Dan The Man: Stage 8 – Save Josie! (END?) 英雄丹 第八回(結局?)
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Dan The Man: Stage 8 – Save Josie! (END?) 英雄丹 第八回(結局?)

August 8, 2019

在這之前… Dan 與 Josie 遇上 Dan 得到特別的 “指導” 然後 Dan 遇上 Ana Josie 感到絕望 Dan 想挽回 Josie 與此同時 一個邪惡組織 萌生邪惡計劃 他們雇用邪惡力量 這一切都源於能量與權力 Josie 亦同樣被劫持 村民需要一個合理答案 一個武裝民兵誕生 民兵 求戰勝 ; 村民 求和平 Dan 只想拯救 Josie

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  1. Guys chill out,since Dan got a extra Life and reborn,everyone lived again,and we know that,even on the First episode of the Serie's we can see that happen's,the Sad is,Dan don't used War that time,and used peace,but we DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED CAUSE THERE'S NO STAGE 9!!!!!

    PS:we are on 2018,we need STAGE 9!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I Was liking that serie,but when i searched for stage 9…………………………………………..


    Humph-Sorry i….Cried a Bit.

  3. I Want to see You guys HERE SHOWING IM NOT THE ONLY THAT WAIT'S FOR STAGE 9 SINCE 2017 😭😭😭😭

  4. Dude like some onesaid josie didnt died ninja king killed himsel and dan but dan has more 1life he restarte at start and he started killng ninjas but sad thing jose and dan already break

  5. I have proofs that Josie is not dead. 10:38 , it’s the begin of the war ok? But Josie haven’t died in the begin, but the end. Dan saved all by canceling the war! That means Josie is still alive. And if my theory is false, you can still play her. Yeah my brain is made for logic 😏. If you like 👍 this comment, you’re going to have a good day/night

  6. The Ending Is Like Undertale! Dan/Josie/You Die And Then Everything Is Restarted The Same Is In Undertale But Not Much If You Reset Then You Reset The Timeline And Do Everything Over Again!

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