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Daedalus | Human flight using jet-engine suit | RS Components

August 11, 2019

my name is Richard browning and I’m the pioneer of the Daedalus project as it starts to kick in you can start to feel your body getting lighter and lighter and just still getting goosebumps as to how exciting that moment was a huge part of this has been about being able to rapidly prototype things to go through the RS catalog find some of the components really very very quickly and get them on the on the workbench and employees now in the fields within a matter of matter of days that’s been critical to this journal humanity has always been about taking the hard part every major leaf that we’ve taken every major discovery invention there’s something really really powerful and very relevant to today to going down that journey again platitude from reading Specter [Music]

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  1. Agreed: good to push the envelope. If you really want to impress anyone, show height and duration of flight. 5 seconds of flying does NOT impress. This reminds of flying cars.

  2. And the future is here. The amount of bank robberies and crime you could commit and get away using this piece of equipment absolutely amazes me. I shall assure you if I got my hands on this piece of equipment, I shall stop at nothing to make it rain chaos on the streets.

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