Dagger of the Mind – The Red Shirt Diaries – Ep 9
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Dagger of the Mind – The Red Shirt Diaries – Ep 9

August 17, 2019

Yup. Hi, mum! Hi, dad! This is your wonderful
and wildly successful daughter recording you a letter to you from the glorious starship Enterprise. I know it’s later than I said I would,
but as a security officer, I have a lot of responsibilities… even as an ensign. That. Was. Startling. Over there is the recreation room perpetually populated by every
other member of the crew and next door is sick bay. Normally, I like the
proximity to the sick bay, but, every once in a while,
we bring somebody on board… The scream-y fellow is doctor Adams I think? – from the
penal colony – maybe? He’s being held down the corridor. interesting fact: Did you know that most of the quarters on
board the Enterprise don’t even have windows? There are maybe six portholes
in the entire place and you usually have to go
to the bridge for them. Mine’s over there. My window. I’m pretty lucky. Kirk… to Enterprise! Kirk… to Enterprise! Captain Kirk? Ensign Williams here. Come in. Kirk? I love you, mum and dad! Bye! Closed captions: Francesco Bavastro
http://geek.pizza Kirk… to… Enterprise! Kirk to… anyone! Anyone! The pain! Someone! It hurts… so mu… u… u…

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  1. Her reaction to Kirk re-calling hehehe mad. Just wondering do you guys have a Facebook page? BTW I would love to see some nerdy goodness top 10 lists. (fav costume, best hair cut, biggest feet heroes.) that would be mad! 

  2. NEW EPISODE of #TheRedShirtDiaries! There are loud screams on the Enterprise! Where are they coming from!?! http://youtu.be/QELJwQ6VJQM

  3. Can Ensign Williams stop the screaming outside her quarters in the new #TheRedShirtDiaries? http://youtu.be/QELJwQ6VJQM #startrek

  4. My, what an impressive set of lungs you have there, Jason!
    Ashley does an impressive job of reacting to those screams as well!

  5. ICYMI, yesterday I released a new episode of #TheRedShirtDiaries. Only one more episode left!! http://youtu.be/QELJwQ6VJQM

  6. Thus far, I really like these log entries. They serve as a wonderful subtext to the original episodes themselves, which was surely your intention. This one made me laugh out loud. Well done. 😉

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