s one two three steps off his mood track and yeah since we spent it all trying to do the combat I don’t think we’re gonna get that done unfortunately well let’s try okay I think we’ll use beams passive we can encounter civilians for gear instead of for scrap instead of charm so we could do that we need to pick a column first though I think we’re gonna pick this column and we can do some moving around as well then and let’s get ready with ya we’ll put this and start building this column up that maybe will get activated twice or we could build it up here and get the really big column with loads of stuff in now let’s do this one that we can activate twice okay so it’s gonna be this I’ll get three movement points and a bad mood so I’ve got some good combat I’ve got four for violence so five would get me to relic cards in here maybe I think let’s encounter this civilian let’s spend for scrap and see what they’ve got to say so we draw an encounter card but we look at the bottom part here so I can have mood up or down so might as well have it down again so now we have six if we spent it and we would get some scrap back and also gain two in sight and a serenity we get a serenity back in the middle there discard this civilian we don’t have elegance so we ignored that part I think we could explore some secret locations is what these are on the outside I don’t think we can do much just running around out here we could let’s go down here it cost to to move in but it’s only gonna cost one to move back out so we found the rigged converter and we can spend three relic cards here to put a charge on the shard of coop even if it’s helped by another player this is quite nice and we put an insight on there when it’s revealed and if in the future I do action that’s got the grab symbol I can pick these up all right get the inside straight away actually but I can pick up an item card later okay so that’s my turn it’s a shame because my moods gonna go down at the start of the round because this is my third turn so it’s gonna be the end of the round so I think we’ll spend a mood we’ll just have to waste these two violence but we’ll get to scrap back because this is going down anyway okay Marty he can get as we said he can get to charm but it’s not gonna be enough so I think he’ll put these on a column get ready to activate some charm and then he will just do some movement as I did and he will go into his secret area and see what he finds so he gets to inside he’s now a six in size so he could charge the core shot twice rooftop access if you start your turn in this area moved to any district immediately that would be nice he gets an insight for going in and it’s got to scrap on it so he could just not use the rest of his movement and get to move anywhere next turn I think that’s what he’s gonna do I can’t do anything with these so we’ll just hang on to them yeah I think that’s what we’re just going to do so there are no mechanized to take any movement but we failed to clear this off the civilian panic so we lose to serenity from the city new round we do the start of round abilities so Jim and beam go down there each character gains shields if standing in a district with one of Alice’s influence only that one’s got influence at the moment not using that particularly effectively yet and then we need you know to top these up civilians I’ll get a new card here so we want relics there again you want to clear steam from here so we get all we need to put the enemies out don’t we a mechanised and an elite mechanized there and we want steam in there to steam and to mechanized we’re off so we can clear these away now we can activate those columns again so what shall I do I think we’re going to activate this and get back over here can we do that one two three we can get over here so definitely not activate this column let’s boost we could boost the really big column we’ve got no more movement ones so we could maybe we could put a double grab in there get some tokens in one big go okay so we’re gonna we’re gonna use our move twice I think so we’ve generated for violence and three scraps let’s grab that three scrap because when we come out of here we get a bad mood and we’re gonna get it for our thing here let’s spend two more movement and come in here and use those for violence in this district so we have two hits and item gear mill trash any item for your hand it will play area and gain the following that could be cool to get out and have to use a grab to put that out there and two more scrap and I think we’re gonna spend two for six we’re gonna get three more scrap and that’s gonna give us six violence we’re gonna spend five this goes away now so a new one’s gonna come out the start of next round and we get to relic cards so what do we get scrap powered so this is a power module that we can put onto something we can’t put it onto the course yard unfortunately and we get another action we can use scrap to well it’s going to power it and we need a special symbol a though or a tinfoil hat set your mood to maximum anger as soon as you put this out and then you can trash three inside to put one of your influence on any secret location oh yeah I need to put one of my influence on a secret location when I go in there by the way as does Marty so I think we’ll spend three of my four insights to put a charge on the course yard read four charges to able to destroy a pylon and I think we’re gonna use my power fist to have one more encounter so that is one hit and two scrap that’s unfortunate us not what I wanted but we do three hits so we can take out the elite now I was hoping for more I suppose that’s the best you could have done let’s be positive about so with still one enemy there or I can pick up the steam and sort this out next so I think that is it that’s my stuff done Marty so he needs to just pick up a lot of steam and then maybe I’ll run up there and try and take out some enemies later so he’s gonna put this in this column here and he will activate this so he’s gonna get to charm he might as well spend that and one of the civilians that’s in there so he gains an insight and a serenity which is good and installed an item from your hand for free discard or move this civilian to any district oh is he got elegance he has got elegance inspector secret location cards you may play some random ruins in your current area I don’t think he wants to do that let’s investigate this so we can spend people with influence could spend three scrap there to get shields so he gets to install something from his hand for free he might as well install where shall he put it he put it on his revolver whenever he activates his revolver his mood can get even worse can be even more powerful so that’s the charm Spence he will pick up the steam with his grab action he could actually if he put it on the mood the diffusor here he has so much steam now that he could spend to charge this he could spend all this three steam to charge the defuser he can spend to power off it to put an influencer in an adjacent area and he can make his mood a little bit worse oh this goes back to his hand as well isn’t it you can spend that to get to violence and put an encounter card out so he gets one hit and two scrap and then he will spend his substance to encrypt to make him angry again he gets another insight and to violence means that’s one more hit and discard scrap for a mechanized which there isn’t so he can take out one mechanized like this what else has he got left to do he spent all of his things I think that’s it he needs I need to bring in the course yard