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CRM Setup

August 9, 2019

Speaker 1: Stuck on how to automate your business? Watch this video for my five step CRM setup. If you are a hot mess when it comes to automating
your business and can’t figure out where to start by the end of this video you will have
an easy full proof system to set up your CRM. So what is a CRM anyway? A CRM is a customer relationship manager. Let’s break it down a little further. A CRM streamlines how you bring your client
into your business and a CRM’s superpower is automation. When you utilize a CRM’s automation it feels
like you have a team working with you to support you in your business. Tell me in the comments if you wouldn’t want
a team helping you run your business. Today I’m going to share with you my five
steps to set up your CRM. Step number one, branding. Add your logo and business contact information. The reason we set up branding first is that
it will help with step number two your client portal. A client portal organizes all of your content
and interaction with your client. I recommend customizing your client’s portals
for an amazing customer experience. Step number three, get paid. Set up your payment options. I recommend both Stripe and Paypal. Step number four, lead generation form. Think outside of the box of traditional intake
forms. Add some graphics that showcase your brand. Remember this is your initial interaction with your potential client. It’s your virtual handshake. Go beyond the basic questions and start to
uncover what your potential client is looking for. Their budget and their start date. This will all help you to determine if you’re
a good fit and if you want to schedule a discovery call. Remember, not every lead is a qualified lead. Step number five, map out your business. This is the most important step in the process
but don’t start here first. You want to set up your CRM and get comfortable
with the software and then tackle automation. Because if you’re new to automation you probably
don’t have workflows in place. It is why you are moving to a CRM. You want to think about automation in terms
of if this action happens, then it triggers this action and if you don’t know where to
start with automation and workflows. Make sure to click on the link in the description
and then grab my free Workflow Wizard Workbook. I promise it is the easiest four step system
to create workflows for anything and I do mean anything in your business. Today is a great day to start automating your
business. I recommend Dubsado as your go-to CRM. Dubsado is a powerful CRM with infinite possibilities
for your business. But here’s the thing that you typically don’t
hear. Dubsado has an amazing support team and I
mean they will work with you until you get it and they’re always adding new features. I always recommend that you utilize the tech
support of any software that you use. Be sure to click on the link in the description
to save 20% off your first month when you lock in your rate and set up with Dubsado. If you want to join a community of women just
like you, I have a private Facebook group Strategy by Design where I share free workshops
and get experts to help you build an irresistible and profitable online presence. If you like this video please let me know
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  1. Thanks for watching !! Are you using a CRM in your business to help streamline your client onboarding process? Comment below and be sure to ask any questions that might be holding you back from making the move!

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