Curious Polar Bears Investigate A Drone
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Curious Polar Bears Investigate A Drone

September 8, 2019

COMM: The desolate icy plains of Somerset Island are home to some of Canada’s fifty
and a half thousand polar bears. COMM: Filmmaker Patrick Dykstra used his drone to capture footage of this family. COMM: The landscape here is vast and uninhabited, around 500 miles above the Arctic Circle,
and there is very little cover. COMM: Not wanting to risk revealing himself to the bears, and to avoid scaring the trio,
Patrick launched his drone from around 1000 ft away. COMM: The drone can travel up to 40 miles an hour which is 30% faster than the top running
speed of a polar bear, which should keep it out of their reach. COMM: But as the drone got closer, the curious cubs investigated. COMM: Their mum too soon took an interest. COMM: Not knowing what to think of it, she reared up onto her hind legs to get a better view. COMM: After investigating the drone further, the family retreated into the wilderness.

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  1. I would like to see more of there's lives, I'm always concern about this polar bears , I think the environment is so hard to them …

  2. "Nisa, look! What's that?"
    "I'm not sure, Kallik. Stay back. It looks suspicious."
    "I'll save you!"
    "NO! Come back, Taqqiq!"
    "Aw mom, look! It's just a bird."
    "If that's a bird, it looks funny!"
    "Hmmm… Strange.. Come cubs, It's getting late."

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