Cycling Travel Bag: THE BIKND BAG!
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Cycling Travel Bag: THE BIKND BAG!

August 27, 2019

Hey Bart here with Cycling Strong. We’re putting this bike together; we’re getting ready to go to Hawaii. This is a Biknd Bag. you’ll see is at the airport with this
thing. We took the handlebars off. We have taken the de-railer, we thought we needed to take it off but on this smaller frame we’re not gonna take
it off. We put it back on just tight it up there. We also took the pedals off. This thing comes
with an amazing bag right here, and they’ve got a ton of
cool wrenches in here already for you to go. We’re talking a real high-end wrench, not
just some piece crap they’ve thrown in here and so right now we’re just getting the rest of the bag ready. Get to put the wheels in and kinda see how everything fits. We’ll be back with you real soon so I hope you enjoy this
segment and our travel to Hawaii with this Canondale and the Biknd bag. Talk soon. Hey so, Bart Miller with Cycling Strong. We just got everything through. Cool bag that we going to use on the jetpack to go over to Hawaii, do some filming, and have a lot of fun. and lets rock n’ roll. See how this thing makes it. See you! Alright everybody, so the bike made now we just need to see
if its cool inside we’ll do that when we get back to the hotel so stay tuned. We’ll see how Delta did. Whoa we made. Aloha! Alright we made it to Hawaii, finally. The luggage was just delivered by the bell boy. I have not open this case at al to see what this is going to look like so here we go. Hopefully this is good. Remember that Biknd bike bags are absolutely amazing so lets check it out. Alright so it looks to me like handlebars are in the
same place they were me like the frame is in good shape. All the stuff is in there. I’m going to start digging it out. The thing I like the most about this bag is how they do the wheels. I think its absolutely awesome. So lets check that out, yep there’s a wheel looks like it’s in great shape yep looks like we had it. So, looks like not
only did Delta do great, Biknd did great. We made it here, we’re having a ton of fun. We’re in Hawaii, I wish right now you guys could see tomorrow morning. I’ll show you ocean view right there baby is absolutely amazing. beautiful day what more can I ask for
them to have my bike here and have it here safely all bundled up
the way should be so Biknd nice job so far. I got one more trip on
way home see how does so we’ll keep you in-tuned and see how things go. See you later.

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  1. Nice video…I think you should have opened that bag right in the know just in case you're bike was a wreck or missing somsomeing..I'm sure you know..tanks for the video..can't you post a link where you got it?..thanks

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