to spend all of this inside on because we can’t trade in sight so that’s his turn my turn I need to pick up the steam do this yeah maybe take out the mechanized so I’m gonna do this column can we add anything more useful to it we could add another grab I only need one oh I’m forgetting Marty isn’t even in this area but luckily if he starts to turn there he can move to any district immediately so that would have been the district back to me let’s make let’s make is able to pick up more things and we next try for maybe so I think that I’m gonna I’m gonna pick up this steam and then I’m going to use my two relics and the steam it needs to be the person with the core shot I get another renowned token and this can go away another scout drone done with so I have the star so I can put two charges on the power fist now I could spend it because even if I only get one here I could use my rifle to get another hit so yeah let’s let’s spend the two energy to do to combat and I get one hit and a card which is the Automator which I can put one of my toes back in my hand and then spend three charges on this to get three grabbed I don’t particularly want that but I will use two charges from the beams rifle to deal damage in my current area which can take out this guy I have to movement so I can go one two I can spend scrap to interact which I might as well because I’ve got tons of it so what does my interaction do gain a relic remote tentacle and till the end of turn you may use passive effects of items and civilians if the player to your left or right and get three anger when I put it out that’ll be cool and then we get a serenity and discard the civilian how are we going to get the three cogs we need for this I don’t think we’re gonna do this I think we need to ignore this because Marty can get two in one go by putting this in the same column but how are we gonna get that third I think we’ll put that in there just in case and we’ll go we should have two more inside shouldn’t he firm when he came into this area we’ll use three of his four movements to come in here he gets two more inside and it’s got the forbidden district here it could spend to grab actions to put one of these influences on any location car and there’s a Steve on there that’s not particularly useful was it he’s kind of stuck in there now that’s a bit silly I think I’m gonna use my movement let’s start this column with some shields maybe and when they use one movement I’m going to start spending some scraps so to to draw three items and keep one so what do we have the multi-tool could be used to get those action oh if I could get that to Marty but I think it’s too late second to one I couldn’t get there and Marty can’t get out of there come to me and come back I’ll have winch powered which can increase the power of something by using grab symbols and we would get to scrap and an add-on so I’ll keep the multi-tool I think and then I’ve got loads of this but I think we’re gonna go we’re gonna get rid of the relic and get three scrap back and at insights and we’re going to have a chat to this guy so we can spend the fourth graph to encounter the civilian we get an insight a serenity install an item from your hand for free so we could get the multi-tool out so it gets to power on it and discord will move this civilian to any district we could put him over here we don’t have elegance so we can take it all that so I’ve got some bad mood so we could spend to scrap out of the for I’ve got left to use the special ability of here and moved to any district to commute to this one if I hadn’t moved Marty we could have done something here bruh you know sadly moved him into that secret location where he’s kind of trapped so I get one of these tokens for putting that out which I could use to put this out which would have three power on it I was trying to see if can I kind of mess around with this so I could get one more you could use the power of this to get three of these symbols one more charge I would get two actions which isn’t enough one more term we could have done it wait yeah we’ve got those two out though so that’s that’s something I could use my mood to try and do some hits we do one hit and get to scrap I could use my sniper barrage actually I could use my hit here my renown and one hit so that’s four damage oh there’s only one enemy left here but either way it takes him out and I had a spare one so the things are never gonna get to act so you can see what they’re gonna do Marty he is going to put a bad mood thing out here maybe he’s gonna come out of this district but he should never have gone into so to to come out I can’t really do anything here but I can pass him the core shard I don’t know if we’ve got enough time left now we’ve messed around a lot I should have two extra insight for when I walked into this place I could have spent three to put a charge on there which I might as well do so what you could put a power out here and put another influence in an adjacent area and they can’t do much kinda with all of that movement but we can get to swapping the core shard and stuff let’s see he’s got enough for one two three four five maybe we’ll just get enough I’m not sure so not doing the dangerous leak removes three serenity from the city and it starts to run out I think we’ve been good at getting rid of the crisis cards that put more enemies out we’ve been able to keep on top of the enemies the enemies would I say that they were still out at the end of the round they get actions equal to the number of the help that they’ve got so an elite would have three health and they have a kind of running order of things so the first thing they want to do is attack a player and when they do that you draw a card and look at the middle section so you would lose a shield ignore if you have hot armor so you know you’d lose one of your tokens here you can lose charges from things from your weapons that you’ve built up if they can’t attack you they will kill civilians if they’re in there you remove serenity every time a civilian is killed which is definitely how we lost our first game of crisis temple if there’s no civilians in here like there isn’t here it would move so then you would run down its list again it would kill a civilian for its second action and it would move again and then in the future round it’s it would try and attack players first then kill civilians then move but it’s already in the central district and then its final action in its flowchart is attack the central district so if we couldn’t get to it it would be taking just one of these would be taking three serenity away every turn and you see that that really stops you from trying to complete your goals but I think for now we are going to stop there with so there’d be one more round of each of us getting three more actions our characters are all kind of you built up now to how we want them we can get another column going like we could have not gone to from maxing out these columns and maybe done little bits of each so you’ve got you’ve got all of your options open rather than I’ve kind of made a situation where you can move a lot with one but Alex can’t really can’t move at all with any of the other columns but anyway I hope that gives you a good idea of what crisis team fall is like in the co-operative form anyway there is a competitive mode that’s completely different if you’d like to know what I think about the game you can click the link here thank you very much for watching everyone and I’ll see you for the next game bye

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