Cryptozoology. The Flying Jellyfish and The Spaghetti Monster (FSM)
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Cryptozoology. The Flying Jellyfish and The Spaghetti Monster (FSM)

January 19, 2020

The flying spaghetti monster was created as
a satirical look at the idea of religion the book written by Bobby Henderson parodies peoples
belief in an all-knowing all seeing being living in the sky.
Those that worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster are known as Pastafarians.
But the joke may have just back fired. The flying spaghetti monster a deity that
was purely fiction, may have just been proven real.
A recent cryptid story reported creatures that have an uncanny resemblance to the pasta
god. Let’s take a look at what was seen
Welcome to if………………………………………………….P A story I recently came across penned by cryptid
specialist Brett Swancer on the excellent website mysterious universe.
Tells about Strange Encounters with Flying Jellyfish, which look remarkably like the
flying spaghetti monster. His collection of very weird encounters with
these creatures described as jellyfish that float in sky, cites witnesses from around
the world. The writer documents a number of reports.
These tales tell of incredibly bizarre animals reported as looking like typical jellyfish,
these jelly fish are not found in the oceans but instead soaring through the air.
These jelly birds, we can’t really call them fish when they are not in the water,
show some peculiar abilities. They are able to change the density, color, or size, of
their bodies. At times they become completely transparent,
and sometimes they show a bioluminescence, glowing like Chinese lanterns.
The jellyfish (jelly birds) move through the air under their own propulsion, how they do
this is not known. They could be riding air currents like spiders or maybe they have some
form of locomotion that until we capture one of these cryptids we just can’t understand.
What is known is that if you spot one of these anomalous creatures the experience is said
to be otherworldly. So what interactions have been reported?
The first Brett gives us is from England in the 1950. A police man reported seeing a low
flying jellyfish whilst patrolling on his bicycle.
The officer told of how the animal drifted down from the sky coming to be directly in
front of him, so close that he actually bumped in to it.
He said that the animal was extremely soft comparing its feel to that of a soft blanket,
one odd thing is the jellyfish gave off an odor, an odor the policeman said reminded
him of the smell of mildew. A few years later in 1958 a report surfaced
from Florida, another police officer, one Faustin Galegos came upon a translucent purple
blob which he said was about the same size as a soccer ball.
This interaction is slightly sad as the police man said it seemed that the animal was dying.
When he attempted to help it and pick it up from the ground it evaporated in his hands.
It would seem that these animals are not seen again for a few years with the next report
coming from Australia in 2012. The witness who was outside of his property
when he noticed a strange pattern in the sky above his home, this pattern looked like stars
shining and shimmering in the daylight. As with the policemen the jellyfish moved
silently above confusing the man, it gracefully and slowly moved through the air showing deliberate
movement. This story has credibility because the man
was not the only witness. The unknown creature was reported by others in a nearby area. These
other witnesses describing the exact same balloon sized flying jellyfish.
Is there any chance we could identify these cryptids? The government has looked into the phenomena A report found on the site Norcalblogs, has
a report from a man whose uncle worked for the government of the US. After a rash of
sightings in the San Francisco area. The government ordered an investigation. Starting
in the 1950s and lasting for a decade. This investigation gave the creatures the
name “Space Jellies,” it found that these animals tended to congregate in the upper
atmosphere along the coast, once they formed a group they would soar up into the upper
atmosphere and out of sight. Their movement was theorized to be part of
a seasonal migration pattern in the western Pacific.
The story goes on to describe how these animals were monitored and documented. This survey
finally culminating in the attempted capture of a “spacejelly” all attempts failed
and as with the second story and the man who tried to help a dying jelly, when these things
were touched the dissolved into a steam like smoke. The article goes on to tell of a number of
other sightings and interactions with a very large space jelly In December of 1999. The two witnesses described a tubular creature
that was of blue and red color, and exhibited a somewhat transparent quality, also what
looked to be some sort of flickering bioluminescence. These witnesses insisted that it was a living
creature, saying it somewhat resembled an animal known as the glass squid (Cranchiidae). It would seem we have some good eyewitness
testimony so what could these creatures be? It has been proposed that these creatures
are some sort of “atmospheric beast.” These creatures live in the atmosphere much
in the same way as jellyfish live in the seas. That would make sense life does spread into
all available and suitable space it can. Why is it that the sky or the atmosphere would
not be populated? Birds and other flying creatures do use the
atmosphere but their lifecycle is still tied to the land. Space jellies would seem to live
their whole lifecycle in the air. Described as amorphous and cloud-like behemoths,
finned squid-like creatures, floating jellyfish, translucent, vaporous blobs, flitting rods,
amoeba-like organisms, and gelatinous oddities. These creatures having bodies that are semi-solid,
or almost insubstantial, with some reports even claiming that they are able to adjust
their density from almost immaterial and invisible to more solid, most likely they suspend themselves
in the air, using air bladders much like the swim bladders found in fish or that they have
very low body densities enabling them to float. The sizes of atmospheric beasts do vary greatly
from tiny to huge some being monsters of hundreds of feet long.
Over the years there have been many stories which tell of unusual flying monsters. These
stories break away from traditional flying beasts like thunderbirds and other flying
cryptids. These atmospheric life forms have even allegedly
been photographed, and there have been reports of the gelatinous remains of dead ones on
rare occasion. Are such sightings evidence of a type of lifeform
unknown to mainstream science? What do you think these space jellies are? Have you ever seen a space jelly? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. A massive thank you to each and every one of you, I can't believe it, 3k subs. I hope to see you all in the chat tomorrow and say thanks to you personally. I will try to think of something special to do to mark the occasion.

    much gratitude


  2. Oh my. A blog has a story from a man who's uncle worked for the US "government", because it's all the same apparently, about sky jellyfish. I just Jim Halpert-ed so hard my face fell off.

  3. Just like fish falling from the sky? maybe sucked up by a water spout, I can't see how they can possibly fly certainly a subject to keep an eye on!! excellent content and presentation stay safe my friend.

  4. Just viewed a spaghetti monster on here and it would of been believable if it wasn't just a jellyfish swimming underwater, air bubbles could easily be seen I'm afraid this one is just a hoax.

  5. The spaghetti monster it is good to eat ? 🤔
    Ha, Just kidding..😀
    Thanks for another awesome content..
    I've never heard none of these strange cases..
    Thanks for sharing..💖

  6. Wow you did again you made another great and very interesting video out of something unusual! I have never heard of jellyfish in the sky! But I guess anything is possible! Thanks and once again congrats! You rock! 😎🌟❤️❤️

  7. I hope I never encounter one of those! I was quite scared enough by the regular kind at the beach as a child😞 but this whole cryptid is news to me,thank you once again.

  8. What a amazing video but truthfully I don't know if I believe or not .. I would have to see one for my self to really say I believe.. but knowing me i would faint .. at the sight of one

  9. I just posted a video I took of one, forgive my horrible camerawork I had to hold my phone up to a pair of binoculars. I have tons of video if anyone's interested. Great job on the subject btw. Your theories seem well founded, however I would advise anybody who spots one these to use caution when they are nearby, I think many of them especially the squid are predatory.

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